Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : An Overview of Modern Golf Clubs

Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : An Overview of Modern Golf Clubs

This is Johnny Miles from The Lake Powell
National Golf Course in Page, Arizona coming to you with another hot golf tip for Expert
Village. What I’m going to talk about right now, one of the biggest changes in golf. Now,
if you notice, we’ve got 2 sets of golf clubs here and luckily, they’re both mine.
This set, totally modern, the best that Callaway Golf can make and probably the secret putter
in the world. This on the other hand is a set of hickory-shafted Tad Moore gloves. You
can buy them brand new today. They are replicas of 1925 golf clubs. Hickory shafts, forged
heads, the woods have persimmon heads. I even added a little lead weight so I’d hit a
little straighter. You know you can actually tinker a little bit. I like to play retro
golf maybe once a week, once every 2 weeks. I take these out and play a little golf and
it kind of reminds me of the way the game used to be. Now, I can take out my spade mashie
or I can take out my 8 iron. They go about just the same; they feel both pretty good.
I can’t tell a lot of difference, I’ll be honest with you. I hit them both pretty
much in the middle of the club head; 3 years of practice, but what I can tell a huge difference
in are woods. When you take out a persimmon wood and you take out one of these new drivers
today, guess what; this one would fit inside. These new drivers are so good, they have made
the game more fun to play. They haven’t made it easier because the hole is still the
same size. As long as the hole’s the same size, scores are not going to be that much
better, regardless of what Mr. Jack Nicholas and a few others want to say. The driver makes
the game fun. We all like to hit a long ways and we like to hit it straight, and these
new drivers, you can get them customized by your pro. You can have a draw built into it;
you can have the shaft you want in it, the size of grip you want on it, and wow these
things are so big you can’t even miss the ball. You’ll never embarrass yourself in
front of your friends. This is the biggest change in golf. It doesn’t make the scores
a lot lower, but it sure made it a lot more fun and has made John Bailey and a few others
some heroes, just like Sean “The Beast” Fister. I guarantee you if he hit this and
I hit this, I can out drive the beast.

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  1. Mr. Miles, I actually competed in the first "Hickory World Long Drive Championship" (not really official, it was 10 participants in the event including several PGA Pros). It was more of a fun little extra event to increase awareness for Hickory Golf and was held at Jack Stephens First Tee facility prior to the 2008 Arkansas Hickory Open in Little Rock, Arkansas, held at Stonelinks Golf Club. I actually carried it 308 yards (off the deck) and 2nd place was 251 yards and in a practice round, one of my drives was measured at 353 yards (with roll but not a tail wind). I used a Hickory Driver made by the legendary club designer Tad Moore, who is a long time close friend.

    Be careful telling everyone on youtube who you can beat. You never know who's watching!

    Just thought I'd rib you a little. : )

    Sean "The Beast" Fister
    Long Drivers of America Hall of Fame-President
    3-time World Champion
    13 World Championship Records
    4-time Captain U.S. Long Drive Team (4-0)

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