PING G400 Irons review: Best improvement golf irons in 2017? | GolfMagic Club Test

We’re here at the Shire in north London testing
out PING’s new G400 range. We’ve been on the driving range and out on the course using
SkyTrak’s launch monitor and also TaylorMade’s new TP5X golf balls. Let’s give them a hit
and see how we get on. So here we have the new PING G400 iron. Most of the technology
you’re going to see in the back of the club. You can see Cor Eye technology which was also
used in the PING G iron last year. That’s going to improve ball speed and also give
you slightly higher spin which is going to help you get the ball up in the air and stop
it on the green. In the back of the club you’ll also see the CTP weight which stands for Custom
Tuning Port. Now this is going to move mass into the heel and toe of the club which is
going to equal more MOI and increase forgiveness. You’ll also notice there is a new hydropearl
chrome finish which PING says lowers friction by 40% which is going to help you hit it out
of the rough and also on wet days. I liked the look of the PING G iron but the G400 is
definitely an improvement. It’s got a slightly thinner top line and also this is an 8-iron
and i couldn’t see any of the backside of the club protruding at address which is really
good. Compared to the PING G i was getting a few degrees higher launch on pretty much
every iron and a couple of yards. Definitely a bit more forgiving again and the PING G
was one of the most forgiving irons of last year. Regarding sound and feel you are not
going to find a better game improvement iron than the G400 – it’s soft, it’s also powerful
and it has a lively sound off the face. It’s available from four to lob wedge and with
a bunch of different shafts. Make sure you get out there yourself and give it a go. Head
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