Pioneer Pro Audio – Royal Antwerp F.C. – Case Study

Pioneer Pro Audio – Royal Antwerp F.C. – Case Study

Antwerp is the oldest and most beautiful club in Belgium Our club was founded in 1880 by English students In the beginning was an athletics club That’s why we call it still ‘Antwerp’ the English pronunciation Last year the club was bought by our new CEO and chairman Patrick Decuyper In one year we’ve done big advancement in the club We had a very negative feedback on the old system because it was failing and I think it was so old meanwhile that we could put it next to the cups in the museum We were not able to speak through the microphone to the fans We had to change something and we had to do it fast It changed completely because of this new sound system Surprised! The quality of the sound is so good the fans are very happy, because it’s an added value It is good that you can talk to the people but it’s even better if you can create an atmosphere In whatever stadium you go in Belgium you never hear this sound, it’s really top The objectives that we had with the system was first of all to be able to do all standard communication towards the crowd and to the fans but once we started talking with Kristian about the possibilities we evolved to a full sound system which would enable us to create a party in the stadium In most of the stadiums you have an announcement system, just for the speaker A system which is not powerful enough or good enough to play music on Football has changed just from the game into an experience When you have important DJs and and you want to entertain the fans before the game after the game it’s important that you have a good sound system To realise good sound in a stadium is that you have to get rid of the big delays you have because they are four big zones It won’t be good that you hear the speakers on the other side of the pitch The acoustic simulation software which is the virtual mapping of speakers, which we’re using is a programme called ‘EASE’ The end result is an overlay of the whole project so you have a 3D simulation of the stadium itself This actually allowed us to really focus on dropping a microphone at any point in the stadium and playing audio track through the software By playing that audio track you can actually listen in your headphones to see exactly how the delay and the reverberation will be working in the area With the experience and Kick, who specialise in stadiums, really were focused on you know, delivering the best possible sound from the installation Only with certified riggers are you allowed to do an installation like this There was a few hurdles which had to be overcome from the installation point of view We worked closely with our installer and the stadium directly and really that’s the structural support of the stadium itself the rigging hardware An old stadium has its limitations As this is a substantial size of speakers we had to develop the solution of brackets to be able to mount onto the current structure And the adaptation of the boxes to be able to be positioned in areas of the stadium where they could be subject to weather conditions The XY-152s – they are able to adapt to very, very low to very, very high temperature and also this means that they can be used and really, really high moisture environments because the drivers are coated with a waterproof-resistant coating T2 was an area where the SPL level needed to be somewhat higher than the rest of the areas because it’s more the hardcore fans, lets say They’re singing all the time they’re making a lot of noise The atmosphere here in the stadium is amazing So in T2 we installed the most amount of speakers We used twelve XY-152s, so six clusters allowing 120 degree dispersion across that whole area They’re so powerful that we can more or less overrule the fans The business seats are behind thick glass and we have to make sure we could give not only the feed coming from the speaker but also the atmosphere of the stadium Kick, our installer, installed two microphones which are out in the crowd The microphone picks up crowd noise which is piped back into the glass areas so it really kind of engages the people in booths to feel that they’re still connected to the match The bar area and members lounge What we really had to do is cater for the ability to focus it as a nightclub system and when they do private functions in there, it could be corporate events it could be weddings So sound system here needed really to be adaptable to any environment In this area, we installed six XY-101s In the DJ console we had two XY-215 subwoofers Two XY 81s as the DJ booth monitors The choice here was four XY-101s Again, it was a custom made DJ consol, similar to the other area We used K Series amplifiers opposed to M Series because of the AES features Basically the AES is allowing pure digital signal running through the whole stadium next in a continuous loop so there’s no jigger, there’s no jumping around of signal The system, it was a completely a surprise not only for myself but also the fans They they were not expecting that in such an old stadium such a quality of sound could appear Our fans are known in Belgium to be the loudest Today we can speak to them with a sound system and they will understand us perfectly I take it you can hear here that sound’s really important, you’ve got the sound from supporters but we’ve got also a brand new sound system is really great So I think everybody’s going to hear us today But we have also the reaction from the DJs In the past, they were not answering our questions to play a DJ set Now they are proud to be here because they know that the system is working perfectly and that also the fans will hear it loud and clear If you see people moving from one leg to another leg on the music, then that means that’s a good.. umm… that’s a good aspect! The versatility of the XY Series it really does show how capable they are of delivering sound and good sound to any application Kick have already commissioned another football stadium in Belgium with XY Series. We’re actively looking to make things more streamlined for the future so every installation we’re learning more to how to adapt to work closely with this environment or or any other environment Let’s hear it for Pioneer! Come on you Reds!

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