Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Using the Sand Wedge

Picking Golf Clubs, Equipment & Courses : Using the Sand Wedge

This is Johnny Miles from The Lake Powell
National Golf Course in Page, Arizona with another hot golf tip for Expert Village. What
I’m going to talk about right now is the sand wedge. Just the name says what it’s
only good out of sand. Well I’m sorry. The sand wedge, your putter and your driver should
be your best friends in golf. And the sand wedge because it’s a misnomer. It’s got
the most loft, it’s got a low center gravity, and it’s got bounce. In fact, the design
of a sand wedge came from an airplane ride that Gene Sarazen had with Howard Hughes back
in the early 30’s. You notice that when he lowered the flaps on the plane, the club
head bounced. Well not the club head, but the plane that bounced on there rose. So it
went back and put a negative angle on the bottom of his sole, and he found that his
club bounced in the sand, but also works the same in heavy grass. Now, this is a feared
shot. You don’t have very long to go, but you didn’t keep it in a fairway and you’re
in some heavy grass. Most players make a major mistake right here. They try to catch the
ball first. Well you can’t do it. It’s got grass all around it. So what you do is
this. You lay the club about an inch behind the ball. Now remember, you’re not swinging
down, you’re swinging forward. The hands in the club are going to start it back, and
then you’re going to brush the grass as you swing the club forward. That ball is going
to go up in the air out of the heavy grass. How far I take my club back and how fast I
swing my arms will determine how high and how far it goes. So I’m going to setup,
knock it down in that rough. And as I do that, the ball goes up. Goes over that bunker and
it goes on the green. Don’t try to ease into this shot. The key is brush the grass
and swing the club at your target. By doing that, you’ll maintain momentum. So about
an inch behind it, brush the grass, swing the club at your target, and guess what, you
made a perfect follow through and you’re going to probably win the bet.

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