Our Strangest Project Yet?

Our Strangest Project Yet?

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday. So today I want to announce a new project, but first I have to begin by explaining that for the last couple years, I have been the manager of a fictional soccer team called the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers. The Swoodilypoopers are led by two time lords, both named John Green, who are married to each other, and everything was going swimmingly, but then I got obsessed with recreating the past, like Gatsby, and I got fired. And now after careful consideration, I’ve decided to retire from semi-professional FIFA playing, and I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I will no longer be supporting my family, in part, by playing video game soccer. However, Hank, there’s a couple things you need to understand about English football. First, if you’re in the major leagues of English soccer, which is called the Premier League, and you have a really bad season, and you finish in the bottom three, you don’t get to play in the Premier League next year, you are relegated to the league below that, which, helpfully, is called the championship. You know, because it doesn’t feature any of the champions. Anyway, in every league, the top teams get promoted up each season, and the bottom teams get relegated down to the league below. And if you get relegated from the fourth tier, which is helpfully called League Two, then you are no longer in the football league, and your team is not even in FIFA anymore. This makes English football fun, and also terrifying, because there is a lot at stake every season for every team. And no team experience these crazy highs and lows more than Wimbledon FC, which, for most of its history, was in the lower leagues, but then had a run in the top flight, and I mean, they won the FA cup in 1988. Now, the other big difference between English football and American sports is that there are no franchises. So like, rich owners can’t just move the Dodgers from Brooklyn to Los Angeles because they wanna. Except occasionally, when they can. In 2002, Wimbledon FC was moved to Milton Keynes, leaving thousands of Wimbledon fans without a club. I mean, they had a hundred years of history, and then nothing. Their stadium was torn down, their FA cup was sent to Milton Keynes, although was later returned. So these fans responded by starting a club from scratch: AFC Wimbledon. And they started in 2002 in the ninth tier of English football. But then they went on this amazing run, and just nine years later, in 2011, their captain, Danny Kedwell, found himself with one penalty kick to send Wimbledon to the football league. It’s Danny Kedwell, deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths, come on, Danny, this, for league two, it’s Danny Kedwell. Yeah! (screaming and laughing) We did it! Aaah, they did it! So, AFC Wimbledon became a league two team, which means that you can play them in FIFA. Last year, they almost got relegated, but then in the last game, they won heroically. In the corner, Jason. Yeah! (screaming) Hank, AFC Wimbledon is a truly extraordinary football club. It’s owned and run by its fans, I mean, there’s no big money behind it, their chairman is a retired accountant. They were the first club in England to have a “Football Fans Against Homophobia” banner at a game, basically, Hank, it’s the most awesome football club in the world, and I want to help them stay in the football league, so I’m going to play with them in FIFA 14. But, I’m going to keep my vow not to be a professional FIFA player anymore, instead, all ad revenue from the videos will go to sponsor the actual, real AFC Wimbledon team. We’re going to have billboards in the stadium and ads in the program, all designed by Nerdfighters, and hopefully, we’re going to help this team that mirrors the values of Nerdfighteria stay in the football league, so I can play with them in FIFA 15, and FIFA 16, and beyond, and maybe one day, we can send them to the Premier League. Now, that might be dreaming, but in 2002, when AFC Wimbledon was playing away games in front of 80 fans, it took some dreaming to imagine a world in which they would be a team that you could play in FIFA. So, Nerdfighters, if you want to help, please subscribe to HankGames and watch the videos. You can click on my face or there’s a link in the dooblydoo. And let’s start designing some ads together, there’s more info below, where you can also find videos of ACF Wimbledon’s short but glorious history. So, Hank, I hope you like this new little project. DFTBA, I’ll see you on Friday.

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  1. I just cut my finger… fuk

  2. trying to understand the new comments and not succeeding

  3. So is this like a UK St. Pauli without the punks?

  4. It may be the strangest, but it aligns with everything I love about Nerdfighteria.

  5. I sometimes call myself a pseudo-nerd because I'm probably more classifiable as a jock. That said I am definitely a nerdfighter, and as a nerdfighter that loves sport and whatnot, especially development teams – THIS IS THE COOLEST PROJECT. So. Awesome.

  6. When I read TFIOS I was like "Wait, how did John Green write something so… normal?"

  7. I don't have any interest in football, but even I think this is incredibly cool.

  8. i cannot wait to see those ads. omg. 

  9. I live in Milton Keynes and he said Milton Keynes!!!


  11. Holy shit, amazing idea!!!!!

  12. How do you send stuff to them?

  13. John can you please refrain from using FIFA to only mean the video game series, because it is a LOT more than a video game.

  14. Wait… So this whole thing involves you playing FIFA so that you can keep a soccer team in FIFA despite saying you're going to cut back on playing FIFA? I'm so confused!

  15. I remember when I started watching these videos about a year after the channel started, and being like, "Oh I like this little community".     ….I like how this worked out for us.  We've gotten so awesome that we're sponsoring a professional football team.  Hell yeah.

  16. hehehe. nice story. Happy to see you comment football. 

  17. I love how, out of all the crappy football teams you could support, you choose Wimbledon. But I will say, kudos for calling it football rather than soccer and for actually being interested. (And not going mainstream by just supporting Man United, purely because they are 'the best').

  18. The way you pronounce "Premier" is so off putting D:

  19. Wait, the John Green? The fault in our stars John green?

  20. John thank you so much for responding it made my day!!!! 😀

  21. sounds good  hope afc wimbledon progress against the odds

  22. Really excited to see where this goes!!

  23. As a Wimbledon FC and AFC Wimbledon fan, this is a fantastic video, we appreciate it. Good luck with the project 🙂

    I hope MK Dongs get relegated down to the lower leagues, we'll see all their fans desert their club and go back to supporting teams such as Man Utd. They never even followed the lower league clubs they did have before they hijacked our professional league spot.

  24. started reading looking for alaska and THE FEELS

  25. IMMA SHY GIRL NERDFIGHTER, and i can't find a man nerdfighter

  26. Yet again, decreasing world suck.


  28. John I just can't tell you how amazing your show is. Lots of love from Bulgaria.
    P.S. I was watching one of your older videos when I saw you promoting one of your books Looking for Alaska, and I was like huh that's the book my girlfriend bought on our first date. I hope you read this and smile because you made at least 2 people happy today. Keep up the good work.

  29. There is already someone doing this! AFC Wimbledon has a new charity sponsor!

  30. Is it strange that I am English and this taught me a lot more about football (soccer) than I ever knew before? 

  31. This is my favorite Nerdfighteria project yet, second only to P4A!!! You can be damn sure that I'll be submitting designs for ads. This is why Nerdfighteria and the Green brothers are two of the most awesome things in existence! LETS GO AFC WIMBLEDON!

  32. Clicked this video randomly, starts of by talking about relegation and promotion which as a brit was funny. Next thing I hear wimbledon and how they formed. All of a sudden luton appear the team I support and I think what a small world.

  33. are you going to be playing on PS4 or Xbox One or PS3 or 360?

  34. 0:01 blink 0:19 blink 0:23 blink

  35. I think I'm in a really sensitive mood right now cause I almost cried when that guy made the penalty kick.

  36. Hey people who are going to VIDCON2014. Check this out i'm trying to meet people who are going. I promise i don't bite, unless you want me too. hahaha 


  37. John, since you live in Indiana what are your thoughts on the state of education?  Not only in Indiana, but nationally as well.  Also, were you ever in band?

  38. That's it: I'm going to a AFC Wimbledon match next year just to see the billboards.

  39. I would but I have adblocker.  Sorry, John!

  40. nerdfighers please help me

  41. Headphone warning. Heads up guys.

  42. You are the coolest person alive.


  44. Very inspiring 🙂

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  46. SWINDON TOWN!! My brother supported them as a kid (despite living 216 miles away) and they are the only live football match I've ever been to.

  47. ░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄                   Bob is building an army.
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  48. It is SO WEIRD hearing John, MILES away talk to millions of nerdfighters about my local tiny team… wow

  49. Life is so surreal.

  50. Prem-ear league? No, it's the Prem-yerr league.

  51. Wait… You like Doctor Who?

  52. If you want to read about another football team that made it farther than they probably should have, check out "The Miracle of Castel di Sangro" by Joe McGinnis. It's about an Italian team who made it into Serie B (the equivalent of England's Championship level). I don't really care for McGinnis as a person (he can be a jerk), but the book was really interesting.

  53. Finally! Some Football!

  54. THIS IS AWESOME! My Partner was a wimbledon supporter, he still cries about losing his team now! I can't wait for FIFA wimbledon, adblock shall be disabled 😀 😀

  55. we played soccer in pe these past two weeks, and we had to have a name for our team, and i convinced my team to be called the swindentown swoodlypoopers. 

  56. For the last half of the video, I thought John had said they had a sign FOR homophobia. I was so confused that I had to go rewind the video to make sure I had heard that right. Thank god that I didn't! Sounds like a wonderful project

  57. why do americans say 
    'Prem-year'? Isn't it 'Pre-me-ur'

  58. Funnily enough Milton Keynes Dons is in Division One, which is only one league above where Wimbledon is. If they get relegated or if Wimbledon gets promoted then they would be competing with each other directly.

  59. Our home team always lose. Its quite hilarious listening to the reasoning of the football fans.

  60. Your mention of Milton Keynes makes me so happy because that's where I live!!! 

  61. Make sure not to skip ads if you're planning on watching to support the club. If you skip the ad, they don't pay for it.

  62. Thank you for doing this. I think many Americans do not realize how closely knit to the local community football is in the UK. The story of AFC is beyond remarkable, especially when you realize they have done this twice. My grandfather went to his first Wimbledon FC match in 1910 aged 5, he took my father in the late 1940's at a similar age, my father took myself and my brother in the 1970's again at a similar age and now my young nephew trains in the AFC Academy. Until 1977 they played amateur football, by 1988 they had won the FA cup. The move of Wimbledon FC was the single worst event in the history of football, disasters excepted, the formation and rise of AFC Wimbledon is possibly one of its grreatest stories.

  63. Come On you Dons. Thanks for the help dude.

  64. As a dons and vlogbrothers  fan this is literally the most surreal thing that has ever happened…….

  65. Oh South London, (Oh South London), 
    It's wonderful, (It's wonderful), 
    Oh South London is wonderful its full of tits fanny and Wimbledon, 
    Oh South London is wonderful!!!!!

  66. As a proud AFC Wimbledon fan thank you for your help come over and watch game COME ON YOU DONS !!!

  67. smiles Engwish Football

  68. I'm actually an AFC wimbledon fan. seeing this makes me cry. 

  69. This is awesome, I now have a football club to say I support when people ask (not that people generally doooo)

  70. I found this video exciting even though I didn't understand half of what you just said!

  71. I did a FIFA 13 career with AFC Wimbledon because I wanted a challenge and they were one of the worst teams. Now I have Neymar, etc, in the team.

  72. So weird… I live just down the road from the stadium, I had no idea they were such an interesting team. 

  73. I've watched that Danny Kedwell clip like, 100 times and I still fist pump with joy every time I see him slot it into the back of the net

  74. I don't even like soccer, yet those clips made me slightly teary.

  75. Ur sayimg premier league wrong

  76. I live right by wimbledon so this makes me very happy

  77. AFC Wimbledon!! My friend helped to rebuilt Wimbledon

  78. I am 24 years old and have never supported a football club in my life, until now! AFC Wimbledon is officially my team now,  which also has the added irony factor of me living in Milton Keynes! Though I hasten to add that I never had any warm feelings towards the MK Dons, in fact the same goes for most of us in MK! There were no winners in that move..accept maybe some Norwegian business men, so depressing.  

  79. Blackburn Rovers are in the championship and they won the premier league in 1995 so the championship does feature a champion.

  80. let's hope QPR get relegated from the football league ;D

  81. who else got a chill/thrill at 2:00 ;D

  82. Womblies are exactly where Swansea were in the late 90s…go on lads!

  83. Respect, lad. Most Yanks are plastic to the core!

  84. I'm just really happy you mentioned Milton Keynes. Though the ethics of moving the team were sketchy, having the MK Dons and Stadium MK has done wonders. I live in the same area of MK as the stadium, and it's generally quite a run down area, but now we have a bit more tourism and a new shopping park and the area is getting better.

    Yay for the Wimbly Womblies!

  85. I just wanted to let past John Green know: they did it.

  86. Oh, if only past John could imagine where we are now in 2017…

  87. I am currently on a marathon to watch ALL of the Vlogbrothers videos.. how long do you think it will take ?

  88. I need an explanation on English football because I don't get it at all, especially the league names

  89. Watching this after AFC Wimbledon accomplished the Great Escape!

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