Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom (trailer) | Sierra Club Video

Reinventing Power: America’s Renewable Energy Boom (trailer) | Sierra Club Video

– I’ve been farming corn,
soybeans and wheat all my life. Used to farm some cabbage and potatoes, but I never thought I’d be farming wind. (upbeat guitar music) – In 2016 wind energy technicians was the fastest-growing job in the United States. Now I think we’ve actually
been surpassed in 2017 by solar technicians. – If someone would have
told me in high school, “You’re gonna find a job in renewable, and you’re gonna like it,” I probably would’ve been like, hippies! – What’s exciting about solar is how quickly the industry is growing. – We can use printing-based technologies to produce a complete solar cell. We’ll be able to make it
cheapter, better, faster. – After I lost my job in automotive I actually listened to
some of my coworkers’ advice to look into wind turbines. It was the new up-and-coming thing and my circumstances aren’t rare. People are going through
the same struggle, they worked in automotive,
trying to find a new niche, trying to do something different, and so a lot of reinvention going on. – We’re up on Garfield Ridge. This is the area that we’re
hoping to get some turbines at. There’s a good number of us
that wanna push for renewables because we’re thinking about our children and our grandchildren already. – Block Island was a very unique sort of test case for offshore wind. – I really felt how great
if the littlest town in the littlest state could be leading the country in renewables. – The introduction of those
elegant sculptural symbols of a better future are
exactly what Block Island is about and should be about. – We used to talk about
the three green dreams, which is solar to
capture the sun’s energy, battery storage to hold
it so we can use it anytime we want, 24 hours a day. And use that energy
stored to power our lives. – It doesn’t take a genius
to recognize green energy can bring back American industry in ways we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Because it requires rebuilding everything. The energy solutions are here. And if we build them, it means jobs. It means prosperity. (new age piano music)

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  1. Bravo to the Sierra Club and the team that produced this most excellent looking film!! I love the message that the trailer puts out and am especially taken by the focus on how the transition away from dirty fossil fuels is creating jobs in rural America. To me, one of the most potent lines in the trailer came right at the end —> "The energy solutions are here, and if we build it, it means jobs, it means prosperity". I love that!

    A bit about me: My name is Ryan and I am the founder of Natural Focus Digital an environmental video production and aerial cinematography company based in Boulder, Colorado. I am so excited to see the full-length film. I am currently reaching out to a couple of local groups that I work with in my area to bring a screening of it to Boulder Colorado. I will be in touch with you all soon.

    I founded Natural Focus Digital with the specific goal of creating environmental videos just like this one. I am passionate about the rapid transition away from dirty fossil fuels and truly believe that highly engaging films, that tell a powerful story, can be a catalyst to a more sustainable world. If the opportunity comes up I would love to partner with the Sierra Club on future films just like this one. To learn more about the video services I offer please visit:

  2. Find a place that is showing the full film…it is powerful and awakening.

  3. Excellent. But, then again, what about coal? Isn't that the energy of the future? LOL

  4. Proof that jobs don't get lost, they get transferred.

  5. i love america especially its people

  6. background music is too loud, can't clearly hear the speakers

  7. These wind generators are a farce…try living near one. They kill massive amounts of birds and bats and produce miniscule amounts of power compared to oil, gas, hydro and nuclear.

  8. So, my renewable energy organization has an interest in showing this film. But the web site ( says it was removed from public use, but will return in September (2018). To date (February 2019) it is still not available. What's going on?? Please update the web site and make this film available again!

  9. The Sierra Club used to protect natural-looking places but now it wants to cover them with machines. And scores of neo-environmentalists refuse to understand how futile these ugly wind turbines really are. A good place to learn the truth is Germany, which built 30,000 of them for no real drop in CO2 emissions. Why insist that ruining even more scenery (e.g. the Green New Deal) will somehow be worth it?

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