Pro Vs Pro Straight Up Match | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

Pro Vs Pro Straight Up Match | Golfing At Nashville Golf & Athletic Club

what a shot
are you serious going what’s up y’all hope y’all having a great day out here
with my buddy Taylor Davis at Nashville Golf & Athletic Club this guy right here
has been playing some good golf this fall he’s in Q school currently just got
through first stage what’s the next step for you I’ve got a second stage coming
up here in a few weeks in Alabama November 58 so just prepping for that
nice well I’ll drop his Instagram down below so you can follow along his
journey to the PGA Tour and today what we have in store for you
the little nine hole match straight up however we’re gonna be playing the front
tees to start and as a player wins a hole they have to drop back a tee
so it’s gonna be fun probably gonna be playing some different tees but we’re
starting at the same place it’s gonna be an interesting match that is for sure
we’re gonna be playing the front nine here in Nashville golf starting on
number one front tooth hey guys so number one here in Nashville go off 352
par-4 just kind of a position hole got to keep it short of water and wedge it
in there I’ve got a 7-iron just knock it down there I’ll buy that right green
side bunker that looks really good should be in good shape right there
alright guys I’ve got a 7-iron here as well we’re just gonna let it fly and that’s position a right there left
edge of that tree absolutely so one of the things that
just drives us crazy about this hole is you know for the red T’s it’s so much
shorter and it plays the same you just hit 7-iron instead of I would or hybrid
or whatever got this lovely approach shot up here to a brutal green here’s
our balls right down there both in good shape here a little wedges left 150
yards here in the number one gonna hit a little chippy 9-iron
just a touch bit downwind middle right pin little tight shot we’re gonna give
it a go that looks really good if it’s a good
number it’s gonna be played hula green alright guys 137 left to the middle pin
I’ve got a gap wedge in hand leaking little right maybe not our best
two shots there but it’s a very difficult green to hit I’m in the bunker
Taylor is about maybe 30 feet away both you know yeah yeah I need to get this up
and on far very nice roll right there I’m gonna go
ahead and give that to Taylor good for sir dad in the heart par for me big up and
down right there out of the bunker to stay all square through one on to number
two 267 yards par for dead into the wind got
to go with driver pretty good-looking shot just alright adding just a little right it is pretty open over there on the
right shouldn’t be too bad so we’ve watched one pretty far right
here 30 yards just there not a good lie we’re gonna we’re gonna play smart and
see what we can do maybe we get it up there not an easy shot here well you did
get it out little short tailor here for his third shot this looks really good
that is very well played from a short-sighted little chip all righty
here’s the ball just a little long of the green not in bad shape didn’t need
to bump something kind of right into a slope there let it run a lot close to
the hole tailor here for a scrambling par that is
quite the up and down there sir nice port let’s go come on pin slammer on to first
pin slammer of the day very excited to say the least
I take a 1-up lead through to I’ll be moving back to the green teas on number
three Taylor that was actually a really good second up-and-down back it’s not
easy it’s okay now cuz now we’ll actually hit the same distance don’t hit in the fescue that is a lesson
learned there hon number two we’ll see where these balls end up number three
492 yards from the green teas Taylor’s gonna be playing from up there at 450
yards I want to take it right down the right tree line just inside of it maybe
a little baby draw will say Lori’s just gonna say hi and let it fly to get about two yards left I hit that
one really solid it was just the fraction right Iver what is uh what is
your head covers name does he have a name
I don’t know I need some advice on a really good name think I’ve settled on
Zeke so comment below what you think Taylor’s Eagles name should be he’s
gonna be trying to keep it inside that tree line there anything left of that
tree line should be good and that should play I kind of lost it there should be
good though very nicely done sir did not quite carry the bunker have roughly 200
yards left Taylor’s gonna get our number for us here what I’m I it’s not even not
even joking here actually 200 on the number Taylor is right down there about
50 yards in front he should have a wedge maybe 9-iron left Zach Radford dead into
the wind here he’s looking to hit about a 5-iron collect up all my to caught just a piece
of the lip on the way out it was a good shot just a little bit unlucky 148 yards
trying to choose between a chippy eight or a full nine back into this breeze
just to touch up the hell I think I’m gonna hit the full nine here and just a little left looks like it’s
gonna catch a piece hmm there is a lot of wind up there a lot of wind 97 yards
middle pan little sand wedge looks pretty good the tables have turned
I’m up there just a couple feet away Taylor not the lie you’re hoping for sir that is so good I know it’s a little
short but that was very plugged good shot there sir tailors reverse spin
slammer on the channel that’s what’s really good we will take it pin slammer
here on three two down not the start we were hoping
for all righty we are on the white tees now and Taylor
is up there long ways up there how’s it going Taylor yeah number four par four
I’m playing from 382 yards and Taylor is playing from 326 sting a time and that’s how you stand here on number
four uh uh I’ve got the driver here we’re gonna see if we make something
having get back in this thing the green sits kind of back in there so a little
fade will be nice and it’s looking really good just a
little right yeah should be all right what kind of driver are you playing sir
poppy Calloway epic flash I’m pretty much a Callaway guy through and through
but uh this thing is really good this year so I definitely give it a look if
you guys are not sure what driver you want to play a newer model this one’s a
good one what’s the shaft as well since the
orange 64x really a nice spin killer I I kind of
tend to get a little bit of excess spin so low spins really good for me here’s
for the stinger ended up 122 Taylor is way up there just shipping we’re walking
up here it didn’t go in its fun way back I was really excited sorry for the
camera kind of falling down a little bit there at the tripod Hanna wasn’t stable
but quality shot you can see it right back there about 20 feet up the hill for
bird Taylor about 50 yards left here this looks really good oh what a shot he
has about two feet left there good shot sir this is an absolute must make for me
Taylor’s in there at about two and a half feet ah I wasn’t good I broke a lot that’s
far for me this will be for Taylor’s first pin slammer on the channel never
doubt the tweeter guys I just want to thank the special honor to make have a
pin slammer there that was really special for me you really got me fired
up more than the last three holes at first stage this year if I can just keep
that emotion going I think things are gonna be good number five here par four
340 yards from this tee Taylor’s up on that tee on the green teas he moves back
one tea yes 301 from that tea it’s not really reachable we’re gonna sting it
again for iron bull sand that needs to sit down hi that was not
our best stinger right there that isn’t the right rough boys we didn’t come here
to lay up we’re getting back in this thing right there that was really really
good was it enough sir I was head really well that was a good one
that’s stinger there was a little right wasn’t our best effort was stinging it
however it’s just in the rough probably gonna have to be fine something a little
low scooting up there Taylor’s in good shape he’s coming to play these last
couple holes he didn’t want to get too far down you know he’s running out of
holes that was a really good tee shot too Taylor hit there all righty here we
are in the rough there is a window I do see it I don’t know if you do comment
below would you take it right or would you take it left let me know we’re going
right through there coming out of the rough they’re probably
should use a little more loft however it did get through the gap we were looking
for well short here’s where mine ended up tailors is in the bunker right over
there and good shape a little aggressive there hold the 8 10 feet left here for
car that needs to go alright actually that turned out really well
didn’t spin back on him good shot sir what up well that makes my 10 footer for
par good because it doesn’t matter we’re playing match play not stroke play
on day number 6 match is all square tailor with another pin slammer flight a
little pitching wedge here get the distance control right give ourselves a
look 41 40 par 3 number 6 down the hill very nice sir little short
left nice look for birdie spin him back to the pin sorry there on
that tee box that we had to pan and you kind of had to look through the grass to
see the balls really didn’t have a good camera angle set up there however both
hit the green both in pretty good shape see if we can troll the rock oh oh I thought that was in the heart Oh hards I thought that was in the heart oh that is a three for me here on six
Taylor here from about six feet this would be for his third pin slammer in a
row the old Turkey loving it seven par five 591 yards from Taylor having a tea
it up here on the blue tees got a little distance now sir
yep yeah we’re gonna have to play from the big boy t’s back here back where the
web or excuse me Korn ferry event is so we’re gonna give it a go see if we make
an any booty and my T’s gonna be right down there 532 yards from the white tees really good tee ball there right down
central all right I’ve got driver here to get high let it fly right down
central I could be in trouble in this one ladies
and gents that’s in pretty good shape that was neat that was hit on the center
so we’re one up now two and a half to play and Zacks about a hundred in front
of me now so we’re gonna need to play hard the rest this hole if we’re gonna
keep that lead going in the last few Taylor is right here 257 Penn are you
going for it sir yeah I’m gonna go to go I’m gonna hit a
big hard high draw and Zacks kind of forced my hand here with that tee shot
so I’m gonna be aggressive he’s taking it I think like right over there yep you
can see the pen right through there did he get enough of it but I do think
he kicked out into the fairway good shape right here middle of the fairway
left pin 190 yards full send it’s a little into the breeze I’ve got 6-iron I was a little right however you don’t
want to miss that pin to the left we’re putting excited to green but it is an
eagle putt let’s go Taylor I’m sorry I thought it kicked to the right it kicked
to the left well you know they bounced us today have frankly not been very good
on our poor shots but we could avoid that number two once left once right so
we’re gonna see what we can do here that a little magic nothing that can’t be
done about a hundred yards left excited to come up here and film from behind the
hole for Taylor shot there is my ball have that left for Eagle Taylor it’s
right back in there I do see a gap yes I do I’m not sure what he’s gonna do
though what a shot are you serious go in go in Taylor just
slip that out are you serious go in go in Taylor just slip that out
are you kidding me particularly shot I’ve ever seen in my life Taylor that
was insane I thought thought we were gonna turn the tables on him right there
and have to make him make his putt but unfortunately he’s still got a putt to
win and knowing him he’ll probably scare it at a minimum literally hands-down
greatest shot I’ve ever seen on this channel I did have a hole out one time
but it was from the fairway that was insane great shot bud come on let me him oh ho that went back
right with Taylor hitting the most miraculous shot I’ve ever seen on the
channel the tides have turned this is for my birdie this would be a pin
slammer this is a must-make let’s go what a birdie sir thank you thank you
thank you pin slammer from both of us their first
double pin slammer today dude seriously unreal shot Thanks
this guy practices more than anyone I know he has game that’s for sure so make
sure to fall along his journey to the tour he is going into second stage right
now so will be fun to follow along with him in cue school trying to get on to
the corn ferry tour yeah yeah cornfield next year’s the goal and we’ll see
you’ve been fortunate enough to have a good start to Q school so let’s just
keep it going blessed for sure 196 here back up the
hill I need to hit a good one here is axe gonna keep the pressure on me from
up there not a bad place to check from no 146 yards up the hill gonna hit a
little 9 here is Taylor apparently he thinks he’s getting old
I don’t know if you heard that comment my ball right up here should be a good
look for birdie about 30 feet a little further than I had hope but nonetheless
birdie look well short not too bad all square
alright match is all square we’re both 3-under on the day we’re both
back to the blue tea box number 9 par 4 just under 400 yards a little left
pretty good not too bad there a little right all
right Taylor is right here he says 123 he’s got a little tree trouble but I do
see a gap there is that where we’re going so I like to hear all righty
oh he just did it kind of right side sorry I couldn’t see that one down you
can see it there on the right side about 25 30 feet really good shot from there
just off the fairway but not too bad 85 yards left I thought that was money needs a little break good role there
that’s good sir now all we wanted to see there I wanted to make that putt there
to force the play off however good plane sir
Taylor finished at three under here four birds in a row four pin Slammers that’s
really impressive played really well I finished it two under finished one down
not what we were looking for but Taylor played well and finishing with a bogey
never want to see that however had so much fun hope y’all enjoyed coming along
for this Pro versus Pro match if you’d like to see more of these pro vs. pro
match or see taylor back on the channel i think we need to see them back on the
channel because I like rematch but comment below if you’d like to see more
of that type of content drop a like down below if you enjoyed this video that
would be greatly appreciated and subscribe if you haven’t already
also check out Taylor down in the description his instagrams down below
make sure to follow him along for the second stage of q-school coming up here
beginning in November I’ll be rooting them on hope all of you all will join me
as well and y’all until next time ya enjoyed it guys
rematch for sure for sure we’ll see when we say

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