Ray & Elva: The Beating Hearts of Maryborough Basketball Association

Mr. and Mrs. Alloway are the most inspiring
people I know. They’ve dedicated their whole lives to this club and have had a massive
presence in so many people’s lives. They just love to see kids playing and participating
in sport If anyone ever thinks or speaks about Maryborough Basketball Ray and Elva’s
name comes up, whether it be a player or a friend of a family who’ve had something
to do with basketball. Maryborough Basketball
Association is a sports club that provides inexpensive sport for families in our local
community. The Association would not be what it is today
without the time and effort that Ray and Elva have put in. They’re incredibly crazy about basketball. That’s a big thing. But then they also have a genuine drive and want to help grow a community
of kids who know how to be part of a team and know how to devote themselves to getting
the best out of what they’re trying to achieve. So on behalf of the Good Sports, Elva and Ray, you are one of five winners… so congratulations. We don’t do this to win awards – we do
it because we love basketball. We don’t turn any child away. Sport teaches all sorts of things. It teaches
a lot of lessons for life. So, we don’t charge game fees for these juniors here to encourage
them to play sport. They are out here on the weekends, they are
out here almost every single day, looking after the courts, picking up rubbish, cleaning
and most people don’t know that. It’s good that they get recognition and… a reward for the lifetime of effort that they have put in – to this club. You’re going to be lying like that for a
long, long time. I want to be like this for as long as I damn well can. Besides, I don’t
have time to sit on my bum anyhow – too busy.

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