School pupils get a Christmas surprise from Coutinho, Firmino and Ox | THE REACTIONS ARE PRICELESS!

School pupils get a Christmas surprise from Coutinho, Firmino and Ox | THE REACTIONS ARE PRICELESS!

With Christmas just round the corner, me and the lads thought we’d come
to the local school to surprise the kids. They think they’re being interviewed
about their favourite Liverpool players, but we thought we’d come
and surprise them ourselves. THEY SING: ♫ Ole, ole
Ole, ole ♫ Coutinh-o-o-o-o. ♫ Hello! Nice to meet you. Oxlade-Chamberlain? LAUGHTER Yeah! Hi, my name’s Megan.
I’m 11 years old and I support Liverpool. They play good football and they’re
the best team in the world. I’d rather meet Phil Coutinho
than Father Christmas. Cos he’s… I just love him so much. Oh, my… Hello! Nice to meet you. – Oh, my God.
– Give me a hug. Nice to meet you, huh? – Are you happy?
– Yeah. Hi, my name’s Jake,
I’m nine and I support Liverpool. All right, my name’s Ned, I’m nine. Liverpool are the best team in the world
because…we just love them to bits. My favourite players are
Salah, Coutinho, Firmino and Mane. If you ever met Liverpool players,
what’s the one thing you’d want to ask them? What’d you do if Suarez came back
and megged you? Nice question. – How are you? You OK?
– Yeah. ALEX: How are you, boys? Nice to meet you, you good? What would we do if Suarez came back
and megged us? It’s OK, I’m used to it, he megs me all the time. No, he’s the best one. I heard Salah, Mane, Firmino… PHIL: Ox. ..Coutinho, I didn’t hear Oxlade-Chamberlain. No, we still need to see you play. Yeah, correct. So you can come with me
to the manager as well. You need to get in the first team more. Yeah, I know! I used to do this with Arsenal,
they used to love me. The kids, they used to love me in London. I’m Jack. I’m Matthew. I’m Sam. ALL: We all love Liverpool.
Cos they’re the best. Who are your favourite players? – Mane.
– Coutinho. I don’t have one. ALL: ♫ Ole, ole, ole, ole
Coutinh-o-o-o. ♫ PLAYERS: ♫ Ole, ole, ole, ole
Coutinh-o-o-o. ♫ ROBERTO: Hi, guys.
ALEX: You just singing his song? Yeah. Go on then, lads, show me your celebrations. Oh, he’s bringing out the dance! I like that, Sam, nice. Do you have a celebration? – Yeah.
– Now you gotta show us. OK. Yes! Nice. He does the best celebrations though. His dances and… You have to do when you score, OK? Like this… HE HUMS TUNE ALEX LAUGHS Yeah! ALEX HUMS SAME TUNE I’m Thomas, I support Liverpool. Why do you love Liverpool? Because Coutinho’s in the team. Is there anything you think
Philippe Coutinho could do better? His pace. Who’s the quickest though – me or Salah? You OK? How are you, mate?
What about him? Everyone loves Phil – why? – He’s got good talent.
– He’s the best, huh? Improve your pace. Like him, no? Very quick. Strong guy. Have you ever met
any of your favourite players? IN PORTUGUESE: Would you like to meet some…? Yeah. ROBERTO: High five. My name’s Harry, I’m ten years of age,
I love Mane, Coutinho, Firmino and also Oxlade-Chamberlain. Would you rather meet some of your favourite
Liverpool players or Father Christmas? Some Liverpool players. – Hi, Coutinho!
– Hi, you OK? ALEX: How are you? You good?
Nice to meet you. PHIL: You OK?
Yeah, I’m fine, are you? Yeah, I’m good. You want to interview us, huh? Which song you can sing? Bobby Firmino? ♫ Bobby Firmino! ♫ Bobby Firmino! ♫ – I’m Ruari.
– And I’m Ben. – Everton.
– Liverpool, and he’s Evertonian. Even though you’re an Everton fan
you think Coutinho’s good? Firmino? Oxlade-Chamberlain? Ben, how could you say that? Oh! You don’t like me? Who is the Everton fan here? Why Everton? They’re a good team
and they’re better than Liverpool. No, you should follow Liverpool. You know, the red kit is very beautiful,
you don’t like? No? He says, “You need to be playing more,
cos at the moment you’re always sub.” My name is Amber and I’m eight years old,
and I like Coutinho the best. – Why do you like Coutinho?
– Cos he’s handsome. Yes, do you think? PLAYERS LAUGH – Are you OK?
– Yeah. Nice to meet you. – You’re Coutinho, Firmino…
– And Ox. I don’t know who you are. Yeah, not a problem, not many do, that’s fine. So you like the look of him, huh? – He’s better-looking than me?
– Yeah. – Oh, thank you!
– That’s impossible! But I’ve got freckles like you,
we’ve got the same freckles. – You don’t care?
– No. You still like him more? He’s good at celebrations. Yeah, he does all these dances. – Can you show me one, please?
– Yes, come on. Like this. Yeah. ALEX: You have to use that one
next time you score, Amber. – Hi, I’m Elliot.
– Hi, I’m Lois. The Brazilian lads are good because, like, they all work together
cos they know each other from Brazil as well. If I met a Liverpool player I would say… erm, like… “What is it like being, like… “known by loads of people,
and what’s it like playing…” It’s actually all right, to be fair, it’s not bad. We’ve got a couple more over here as well. How are you, Lois? You OK?
Nice to meet you. I heard someone saying Mane is their
favourite player – what about us? Yous are my favourite as well. Oh, we’re your favourites now! Good answer. I’m Bobbie, I’m seven and I like roast dinners. Why do you like roast dinners? Because my family always cooks them,
and I like my family, and they’re really nice to me. What’s the best thing on a roast dinner? Definitely potatoes. Which players do you like then?
Tell me some of your favourites. Erm… Salah, Firmino and Coutinho. Me? Huh? How are you? ALEX: Hi, Bobbie, you OK?
We’ve got another Bobby here for you. Nice to meet you, Bobbie. What did you say you love? Potatoes. Potatoes? What do you like more –
Coutinho or roast dinners? Coutinho. ALL: Yeah. High five. Coutinho is very nice, he is a super surprise! I told Coutinho he needs to be
a little bit faster and he agreed. He was amazing, he was dead nice. I really like Ox now, cos he’s dead nice. And I think Klopp should pick him now. ALL: Merry Christmas, everyone.

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