Shaqiri’s first day at LFC | Exclusive behind-the-scenes access

Shaqiri’s first day at LFC | Exclusive behind-the-scenes access

When did you fly in? – Last night?
– Yeah. Where from? From Zurich. How long do you have off? I need to speak to the gaffer. He wants you tomorrow? I think so, yeah! Hi, I’m Andy, I’m the doctor. Nice to meet you. The way today’s going to work is,
we’ll spend about 45 minutes just getting a little bit of history.
We’ll then get the heart doctor to come in, do a cardiac screen on you, which I’m sure
you probably had before the World Cup. Yeah. Then send you into the MRI scanner, which I’m afraid is gonna take
about an hour and a half, so we’ll scan both ankles,
both knees, both hips, lower back. – Morning.
– Good morning. I’m just gonna take
some blood if that’s OK. – John, club photographer.
– Nice to meet you, hey. Nice to meet you, congratulations. – Thank you.
– Little bit early, but… later on there’ll be more congratulations. Yeah, thank you. Do you want 23? I don’t know, what is free? – That’s your number…
– Yeah, normally, yeah. Right, OK, so what we’re gonna
do now is an examination then an ECG, then a heart scan,
and that should all be OK. – Happy with that?
– Perfect, yeah. Let’s go through. OK, so you’re just gonna take your top off,
come and sit yourself on the couch here. Do you ever get nervous during a medical? No. Never. Do you have any other Liverpool connection? Any friends or family… Swiss players, no?
A few played here. Stephane Henchoz? Yeah, Degen too, no? Any family, friends big Liverpool fans? Yeah, a lot of friends, they are Liverpool. Of course Liverpool have big fans,
all over the world. More than in England, all over the world. It’s a neuro-psychometric test,
measures your reaction speed, your memory,
your quickness of eye movement. All finished. Oh, perfect. We’re going to go to Melwood,
to the training ground, to sign the contract. And obviously to see the gaffer, I think. I wanted to come four years ago too,
so I’m really happy that I’m here and I can’t wait to start with this big club. The coach was also very important for me. I know the coach from Germany too.
Since he came here he changed the football and I think the club is like a family, and that was also very important for me. How are you? You good? Congratulations. How are you? Yeah, good, man, you? Welcome, man. Thank you. This is Chris. All right, mate, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Ricky, nice to meet you, you OK? Xherdan, welcome to Liverpool Football Club. How happy are you
to have this deal done now? First of all, thank you, I’m very happy
to be here and it’s a huge club, with big history, big players
and a fantastic coach, so I’m really glad and happy to be here. As a player you always want
to be on the biggest stage in football, and I think Liverpool… You know, a few years ago I wanted
to come too, so it didn’t happen, so I’m really happy that now,
finally I’m here. Yeah, I want to improve myself too, I want to be with the best and I want
to win titles, and that’s why I’m here. OK. Come on. LAUGHTER You’ve scored your first goal
in front of the Kop! Have you done this before? GINI: Wait, wait, I’ll come and sit next to him. LAUGHTER Big smiles. That’s good. OK. THEY SPEAK FRENCH What’s happening, you OK, mate? How are you? Very good, mate, very good. OK, big smiles. Good. That’s good. Shake hands, will you, guys? Hi, guys, we just signed
the new deal here at Liverpool, I’m very happy to be here and
I can’t wait to start the season at Anfield. And, eh, you’ll never walk alone.

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  2. KOSOVO = SRBJIA, What does that mean? X. Shaqiri originally came from Serbia, and his is now a disgrace to the beloved nation he was born in.

    Albania are brave midgets, while Serbia might be small, but they are also strong 💪🇷🇸💪

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  18. The nicest guy in football, one of my favourite players

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  30. He says “I wanted to come 4 yers ago but it didn’t happen “ btw I know we r not the most glamorous club but I’m assuming he’s already forgotten all the money stoke gave for lumbering around on a football pitch and then sitting in the treatment room for days on end just proves he never wanted to sign for and he just saw it as a pathway to a more glamorous team! Sounds like someone else I know

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