PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Trailer

PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2019 Trailer

Brace yourselves because we are about to make history. Again. 2019 marks the arrival of the PUBG Mobile Club Open! PUBG Mobile is taking the world by storm. It¡¯s the hottest game on mobile with more than 30.000.000 players taking the battlefield everyday in the ultimate test of survival. Last year our Star Challenge Tournament champs shared a prize pool of $600.000. They became eternal legends for milions of PUBG fans around the world. Right now it¡¯s time for new champions to rise up and fight for glory. This year we¡¯re taking a step forward We¡¯re proud to officially announce the PUBG Mobile Club Open. Our goal is to kickstart the PUBG Mobile Esports ecosystem. We¡¯ll start by a Club Open tournament that spans the duration of 2019. All players including YOU can form a Club and join the PUBG Mobile Club Open. You¡¯ll be competing for a prize pool of 2 Million Dollars. The Club Open is divided into Spring & Fall Splits with 10 tournament regions globally: “North America, South America, Europe, India, South East Asia, Middle East, China, Korea, Japan, and the Wildcard.” The winners of each Regional Finals will be invited to the Club Open Global Finals for that split! “Now, then let us break down the basic rules of the upcoming Club Open.” First – you gotta love PUBG Mobile. Second – you gotta be ultra talented. “Players with Platinum rank or above are eligible to compete. So git gud, boyo!” Third ¨C Each Club can have a max of 5 players on its roster. At least 3 of those players must be residents of the region your Club has registered in. Register your Club for the 2019 PUBG Mobile Club Open. Go to to sign up. “The year has only just begun and we¡¯ve got so many more awesome
surprises, news, and collaborations coming your way!
” So squad up and get your Club ready to win 2 Million Dollar PUBG Mobile Club Open!

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  1. You guys need to make a second PUBG tournament for the younger people. There are really good young players out there that could compete with the older players. Second, you need to let the lesser experienced people in because someone could have lost their account, like I did. If you make another tournament like this it would be greatly appreciated. Myself and four other people are a group of 13 and 14 year olds and we were very excited until we found out we could not participate. Please take this comment into consideration and at least try making a tournament for younger players and less experienced. Thank you.

  2. How to make it correct-
    Download failed due to the resource could not be found

    Plzz… tell if any one knows

  3. this guy use hack live on youtube banned this faqing guy,…………take some action

  4. Is that powerbang talking?

  5. Watch my amazing pubg mobile videos you will love it

  6. PB the narrator!

  7. Ya ya ya..what about banning team killer?

  8. Can someone tell me how to play classic mode without bots ?

  9. PUBG plss ban a hacker cuz he's live

  10. ليش كامت ما تشتغل

  11. Please pubg UC give me 600 UC my 🆔 5240448932

  12. So there is clans, crews and now clubs?

  13. PUBG MOBILE LITE when entering the country of Indonesia because the original pubg is already big in size and our cellphone with 3gb of RAM down is not going to be able to play, we still want to play pubg, please get rid of it as soon as possible in Indonesia


  15. Give people free gun skins

  16. Fix open door
    These days 🙂

  17. For more pubg game play videos click here

  18. Excuse me, when I read the manual for club open, it said registration is open till 19 March, I entered today but registration is closed, can I still register ? today is still 19 !! please answer me as soon as you can

  19. Follow this for latest and secret pubG

  20. plese fix the lag first we cant open doors these days and also the ping setup

  21. First fix your game idiots

  22. Give me likes how many times he said "pubg mobile" lol

  23. I need a skin of akm my name in pubg is PIYUSHVLOGER

  24. How can i be able to download the update? i cant download it right now. Theres no update button on play store. And also i cant update it by just openning the game. Cant see any norification if there is progress in downloading the newest update. Please notice this comment. Thank you

  25. PB's audio voice😍

  26. اكو عرب بطيارة
    العرب لايك

  27. My Enemy in PUBG…


    I'm never gonna win that prize pool

  28. Bs mmcn tairon al ciarat 😙

  29. Here are guys livestreaming and selling hacks. Im tired of cheaters.

  30. Fix the unic think is…….

    Fix the lag pls 🙂

  31. Pubg goblok ! Banyak heack gak ada tindakan ! Lemah sistem ! game bgini kok bsa laku yah ! Banyak chieters

  32. Plz make a sarver for Pakistani players believe us we have big telent

  33. Happy anniversary PUBG

  34. Im gonna win it 💪✌️
    Who's farts?

  35. شركه ببجي ضيفوه جلب

  36. HeytehcehtlwouldliketoteLthatmydevicedoeshotsupportthygameandlwishlcouldplay it…Ịsopleasemakemydevicecompatiblesothatlcahalsoehjoythygame…Ịthahks.

  37. Can some one please send me UC or invite me @ NigguhNta or go to my Instagram @ N.awf_

  38. POWERBANK your voice is amazing

  39. I did my wepon master almoat 3 to 4 times but still i did not get my title???

  40. Hi Tencent,
    I'd like to play PUBG on my device..! But the problem is that my device is not supported yet…And I really want to enjoy playing PUBG on my device,
    I hope that my device: Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime (Model: SM-J106H ) will be included from the supported devices soon.

  41. Excuses me is that powerbang’s sound

  42. How about better events, I don’t wanna spent 200 up on a crate for shoes

  43. PUBG please help me I started health reminder I want to stop it contact me plz [email protected]
    My PUBG acc – 5117015945

  44. Change birthday crite Box

  45. Dislikes from fortnite

  46. Bc pehle to sala emulator hatao madarxhod in pubg mobile emulator Vale YouTubers ki pubg PC khelne me gaand phat ti h aur sala emulator me khelke bc mobile Vale players ko harate h itne hi gaand me dum h to pubg PC khelo. #noob#dynamo #pro#shroud.
    And after all please fix the door glitch. I have got fuckin kill a lot of times.

  47. Can any age enter the tournament

  48. Please remove yuor birthday Crete box

  49. Hahaha, good flex, Fortnite did a 100,000,000$ Tournament

  50. Pls change the birthday creat pls all Muslims are UNISTALL the game

  51. Can u pls fix the desync!!

  52. I search a faction and mates to do tournaments and and the crew challenge (im french but i speak English well)

  53. If there are 30000000 players then should not you get rid of bots

  54. Plase easy gun skin

  55. Nice PowerBank but I hope panda pubg will be in this

  56. PUBG melhor jogo

  57. This game is definitely eSports ready! 😂

  58. Zsuatın ingilizcesi gibi konuşuyor xbnxxnxnxnxnxn

  59. No uc i cant pro mobile smsung yuo callange plrs

  60. I love this game it lit so far

  61. El juego más realista… He perdon el juego más original… Hee perdón el. Juego del año. Con su cabeza de televisor. Como me encanta el fortnite!! Sigan así!! Ah y no se por que no puedo construir???

  62. This is PUGBNITE 😎

  63. Cuantos están esperando Call of Dutti mobile?? Bue bye pugbnite quédate con tus disfraces de halloween todo el año! ! 😘

  64. I was about to purchase a backpack skin via classic crate by spending uc cash and unfortunately i selected the wrong item
    So please take back the item and can you please refund my uc cash so that i can purchase the backpack skin

    Thank you


  66. Quem tiver discord e quer criar grupos entre no discord acima

  67. блин,а я только учусь стримить,да и в PUBG MOBILE играть)))

  68. ADM BATLLE GROUND… (NO) ay nada que decir de lo q es este juego es excelente! Pero deberían de bajar los precios de los UC para realizar compras dentro del juego… Xq no es lo mismo 50 dolares en América del Norte que en Sudamérica en Sudamérica 50 dólares es mucho dinero osea es más difícil que usuarios del juego compren UC para para adquirir artículos…. Si ustedes bajaran un poco el precio los usuarios probablemente gasten más en sus cuentas el usuario adquiere lo que le gusta y ustedes ganan ATTE wil1uruguay

  69. Is there anyway I could join the tournament as a solo player. I’m maybe late to register but, I am really good!

  70. nice video

  71. como pode ter Club Open se não tem otimização


  73. The lag this game makes when I'm playing

    Just teleporting and the gun just not shooting and when I jump k think there's an invisible obstacles

  74. I hope to be clear to you

  75. In a comment I would like to change my name Magai Tagi card

  76. My pubg account is hacked! The hacker and I use the same I'd. I can't unlink my facebook nor can I unlink his gmail I'd. Please create a delete account or something so that I can unlink my fb from that account or something else like delete the hackers Gmail id. 😑

  77. Indonesia : Bigetron Esport
    Malaysia : Genexus
    Who is the next ???

  78. Please fix the lag when I drive the car I don't move and out It

  79. Im wanted to join nbut it's too late. F*ck

  80. . just watch like share

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