Ronaldinho makes a surprise visit

Ronaldinho makes a surprise visit

Perfect, it’s always good to meet up with great friends. They’re great players, it’s a huge pleasure. They look good to me, very motivated, it’s going to be a great game, I hope that luck is on their side and that everything goes well. It always gives me a lot of joy, they’re very good friends, and it’s always a pleasure to be with them.

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  1. ro is a good person

  2. Maradona

  3. チンチン大きい

  4. Roonaldio is the beest in histrory

  5. Neymar back to Barça 🙏 🙏 🙏

  6. The man, dinho made me fan of soccer.

  7. Jejeje en chanclas grande Ronaldinho

  8. Imagina esses dois jogando juntos no auge no Barça 🙈🙈

  9. Why Neymar wear Barca uniform? I don’t get it. Does he return to Barca?

  10. Guaranteed whatever advice R10 gave Neymar on that day went in one ear and straight out the other….

  11. The best footballer Ronaldinho…

    3) Messi
    4)All Other


  13. Neymar no is a star is a fake

  14. Man recommended videos sometimes are lit

  15. Мой самый лучший кумиир Роналдиньо

  16. Messi s first goal assisted by Ronaldinho.. legends assist great players to help great player become legend..

  17. Laughing again are you,evil cunts

  18. Ronaldinho! What a great soul..met him in cool as ever..he was drinking his beer, chilling and chatting like a regular dude. Simply a joy to behold.

  19. Ronaldinho fundou o barcemoda

  20. The best Messi ❤️ forever

  21. Lol first of all Ronaldinho was mentor of Messi xd and Zidane is no one compared to Ronaldinho

  22. me encanta como lo mira messi <3

  23. Din din din é o bruxo ronaldin

  24. Tre Amigos, Ronaldinho, Messi, Neymar Jr. Perfetamente….RESPEKT

  25. le veo los dientes cambiados.

  26. Messi run to hug ronaldinho
    True friends

  27. Top 5 player in Barca history
    1.Ronaldinho (legend)

  28. alkoholic and best prostitute client/customer

  29. Messi y Neymar pidiendo foto con Ronaldinho, que grande eres maestro. 😎

  30. If someone comes to the Barcelona training ground in modest clothes, that means he is a legend

  31. R10 legend 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  32. Mesi hace una reverencia antes su papá.

  33. Neymar estragou a foto.

  34. Ronaldinho top top joueur du monde

  35. Ronaldinho you guy's keep playing I'm going for party.

  36. Respeto y admiración de uno hacía el otro ! Jugadores de un mismo nivel, Ronaldinho y Messi los mejores jugadores que he visto !

  37. Что они тут пишут вообще не понимаю.Пусть подумает что я тоже что то умное написал.

  38. Wow! This is still amazing to watch in 2019/20… Ronaldinho should be BARCELONAS COACH

  39. El mejor del mundo por siempre diñho su majestad vos no seguis a los balones los balones te siguen a ti para ser tocados con esa magia magistral su magestad el diñho💪👑⚽⚽

  40. Meu ídolo, bruxo joga muito

  41. Los tres son latinos 3

  42. If it wasn’t for Ronaldinho, Messi would truly have been a different person

  43. o Messi tem grande admiração e respeito pelo Ronaldinho.ele gosta muito dele

  44. ronaldiño era hijo de meesi cuando por primera vez jugo en barsca

  45. Messi ran to hug him because he felt the nostalgia of not having to the whole team on his back lol xD

  46. Встретились два выдающихся футболиста планеты.

  47. Waaaooowww…. both of them my idol….

  48. ميسي : و فين أبا
    رونالدينهو : وفين البعلوك
    ميسي : شرفتي أبا
    رونالدينهو : ياك البرهوش علمناك كورة وليتي كتسب فينا
    ميسي : إو أشدير داكشي فات
    رونالدينهو : تسحر مع لبعالك تصبح فاطر
    نيمار : كيداير أعمي رونالدينهو لاباس عليك
    رونالدينهو : لعب ديالك معجبنيش متحشمش بيا عمك راه كان كيدي و كيجيب فرقا على قدها
    غوليا هاد الكلب ديال ميسي مهالي فيك شي ولا والوا
    نيمار : أشويا أوصافي
    رونالديهوا : شوف أداك لكلب تهلا فدري و دير معاه أشويا من داكشي ليكت درت معاك فاش كنتي صعلوك
    ميسي : كون هاني أبا و مرا مرا بان ماشي تغطس علينا

  49. Miss to see you Sir in the ground.

  50. 🔴🔵🔴🔵❤️🐐👽👑

  51. Estaba jeteando unos euros para escabios y putas

  52. I want to messi give him the pass to score last goal

  53. Crack ronaldinho !

  54. Great players having a chat while the rest are just doing their own stuff

  55. GOD came from heaven to see his children.

  56. Maybe a lot of people say ronaldinho is not the best player. But he definitely bring the happyness and joy of what magical futbol is. There will be no one as unique as ronaldinho ever. When you saw ronaldinho in the pitch we all smile with his futbol.

  57. Giño a neymar gggg

  58. Imagine that attacking trio messi neymar ronaldinho

  59. 1:40 minutes of messi hugging ronaldinho

  60. Well tbh i never knew that messi has a tattoo on his leg

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