Paf Fantasy Sports Show – PAFS Episode 16

A player is a player. When the artificial turf
begins to smell in spring… It would be nice to play
on real grass in Finland. Bollis field is closed – so we had to come
to the legendary Sahara. Today’s guest has played
tough matches here. On sand! I have to reveal – that he has played abroad
and on the national team. At birth, he was the heaviest baby
in the Nordic countries. Who is he?
– There he stands. Jallu Rantanen,
welcome to the show. – Thanks. You have a long career
as a player and a coach. Last season you coached KTP. This season you haven’t played
or coached. How are you? I’m good, except that I was
in a knee replacement operation. I have an artificial knee now. The stuff that was put in
weighed as much as women’s shot. Weight has been added to your legs
but can we expect – to see heavy shots tonight?
Are you able to kick? I might be able to shoot,
but the shots are not heavy. We could
start with a challenge – and then we talk about
the Premier League and NHL. I challenge you both
to a goal scoring contest. You both get three shots.
You shoot outside the box. I’ll walk to Vantaa,
if you score one goal. Is this the 16-meter line?
– Yes. Did you score many goals
from outside the box – or were you a fox in the box?
– I was a fox in the box. I played as a central defender
at the beginning of my career. So you know the box well.
– That’s why we stay on the outside. Let’s put the ball in the net.
Sorry, Lassi. Here’s the first tour de force. A couple of warm-up shots, huh?
– Toni shoots a warm-up shot. I was about to say
that the shot was not on goal. Toni!
– This is warm-up, Jallu. I’m ready. Who goes first?
– Toni’s desperate attempt first. One goes in and you walk?
– Yes. He leaves a lot of space. A pro goalie.
– That was an easy save. I have little pressure here. You scored almost 100 goals
in the top flight. This is a no-look. Didn’t go in.
– Do you mean “look away”? I have one shot left.
– I save with eyes closed. This is tough. Yes!
– Oh! What a save!
– I had to make a serious jump. Let’s look at the replay from GoPro. Goddamn, what a save! The shoe is a bit tight,
but I’ll try the right top corner. Did Lassi hear that? I guess not.
I shoot in the left corner. Are you ready, Lassi?
– Yes. Ah!
– Yes! That was a good shot!
Right in the corner. According to Maps, it’s 26 km
from Urheilukatu 5 to Tuusula. Yes!
– Again. Whoa!
– It was going right in the corner. This is fun. What kind of a season has it been?
You have watched – a lot of sports,
because of your injury. What’s your opinion on this season? The season has been
damn interesting. But City has ruined it a bit. They have been
so much better than the rest. In last Saturday’s
Manchester derby – City had a chance to win the trophy. But Mourinho’s ManU
came back and won on the 2nd half. It was interesting
that they didn’t park the bus. They actually played football. They were not comfortable
on the first half. It could have been
4 or 5 to nothing. Something happened mentally
before the second half. The performance
was totally different. Pogba was a new man
and did good forward runs – which helped the team
equalize the game. And the prolific scorer Smalling
scored the winning goal. What do you think about
Leicester City’s season? Season after promotion was great.
They were crowned champions. But this season
they have been a mid-table team. The start of the season
was really bad. But in this case,
replacing the manager – helped the team.
They have played a bit differently. They are battling for
a Europa League spot – if they get a winning streak going. We could talk a bit about NHL.
You’re a passionate NHL fan, too. I have watched NHL games
for 1,5 months after the operation. I watched NHL games until the dawn,
because I could not sleep. When the games ended
at 7 or 8 in the morning – I wondered what I’ll do next. I couldn’t sleep
because of the aches. Next season,
if Jallu’s other knee is operated – Jallu’s NHL sms chat
begins at seven on TV. Jallu hosts it. 16 best teams are left in NHL. People always say:
“Don’t talk about the Finns, Toni.” But Minnesota – Winnipeg is
the most interesting playoff pair. From a Finnish point of view. A couple of Finns in both teams.
– From Koivu to Laine. We have an interesting spring ahead.
I want to mention one “dark horse”. The reigning champion Pittsburgh.
The media wrote – that the season is over
and Crosby is no good. They will play the spring
with routine. My good friend
Juhani Tamminen says – that championships
are won in the spring. Toni mentioned Pittsburgh. They have winners in the roster,
because you need winning types. There’s Crosby and Malkin,
just to mention a couple. Pittsburgh will be tough team.
When the important games begin – you need these guys
and they win games. I’m afraid
that they will go far again. Pittsburgh is like NHL’s Tappara.
In the finals every year. Thank you for coming
to listen to our chit-chat – and to tell us
what happens in football. Can you break through from the wing?
I’ll throw the ball. Start from the post, please. I catch a cross. Go on! More, more! Yes! Score! Go, go, go!
– Go! In football,
you have to run all the time. It’s nice to watch – young guys running
on the pitch in spring. Epilogue: what did we learn? Life is a lot easier,
if you keep your mouth shut. I should get to the Vantaa sign
in about 2,5 hours. See you next time.
Am I going in the wrong direction?

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