Ozuna Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Ozuna Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

[Music] what’s up everybody its Joe from complex we’re at Barneys New York with reggaeton superstar Ozuna and we’re putting in is fun well gonna do some sneaker shopping tonight good to see what he’s feeling what he’s not and then hopefully is gonna buy some sneakers let’s go Oh [Music] Jonah I read that you said your mother taught you the value of a dollar very early on in your life and you actually mentioned sneakers specifically that every pair good sneakers you had with a sacrifice sneakers three halfway looking for a train see like a pulse a cappella my window room Bouguereau siempre y ol alumni careful instrument or a feel animal color both are loops wrap a like a Berkeley peeping there are crafty go have a look at a commitment of Silicon Valley and know in power are a chimp our avocado sacrificio Bartonella see how do you wanna tell you very much of me right you mentioned Berkeley and Pippin there’s basketball courts all over Puerto Rico were you balling in those shoes yeah okay so far not because I’m being holiday absolutely what they last any cuz iPhone and let me be a while the deficit not impotent this is not on being get anything in the world what I mention is only winter are talking from moving getting interrupted members all arriving front it should be a frontal area unknown Oregon grandeur or some imbalance here I always love to say me I mean it’s a lot depending on the bow is it KK also people users of roc sigue siendo funny sigue siendo say a little game last n equals a lower than we talked about you growing up in Puerto Rico but 2010 you moved to Washington Heights New York City when you got here what is the biggest difference you noticed in like the stores the sneaker culture from Puerto Rico to New York City come get up on my chicken plate and cut it open Tropico a health career a call to translate Osaka a new your no performance I walk across icy say about okay say I gonna come back pressing poor gonna come back drink yeah but calm man factual case Holly okay but main suppose ask is a parity parity different happened a lot of teal under your Puerto Rico Paula and Thais obvious I knew your ek yeah your problem mental foramen Pik White House when you put the RICO suppose what he meant again and a yeah we gotta talk Balenciaga she showed up in Balenciaga as you have a song about Balenciaga so what is it about luxury Footwear that you love legality low algo diferente que yo Robin Sierra in : era mpirica mo da diferencia como la gente safe when fluency on dope on said no attend different a bun do cuando yo villa la influence across our own at any diferente Tandy tinta como el balon Sierra del mu – nto segurança lost any case on perma-grin de como so Neto no say no say pony pokey eras at any Boca Grande okay ten Adan differente si puede paramotor a kilo diferente siempre moto blanco cerana we can offer you a good table balancers in toga SF kilo [Music] Ozuna recently a crew of complex people went to Puerto Rico and they noticed the popularity of Yeezys and off whites in Puerto Rico what do you think it is about that that makes it so popular man in Puerto Rico hey mama pearl influential are a social Ocracoke well ok lol Tita Busan come with the path with Hungary de lo que lo que hace la la vida you say laughter so Michaela suppose a low altitude re Yankee kosuna bad bony and window Leah you told it apartment ryouna trending that they location Amanda like GC you have wiper help ok trending a lot more open than political transition they are full of a el amor so Claire Acosta increment 11 also locked any madurodam him daddy yankee big inspiration he had his own Reebok back in the day what was it like when he got his shoe and inspiration and influence over all the Latin artists I made up 30 Yankees everyone except anyone multiplicative I open the wall house besides Allah if he piped re-engage with input preferably a circus RC well wendy has a toe sandal ok so sorry team progress of tempo beam teachings of temple exactly philia tourism marketing Monica towns are here momently and their combo dinners are asleep or Becca Eva horizon kamati uno moi los viejos real on TiVo madanpal or Latinos yo también el americano la ropa rancha LoJack a local or a coma Susan ontological t lo length de esto lo que cambia program being orientation fear of God off-white your big fan of both brands talk about what they’re doing in the space and help you enjoy wearing them I’m Metta I want a case on dope ground a bit missing our God put it below solamente million sell me yama attentio mucho nombre note a mutuality lo mucho la ciencia de la ropa penny hay algo que que que el amor por su nombre Maya more attention in fact ASEC we say exactly Logano CPA me team ago me you might imagine al dia called a multi night Samantha needle of sociology beginning Swiss in Europe I own the Vienna from memory in Terezin a of white boy jab the PO se que alguien muy Grande and 12 to try my product and a su primera collection con Nike Judah collection al la puerta nel llaman take a son como de Horita de frente okay como lo que somos a locus on Yola una 10 e que tiene complement o de cosas nueva es r 10 abilities yeah yo el todo sobre que se puede comprar no so coleccionar envision in sierra cuenta con toda a minha Yara Kara Mustafa well we talked about everything now is the easy part get the browser she’ll see we’re gonna take home ha ha I grab you some the maintained Cuarenta size yet email you got it I wanted this one in eight this inside a the same nine one of this one size a this one in size seven a half got it forty Hara we haven’t problem in a mechanical the encompassing so your totals twenty nine thousand three hundred and twelve dollars and fifty a7 chip [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so as you can see Osuna came through got some new clothes got some new sneakers thanks so much for taking the time make sure everyone checks out the album need bureau coming soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. Which 90s basketball signature sneaker was your favorite?

  2. PR en la casa🇵🇷

  3. Get Jon Z on sneaker shopping🔥

  4. I haven’t seen anyone on complex who has bought as much stuff as ozuna did !!!

    But after all he is rich…

  5. What was that at 8:18

  6. Bro spent 800 on a pair of reeboks


  8. epilepsy warning when he checking out lol

  9. The most I've ever seen someone spend on Sneaker Shopping lol

  10. Got damn 29k on sneakers and clothes!! I'll spend 90 on sneakers and think that's a lot. Is that a new record on Complex?

  11. 🧸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Joe:”thanks for taking the time”
    Ozuna:”ahhh tashu”

  13. Las balenciagas siceramente me parecen la hostia

  14. He understands English?

  15. Funny thing is, alot of latin stars know how to speak english but the two people who dont is ozuna and bad bunny

  16. Ozuna o Gabriel Jesus ni la organización lo sabía

  17. Nowadays teens be buying yeezys here in Puerto Rico 😂
    They work really hard tho

  18. I can confirm that on Puerto Rico everyone is using Filas, Reeboks, Nikes, Jordans, and Yeezys

  19. 19 o 20 millones(chilenos) se gasto el klo WUAAAAAAAA

  20. Money doesnt buy style , everythings he bought was ugly , just because its called Balenciaga doesnt mean its classy or pretty .. These big shoes look like elephant feets

  21. Dame este en Cuarenta, size Siete y medio jajajjajja Te Quiero Ozuna

  22. You should invite a Corrido Singer, like Kris Nava from Tercer Elemento or JOP from Fuerza Regida

  23. Cuidado ese ozuna te esta mirando la bragueta.. le gusta mandar saludos.. jajaja

  24. This nigga forehead tho lol

  25. WTF Gabriel Jesus?

  26. Sneaker shopping with big boy Cheng of Philippines please

  27. Ozuna sayin something in Spanish: sìì
    Joe: shake head

  28. 8:17 "Donde va sobresale, en sus ojos…" JAJAJAJAJAJAJ🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. The guy is doing like he understood what's sayin but actually has no idea lol

  30. Ozuna just bought my whole college tuition in shoes

  31. My boy ozuna looks like he about to start rapping with those hands and body movements.

  32. A Ozuna le gusta las yoldans :v

  33. Value of a dollar?… Bullsh!/7!, I was poor now I'm rich so fuc# it!.

  34. I like it off white

  35. Cómo coño se entienden!!🤔

  36. no les da vergeunza que todos los latinoamericanos traperos i raperos hablen como imbeciles, almenos aprendan ingles o hablen español bien, que no se entiende nada

  37. did he really bought a vest 💀

  38. Let’s keep it 💯 , Ozuna can’t speak English right to save his life 😂 but I still think he’s the cutest thing ever 😌❤️❤️

  39. Gabriel Jesus crack

  40. holy shit the price check almost got me a seizure

  41. 3:06 ya veo de donde salió la letra de So Fresh, Paulo Londra jajaja

  42. Es Ozuna o Gabriel Jesús?😂

  43. You should do a video with miky woodz

  44. Me amd my uncle use to hoop in that second court you showed

  45. can joe speak spanish?

  46. Che ozuna no había más feo gusto en zapatillas?

  47. Gabriel Jesús is there wtf

  48. This what you call FLEEEEEXXXX

  49. He just look like he need to pee

  50. Almost 30 grands that’s I win in a all year :’v

  51. el mas bello😍😍😍

  52. Donde están los latinos

  53. Damn that cost more than my house

  54. El negrito ojos claros ozuna

  55. La retro son las duras y las de ahora

  56. Ozuna is fuked up man he needs to learn English

  57. Inviten a Pablo Chill-e

  58. 8:18 he’s singing BAILA BAILA BAILA ahhhh LOVE HIM

  59. Pewdiepie's net worth is literally bigger than his by like 5 mil

  60. Ozuna music good but trash

  61. 2:09 it do`t matter how good you speak Spanish you have no idea what he`s saying

  62. I want to see daddy yankee on this

  63. please make a Maluma goes sneaker shopping with complex

  64. Horrible esa ropa y los zapatos

  65. Does he not know how to speak English


  67. Con eso pondría yo un negocio y viviría mi vida 🥵

  68. He really spent 29k damn mbn to be rich

  69. Dice algo de ropa y se compró casi media tienda

  70. idk why but for me his accent is hard to understand… spanish is my second language

  71. He knows good English

  72. Cashier: 30,000$ Ozuna: 😁 💳

  73. 29000 thats sooo much money. I cant even afford 1000 dollars. Well i am kid so it makes sense but still. 29000

  74. #GRASA O GRASA o grasa

  75. Ozuna spent more than bad bunny and Anuel AA when they were on the show

  76. Why’d he cut his dress 😭😭

  77. carlton banks buy sneakers

  78. Cashier: So your total is $29,312.58
    Osuna: *gives card*

    Me: dad can i get these shoes they are only $100

    My dad: NO

  79. 8:14 cuando no comprendes en qye t metiste

  80. Ay music ay flow 😎🎙️🎶🎵🎼


  82. Resumen valorar cada Dolal, Yoldan, y gastarte 30mil dólares en 9 minutos! 🤯🤯🤯🙈😂

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