Poor Man’s Pebble Beach | Golfing in California

Poor Man’s Pebble Beach | Golfing in California

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day I’m out here at Pacific Grove California just outside of Pebble Beach
I’ve been doing some social media work and some content creation for a
tournament at Pebble Beach the last week so so sorry for no uploads but wanting
to come out here and vlog this super cool public course only cost me 31 bucks
to come play this thing right on the beach the oceans right behind I’m going
to take you along here for the back nine number ten par three I’m gonna be
playing this from 105 yards pretty accessible pin right there I’ve got a
sand wedge here not bad for the first swing today had a
little too much sauce on that one right there spun back about 15 feet maybe
braking towards the ocean are here on 10 easy part of their own 10
number 11 is the par 4 kind of a short one however I have nowhere to really set
up the camera behind so I’m gonna move up about 15 yards right there 285
drivable par 4 you can maybe see that red flag off in the distance a little
bend to the left get highlighted fly a little smooth tempo driver right there
should be pretty good got a nice little fence right here I guess that is to
guard from a little snip snappy drives I just let a group play through and they
told me that this course is known as the poor man’s Pebble Beach ocean views
super excited about checking these views out once we get over this little sand
dune action there behind the green I think we’re gonna be seeing the ocean
really pretty good distance control right there
how’s middle of the green distance wise see if we can’t get this up now for our
first bird of the day I thought it was going in we’ll take it p-ting slammer here ah no what cool
pathway through the dunes here and that’s our first view of the ocean
those are pretty intense they are way bigger in person than they look like
even on this camera number 12 par 5 513 yards dogleg right I think the green
sets off kind of back in there our aiming point is going to be kind of
right over that ball washer don’t worry about me golf or coming
through what’s up there how are you doing I had to walk through the crowd
right there thankfully they kind of dispersed and
let me through hit that drive relatively where I wanted it so we’ll see it is
getting a little foggy out here a little tough to see the ball down but I think
it was on a good line and a good number first time around this track we’re just
out here to have a good time and look at the ocean in great shape right here the
pin is located just over that sand dune right there 190 yards left landed right there spun back probably
need to take into account that we’re a c-level and the airs heavy balls not
going to fly as far so probably need to be taking half a club to even maybe a
full Club more that I’m used to in Nashville would love to make back-to-back pin
Slammers see if we can roll it in let’s go that is royally to see 233 back
to back 10 Slammers on 213 par 4 how about that view off the back of this tee
box beautiful unfortunately it is a little foggy so you can’t quite see very
far out into the ocean but it’s there all right we are gonna have some fun
here 315 yards to somewhere out in there it’s a little dogleg to the left I think
this is the middle of the fairway I think the pin and green is somewhere
over in there I’m gonna hit a stinger here not sure but I think that was right down
the middle cuz I can only see him about 70 yards out in front of me
so washed down into the fog hopefully that was no fair way we will take it
found the ball now all the fairway 65 yards left thankfully this fog is
starting to go away left that one just a little bit short
roughly 20 feet left for birdie these greens tend to be a little sticky on
those short wedge shots I was hitting some shots on some other
courses this PO and I gets a little sticky on those shots so doesn’t quite
release as much you might think Oh I thought we had to trifecta right there
I mean 31 bucks you cannot beat it usually the ocean right down the
coastline from Pebble number 14 356 yards green kind of sits off back in
their small dogleg to the right stinger time I know what you’re thinking I really
wasn’t a singer I definitely had a bit higher than normal
however it’s right down the middle Wells I get good shape right here 125 yards
left the pin is kind of just over that corner right there I’ve got a full gap
wedge should be pretty good we’ll go find out
got a lot out of that gap wedge right there hit that a little long yes and
Alfred back there said don’t hit so much Club next time hmm Alfred that is now all we’re looking
for here on 14 that is a three-putt bogey Alfred may need to come read the
next one for me that moves us to 1-under through our fifth hole here on the back
nine through 14 on to 15 par-4 397 yards kind of bends back to the right a little
bit our aiming point is going to be just to
the right of that building there I let it fly I’m walking up here fairway is over here
here’s where we ended up right there should its take it a little further
right maybe aimed at that house instead of
that building right there but we’re okay not a great lie yeah really not a great
lie at all but that’s okay 95 yards left on those shots that you don’t have great
lies kind of want to get down and get after it you want to focus on contact so
I get a little steeper because I actually want to hit ball first whenever
I have a bad lie like that so that’s what we did there took a little extra
Club didn’t want to have to kill it just hitting down on it catch ball first all
right it did land on the green right there came back just a little bit
roughly 35 feet back up the hill one under par three holes left have
something cool to show you here this is a lighthouse and apparently it is the
oldest still functioning lighthouse on the west coast I thought that was pretty
cool don’t know how old but that’s lighthouse number 16 par 4
355 yards I think our target line is going to be
that clump of trees there’s some water somewhere over in there that I can see
on the scorecard so I just want to keep it left without water a little left another best swing right
there however we missed it in the right
direction don’t want to miss it right I thought I saw water on the scorecard
looks like it’s just out of bounce so definitely miss right direction it was
wide open over there that’s just the last fall 15 might be just into the
rough alrighty need to find the fairway a bit more often than we have today
however 100 yards left to a middle back pin those are waves back there sand
wedge all right really not too bad just ended
up trickling just off the back edge roughly 35 feet left par here on 16 walking to the next tee
and that is the view how about that number 17 here par 3 100 yards I know it
says on the card 150 so I’m assuming there used to be a box somewhere back in
there however there is no box anymore alright there’s for a landed spun back
about a foot we do have a huge gallery here on the 17th hoping to see a pin
slammer Hey
I early fist bump that I early fist pumped that I thought that was in all right that is a player here on 17
walking off the back side of the green I just wanted to show you all these trees
these trees are awesome we are on the last hole what a view behind me this is
the 18th par-4 295 yards it’s going to be driver to get high let it fly I was pulled just a little bit but it
well I was trying to play a big sweeping cut in there and hit it pretty straight
I did cut a few yards at the end thankfully we stayed inside that fence
line that you could see it’s right here next to the cart path we need to get
this up now for birdie all right there it is roughly 25 yards
left finished at 1-under par here at Pacific
Grove this place was awesome public course with those kind of views are you
serious pretty awesome hope you’ll enjoy coming along if you did drop a little
like down below and y’all until next time we’ll see you only see ya

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