PING Pros Test the G400 Irons

[Christian]: I mean it’s going to go high and it’s going to go far that’s rep terminology, now if you
want the engineer terminology he’s going to go into detail. [Marty]: We’ve built on our COR-Eye technology and put
in this top rail undercut and the whole secret of how this iron works is the face
during the impact relaxes the top rail relaxes back and it catapults the ball
in the air so you kind of get this unique distance height combination. [Christian]: Wow. [Daniel]: That was flushed. This 7-iron is turned to my 6-iron immediately but in an
8-iron window [yes] [yes] [Tyrrell]: So I think a good 7-iron for me is 175. [Christian]: I’ve got some good news
for you, with this one 190. So we got a little more height and a little more distance. [Tyrrell]: Unbelievable how far that’s going. [Christian]: Good swing, Harry. [Harris]: That was smashed. [Marty]: Powering. [Christian]: Carried it 206. 207. [Harris]: So that’s 20, 25 yards further. [Christian] than your normal 7-iron. [Harris]: That’s pretty good. [Christian]: We’re going to get some guys that are like 15 handicaps hitting it as far as you. Are you ok with that? [Harris]: I don’t know if i’m ok with that but I know they’ll be ok with it. [David]: Wow Wow. High and straight. That’s a good start [Marty]:It’s got a little stopping power to it. [David]: That looks good sitting down on the ground too. [Marty]: It’s built to launch the ball higher with more ball speed. [Bubba]: For most amateurs it’s hard for them to get it up in the air. [Mackenzie]: I can see for you know the club golfer or the weekend golfer this being a huge help [Marty]: Good swing. [Mackenzie]: You just don’t have to work to get it up in the air. [Marty]: Kind of what we’re trying to pass along to our customers with this one. [Mackenzie]: I think you did it right there. [Marty]: so they hit it more like you [yeah]. [Tyrrell]: So soft off the face as well. It feels great. [Marty]: So this badge in the back
this multi-material has elastomer in it so even though the face is really thin and
moves a lot it still has a nice acoustic you know a nice powerful kind of sound
to it. We added this Hydropearl chrome [okay] finish. The finish itself has less friction [right] between the grass and the
sole. [Lee]: Yeah that’s what it felt like. [Marty]: You’re going to feel that improved turf interaction with this. [Mackenzie]: See even that one there it was a little bit of a miss. It doesn’t feel like a miss. It doesn’t go like a miss So, that’s pretty cool. [Marty]: The inertia is really
high on this iron. It’s about 5% higher than its predecessor [yeah] which just means
it’s really stable. Sometimes distance-focused irons can
lose precision or distance control but this irons hot but it doesn’t have
hot spots, so even though it goes far, you still have some precision with it. [Aaron]: 0.8 difference between two shots.
[That’ll work] I can play with that. [Marty]: That’s sub-yard accuracy It’s just physics, you know, it’s what Karsten taught us to do is follow the physics. [Christian]: We’re trying to get the normal golfer to be able to hit it as far as you. As high and as far as you do so [okay] sorry about that. [Mackenzie]: Make my job harder.

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