Shubman Gill Batting -Shubman Gill Smashed Double century in Domestic Match from Punjab

Shubman Gill Batting -Shubman Gill Smashed Double century in Domestic Match from Punjab

the Sherman Gill is a class act
just 19 years of age very early in his first-class career he’s got off to a
flying start because he’s such a gorgeous player through the outside no
walks and walks in and punches it towards midweek he is an exciting Talent
Oh outside edge it just flies to the third man region there’s no third man
he’ll collect a boundary get your rhythm going nicely played in the gap tile
before smashed away on the offside Michigan patio this and Osric hilt away
gap Michaela or happy Chara normal again VJ korekara prahara or Yampa Chara nor and if you go keep ball in this land in
length and quality clear ly Sherman Gill is not gonna hold back that’s a fabulous
strike and it’s gone the distance as well with so many fielders on the
offside it’s got a ball and line where shipment ghetto if he keeps batting like
this it’ll not only stop with a half-century it go on to convert this
half century which is a splendid one into a hundred stand and deliver is
exceptionally good on the offside you keep bowling there he keep scoring runs
or top shot top top shot another boundary to his name Oh a corker era
short toka Meleager no fielder in the deep on the on side that’s gonna be a
4/4 Shubin kill not a great line there from Kishore all steps out and drives
magnificent shot but a short or tele a his Chuck kick
Assad Shubh Mangal a Sauron por aqui it’s been a privilege to watch them all
something special just had the feeling that he was gonna dance on the track and
smash it over the bowlers head and that’s exactly what he did Gloria short
again and he’s pulled out the sweet shot as well for most part of the innings and
Jimmy was speaking about no deep square leg he’s got all the shots in the book
or in the air he plays it so beautifully is dispatched it over midweek and what a
magnificent shot beautiful shot three words for you shipment don’t
bother running Briggs app is 150 Auto skippers Charen or big shot make sure
the connection is good you could hear it magnificent shortly once again just 46 or there you go is because the words
third man another boundary to his kitty beautifully played Chanin Orissa Quezada that shipment
Galica magnificent the first double hundred hoping that he’ll get him
anymore Jeremy leg a nice little lady we’re
talking about the doubles insurance this year a nicely played in the gap the
timing is superb and gets the fence nicely played again very shortly Dottie
or gap Mikayla Chara nor or s get started – puri odisha bangle key veteran
party that before let’s go on excellently ball Shipman
girls outstanding innings comes to an end congratulated

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