Red Rock Country Club in Summerlin

Red Rock Country Club in Summerlin

Welcome to Red Rock Country Club and
that’s what we’re talking about today and we’re starting right now! Hey
everyone welcome back to my channel, I’m Angela O’Hare a realtor here in Las
Vegas, Nevada with The O’Hare Team. Welcome to my discovering Summerlin
series and in this series I like to talk about everything and anything related to
Summerlin. From the neighborhood’s, to the parks, to the
pools, to the shopping, you name it I like to discuss here on my youtube channel. Today
I’m taking a tour of Red Rock Country Club, look at that backdrop is absolutely
gorgeous. Red Rock Country Club is an exclusive private guard gated community,
there are three club houses in Red Rock Country Club plus the golf course. So,
we’re gonna do a quick tour, it’s not gonna be a long video I don’t think, of
this beautiful high-end community. So sit back and relax and let’s go see what
this community is all about. The village of Red Rock Country Club was developed
in 1998 and is a seven hundred thirty-eight acre exclusive and
private guard gated neighborhood. Which is a development of Sunrise Colony
Company on land purchased from the Howard Hughes Corporation. Well, not
technically part of the Summerlin master plan, Red Rock Country Club includes
approximately a thousand luxury homes, two Championship Arnold Palmer design golf
courses, a main clubhouse and Sports Club. Red Rock Country Club is nestled within
the Western foothills of the city of Las Vegas and is considered one of the
hottest golf club communities in the city. Real estate within the Summerlin
community of Red Rock includes 87 custom estate homes, that sit majestically on the
ridge to capture the magnificent views of the Las Vegas Valley and strip. The
backdrop of red rock is the beautiful canyon walls, which are highly coveted
site in Las Vegas, especially at night. Red Rock Country Club is located in the
89135 zip code and is only one of many popular Las Vegas golf
communities. So I’m driving around looking at these beautiful custom homes
here in Red Rock Country Club and I didn’t realize that, I didn’t realize
that in Red Rock Country Club there is an East Gate and a West Gate. Right now
we’re in the West Gate and inside the gate there’s additional gated
communities with very high-end custom homes, they’re just absolutely gorgeous
with beautiful views of the spring mountains and also this Las Vegas Strip.
Anyway, I just wanted to add that little side note about this beautiful community. This place is so big, that I don’t know what
I’m doing or where I’m going. Hard to find the club houses but it’s funny,
thought I’d stop and check out this little cute little park area. Look at
those views, Red Rock Canyon straight ahead and then the spring mountain range
right there. Absolutely gorgeous!
Red Rock Country Club’s Arroyo Clubhouse is dedicated to members and
the daily fee player and provides a full-service golf shop, men’s and women’s
locker rooms, as well as a bar and their Arroyo Grille with terrace dining. The
Arroyo Clubhouse also features an expansive patio with excellent views of
Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Country Club boasts two Arnold Palmer designed
championship 18-hole courses, one is public and the others private. The Red
Rock Country Club is a Members Only Club that has a fantastic reputation. After
taking tour of all these golf courses I can seriously take up some golf, this is
so beautiful, I see the attraction as to why people like to golf. Red Rock Country
Club amenities include a 9,500 square foot sports clubhouse, that
features an assortment of fitness choices for the residents of the
community. Residents may choose from tennis, swimming, golf or other forms of
exercise. The Tennis Complex features nine lighted courts and a Stadium court.
While the Aquatic Center features a lap pool and a resort style family area.
There’s an adults-only swimming pool as well as popular therapeutic spa pool.
Unfortunately I was unable to get pictures of these pools because of the
private community. Aside from the 18-hole Championship golf courses, there are golf
practice facilities featuring putting greens and driving ranges. Isn’t this
amazing? I mean look at those houses in the backdrop. You get the Golf Course views
and the mountain views. I’m at the main clubhouse right now
taking a quick tour. Went to the Arroyo Clubhouse and I guess the last club up
walking off the tour is the sports clubhouse. Absolutely breathtaking! Membership at this premiere Las Vegas
retreat provides a sense of belonging. Kindred spirits will come together to
enjoy a thoroughly planned, perfectly executed club experience. As part of the select
few whom spend their days in these elegant and natural surroundings, you’ll
be immersed in the comfort and prestige of the place you’ll finally call The
Club. So what did you think of Red Rock Country Club? I think is a phenomenal
Golf Course community! Right? I have some guys coming up right now golfing so
hopefully I can get some pictures of people golfing. But if you’re thinking
about buying or selling in the Summerlin area, I’ve posted a link to a forum down in
the description below. Or you can always give me a call at, 702-370-5112. And again if you like this video be sure to hit the
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anything about the Summerlin community. Thank you so much for watching today and
I hope to see you guys on the next one!

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  1. The Village of Red Rock Country Club was developed in 1998 and is a 738-acre guard-gated residential village, which is a development of Sunrise Colony Company on land purchased from The Howard Hughes Corporation.

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