Ride With this Unique New Orleans Bike Club

– First of all, we’re girly-girls. We like to be cute,
but we still get dirty. Every time we come out, our shoes, our outfits are always
matchin’, our makeup is done. Is it hard to ride in heels? No, because if you can walk in them, you can probably ride in them. We’re not the typical biker chick. When the Curves come on the
set, it’s complete chaos. (motorcycle engine revs) – My name is Tru, and
I’m one of the founders of Caramel Curves Motorcycle
Club here in New Orleans. – My name is Coco, and
I’m one of the founders and the president of Caramel
Curves Motorcycle Club. We are a motorcycle club like no other. We come out club-ready every
time we hit the streets. – When we first started off,
I just rolled by myself, and then Coco, she just rolled by herself. We kinda got together and was like, let’s start somethin’ together, ’cause the guys always
had their bike clubs, but what’s more sexy than
ridin’ with a bunch of girls? – [Interviewer] Pretty much nothing. – Nothin’, nothin’ at all. (laughs) – The name Caramel Curves
was made up by luck. We came up with Caramel ’cause of the complexion of our skin, and then we came up with
Curves for two reasons: For one, we take curves on a
motorbike better than a man, and we some curvy girls. We are mothers, we are daughters, we are everything that every other average woman is in the world. – I’m really, really passionate
about female empowerment. Women knowing that they can
do whatever they want to do. Ridin’ bikes used to be a guy thing. We’re still bein’ discriminated
against across the board. Bein’ a Caramel Curve, we
have demanded our respect. I just encourage any woman
that wants to ride a bike, that thinks that she can’t do it, girl, you can do that shit.
(laughs) You know? Go ahead. (motorcycle engine revs) – The coolest thing about bein’
a Caramel Curve biker chick is the response and the love that we get from kids up to women. – When the little kids look up to us, it’s that thing that makes her feel like, you know what, if she can
do it, I can do it, too. That’s what makes you feel like, yeah, you know what, let’s
keep doin’ what we’re doin’. Bein’ a Caramel Curve, I
truly feel like, is my legacy. I’m gonna ride across country, I’ma go live, and I’ma
do it in heels. (laughs) (single resonating note)

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