Predicting the Winning Team with Machine Learning

Predicting the Winning Team with Machine Learning

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  1. I have access to an algorithm that is 70.5% accurate across multiple sports, stocks, in fact any future event.

  2. hello suraj, im working on the same project which is been shown by you in this tutorial, but i m confused with data cleaning, the video shows you just started with jupirter and then some commands and boom, you just got the required results. But how to do this ? will you elaborate the procedure for this please, would be really glad to know.

  3. Great video but i'm still not clear on what could be some good features.

  4. From where did you get the trained data set

  5. thoroughbreds pls [horses]

  6. Am doing this as mini project. Do you have source code for this

  7. Hello Siraj! I second Igor's opinion about splitting the data according to time and not randomly. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I would love to see another video on the same topic which includes sentiment analysis from twitter feeds as well on top of the baseline models. Perhaps we can use LSTM with a time distributed dense layer to capture the time information?

  8. Thumbs up if you guys want a part 2 of this video (using deep learning + twitter sentiments)!

  9. How this trained data can predict a team….it is just a upto fit the data and showing accuracy…nothing predicting

  10. Hi Siraj,

    could you explain a bit, what "Difference in last years prediction" is and how do you calculate it?


  12. Where did you get these variables: 'HTGD', 'ATGD', 'HTP', 'ATP', 'DiffFormPTS', 'DiffLP'? They are not in the csv file.

  13. no ones can predicted soccer games

  14. i want to talk to you for my project

  15. can i get link for the dataset

  16. Sports are fake and scripted you can't beat the bookies they already know who will win they only want to lure you to the losing side, is impossible to win with machine learning for sports is a waste of time. All the numbers you see the line the money is fake you need inside info like billy walters is the only way.

  17. so i copy this code edit it a little and start gambling. Then me run to the bank..

  18. Abey chutad, in the whole program its 'X_test' and not 'x_test'. Yet youre able to run this program. WTF?
    Also, you fuckin idiot, dont you know how to input a row data? I'll tell you, you use a method called .iloc()!

    My problem isnt that youre a stupid piece of shit. My problem is how the fuck are you running wrong code dude?!

  19. Does it give VALUE BET ???

  20. Beating the bookmaker will take you more than that : )) 75 accuracy ? ok what about the odds lol
    the only guy who did it using ML :

  21. Okay wait , did we talk about predicting future ?, that's so freakin cool

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