Ox’s Vlog: Behind-the-scenes at new home kit shoot with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Hi, it’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain here, I’m here to shoot the new 18/19 LFC kit
for next season. Should be a good day.
Let’s have a look. Who’s that up now? The top’s, like, sticking! HE LAUGHS No, the hair’s beautiful.
MO: Which one? Right. Oh, no, it’s this. Muscles! Some smiles. That’s great. PHOTOGRAPHER: Woo! Don’t usually get make-up,
to be fair. They’re treating me today, Trying to make me
look extra special. But, no, they’re all right,
we do them every year, so… we have to get used to them. Loris has got a couple spots on his forehead,
stay tuned for the cover-up. Didn’t hear it from me. Nice, huh? Slim, tight… Nice. Little collar. Thank you. I’ve not had any make-up, what you on about? You can see it on your face,
look how much powder you’ve got on. – I’ve got no make-up on!
– You have! VIRGIL: You’ve got loads on. ALEX: Your forehead is powdered up. JOE: His is glistening! Seriously, look at your forehead, bro. If you use a wipe, you’ll see it. Perfect. I can’t work with some people round here. It’s the same as training yesterday. Three, two, one – go. – Just straight in?
– Yeah. Nothing is held back. There you have it,
that’s next season’s LFC kit. We like it, we hope you do. See you soon.

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