Scariest Bunker Shot In Golf | Fairways And Greens Challenge

Scariest Bunker Shot In Golf | Fairways And Greens Challenge

what is up y’all hope y’all having a
great day out here at Nashville golf and athletic club it’s a fun little on
course challenge today is gonna be the fairways and greens challenge here’s how
it goes every time I hit a green I get to take one stroke off my score for the
hole and every time I hit a fairway I get to take one stroke off my score for
the hole that just really helps you focus in on hitting fairways and greens
which will lower your scores fun little game I enjoy playing it and hope you do
too pin Slammers however have to be legit birdies so yeah that’s the only
time I actually get to pin slam it we’re gonna take you to the tee right now
number one par-4 410 yards pretty straight away however there is water
that runs just short of the green we’re gonna be going with four iron off the
tee not the best shot right there ended up
in the rough that was pushed a little bit 190 yards left to a very difficult
green to hit I’ve got seven iron in hand all right not the greatest start there
and decided to start raining so there’s that we’re okay
we’ll get this up and down this is a very difficult hole to start on so
anytime you can get out here with a par you’re okay we’re gonna try to do that
right here we’re just gonna sit here and wait a few minutes under this tree Paul
this rain stops you might ask where is your umbrella
well let me tell you when I was in Scotland there’s some high winds there
was a lot of rain one of the days the high winds got the best of my umbrella
and I currently don’t have one I set out on a rainy day with no umbrella and
we’re still chillin we moved from that tree over there to this tree right here
because I was getting really wet over there so maybe a few more minutes then
we’ll go hit that bunk shot it snow rained a little bit but we’re gonna give
it a go that was a huge save here on one escaped
one with a par we didn’t hit the green didn’t hit the fairway so no strokes
taken off even par through one on the number two par four
420 yards from these tees right here dude hi let it fly with driver that one faded just a little ride might
have just missed the fairway but should be okay all right there is the ball
there is the fairway did not hit the fairway no stroke off here 145 yards
left middle pen I wouldn’t normally hit a pitching wedge from here however with
the conditions the airs heavy it’s a little cool and it’s raining I’m gonna
go with the 9-iron choke up a little bit three-quarter focus on tempo and clean
contact all right that is our first green of the
day decent shape right here about 30 feet left for birdie gets it take one
stroke off for hitting the grain a little more than I thought however not
too bad will tap this in for the floor that is a part here on to even par
through two holes one under net for the fairways and greens challenge got to
take one stroke off for hitting the green there on to on to number three 614
yard par 5 dead straight away not going to be
getting a lot of roll so T it high let it fly you never want to start off a fairways
and greens challenge missing three fairways in a row that’s where we found
ourselves hit that one pretty good but it did leak a little bit to the right
unfortunately I know I didn’t come here to lay up but we’re roughly 320 yards
out from here we’re gonna have to lay it up seventy yards left lob legend hands should be pretty good right there
ball landed right there balling it up right there green hit one stroke off
this is a huge in slamming opportunity right here we will take that all day
long pin slammer 1-under for our score today
and three under net for the fairways and greens challenge up next
par for number four four hundred twenty-five yards
driver in hands ends a little bit to the right I’m gonna be aiming at that car
path you see in the distance and I think that’s our first fairway of
the day right there if that drive well 125 yards left to a middle front pin
I’ve got gap wedge in hand I couldn’t have hit that any better I
think that’s close from my angle right there it looked like it was spinning
back there’s where it landed there’s word ended up still not too bad about 15
feet left for birdie let me in the door back-to-back Slammers
right there that was huge – under total through four holes five
under net hit the fairway hit the green there so take two more strokes off on to
number five par four 375 yards from here dogleg left par four sits back up the
hill over these trees we’re going right at it really happy with that drivers swing
can’t reach it today with the conditions however should be in good shape perfect
shape right here 40 yards left to a back right pen not our best right there however you
don’t want to be long still have a decent birdie chance here Oh oh that was a good roll and tap this in
for the 4 that’s a 4 here on 5 all right to under through 5 on a number 6 par-3
157 yards however it does play downhill about 15 yards full sin with pitching
wedge in case y’all are wondering I am pouring
sweat under all this it’s a lot warmer out here that was earlier and then with
the rain and the humidity has stopped raining thankfully so yeah hit the green
right there to take a stroke off here on six looks to be about four 35 40 feet
left for birdie barely caught a piece back here but it hung on that’s what
we’ve got left for birdie not the greatest putt right there about
two and a half three feet left for par liquid in there we’ll take that we’ll
take the to putt right there with hitting the green take one stroke off
still 2-under for the total score on to number seven 591 yard Par 5 dogleg left
pretty straight off the tee did I let it fly I might have pulled that just a little
bit it’s gonna be close I really like doing this challenge here because adds a
little fun to just keeping track of fairways and greens and it gives you a
little bonus for doing something well so go out give it a try let me know how you
like it and how you score she just hung on in the fairway right there however
we’re not really gonna be able to go for this that tree right there is very tall
that means we’re stinging it oh I hit that so clean it just looked a
little too much it did drop down and it’s okay oh I hit that so good it just
didn’t quite get around the corner my guess is I hit some of those branches
right up in there I don’t know if you can see it yet it dropped down right
down there hit it really solid so it still had a little momentum getting
through the trees not too bad the what why right there oh I thought that was a good role that’s
a five here on seven fairway green still 2-under currently for the score through
seven holes on a number eight par-3 192 yards up the hill probably plays uphill
ten yards I’ve got a full Sen 6-iron it don’t pretty good might be just a
little short it’s playing a lot further today in these conditions but should be
putting I had my doubts when we were on one with it raining no umbrella whether
or not we were gonna get this video film today however it stopped raining
playing some decent golf having fun I am wet but that’s okay we’re gonna try to
finish off this round strong hit a couple more greens or hip one more
favorably on one more green finish off strong and uh we’re gonna get this in
really actually not too bad on the distance landed right over there
and up right there 20 feet up the hill for birdie Oh what yo
that is a to hear on a pin slammer the putter is feeling good today I’ve been
rolling it pretty good lately had one day yesterday or the day before I didn’t
record play with some buddies and didn’t put it very well but besides that putter
is really feeling good 3-under for the round let’s see if we can finish strong
get a birdie here on nine fairway and green par-4 390 yards straight down the
hill full scent for iron I hadn’t thought about it until now but
I’m pretty sure I’ve hit every green since hole 1 and hit the last 1 2 3 4
fairways so yeah we didn’t get off to a great start
but when you’re focusing on just hitting fairways and greens the score just kind
of happens sometimes and then if you could roll in a few lengthy putts which
thankfully we’ve been able to do today the scores can really start dropping so
I love this drill hope y’all do too I said from back there
that we hit this fairway thankfully we did the closer I got to it
there’s the rough cut line closer I got to it I was getting a little worried
because I had already said that I hit it I thought I did we did no worries I’m
gonna go walk down to the green and put the camera behind 1:45 left – a middle
left pen just barely doesn’t get over the bunker
right there we’re gonna need to get this up and down for par have about eight or nine feet here left
for par and to go bogey-free Oh Oh push that just a little bit that
is a bogey on the last ah never like ending a nine with a bogey that’s
alright though we made three birdies finished it two under for the round very
excited for the majority of the play today even with some difficult
conditions at times finished at seven greens hit and four fairways so add
11-under to the two under finished at 13 under for the fairways and greens
challenge hope you all enjoy coming along today have some big news I’m
heading to Hawaii here in a couple days so I’m going to try to get this video
uploaded for you all before I get on the plane so a lot of content coming from
Hawaii stay tuned for that drop a like down below if you enjoyed this video
today stay tuned for the content coming from Hawaii and we’ll see when we see

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