Soccer Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Soccer Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the double crossbar. [YELLING] ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect here in the UK filming with the reigning champions Chelsea, FC. let’s have some fun! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Gary Cahill, and this is the gong shot. You boys look good. Name on the game today is how many nutmegs can you get? I will continue to walk like this for the rest of the day. This is dedicated to my friend Steve Nash, for you This is the smoke show gonger Like a soccer player write that up. Futbol players, excuse me. I like the futboler there We’ve got our handy tire up here with the target in it. Me and Ty are gonna swing it back and forth and uh, Alvaro over there is gonna smash it Time to knock over some bowling pins For those of you don’t know, me and Garen coach play in a soccer league. Three wins, three seasons! We could’ve really used Marcos’s help there, but we’re on the up and up. Let’s go film some megs. (Laughs) Welcome to a little segment called soccer skee-ball We’ve got Alvaro and Marcos going head-to-head Top row worth five points, middle row is worth three points, bottom row is worth one point. Each guy gets three shots. Here we go! Here’s the deal: If I stop it you got to come play a game for our Dallas soccer team okay?
CAHILL: Okay By at the Four Seasons only gonna have four wins, but hey we have fun doing it This is the 3-point header This is the Gong Shot. Here we go! This is the Bounce Back Banker I’m not in a good spot right now. That’s like the tiny I agree dude You look at it, and it doesn’t seem that bad, but man it feels like there’s a nail in my ankle Have you ever played through one of those? Good job Why don’t you go take a seat in the goal. This is Cody trust shot. You’ll see what I see This is the Goalie Goal. Not often goalies get to score goals, but that felt good Oh Very nice What’s up guys, thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos Special thanks to our friends at Yokohama Tire for making this whole video Possible click here to follow him on Facebook Doing some awesome signed jerseys by us and the players you want to see the last video click down here Signing off for now pound it noggin

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  1. I think FC Barcelona should be next

  2. Мората не мог забить в пустые с метра
    А тут в цель попал

  3. Whose watching this in 2019 please hang the like button……

  4. Please use williams

  5. Soccer is my life

  6. 2019? Present Dudes

  7. Who else wants them to collab with Man u but more specifically Daniel James

  8. Surprised morata didn't miss every shot..

  9. CORINTHIANS 2012 🤪

  10. i wonder how many trys it took for moratas trickshot

  11. why couldn't there be bloopers lol

  12. Suprised Morata hit the target

  13. Bu bir iğne yarasına benziyor ölebilirim

  14. When I heard reigning champions Chelsea Fc I was like
    Is that a joke

  15. This is why Chelsea got 5th

  16. 1:50 was the first time he actually hit the cross bar

  17. That’s such a basic kit

  18. انا شاب مصري وحلم حياتي اسافر الي انجلترا لكي اعمل واكسب مال الي عائلاتي لاننا فقراأ ارجوكم ساعدوني

  19. See salad mane and firmino

  20. wer spricht bitte deutsch

  21. Please Tell Me They Are Americans Iknow Americans Have No Interset In football (Soccer)

  22. I am người việt, team ng việt điểm danh nàoooooooooooooooo

  23. احبك بلعباس😂

  24. Chelsea BEST OF the BEST

  25. Gong is a music instrument from indonesia.
    Thankz DP

  26. Cahill hits the target here more than he hits the target in his career.

  27. Do a vid w liverpool

  28. สวัสดีครับ

  29. Courtous could be nutmegged easily

  30. we are going up say we are going up

  31. I'd love to see some trick shots with FcBayern!

  32. Sterling+aguero+de bryune

  33. It’s football NOT fuutball!!! 🤨

  34. Next up hand egg trick shots

  35. this is football not soccer

  36. They call it nutmeg

  37. Ronaldo . Film with ronaldo

  38. Make cricket shots video

  39. film with christiano ronaldo

  40. My favorite was the 3 point header

  41. They should stick to other the other sports they do

  42. Nobody calls it Chelsea FC it’s just Chelsea

  43. come to ATL and film with Atlanta United after we win the MLS cup

  44. Like als je Nederlands bent

  45. With Manchester United

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  47. Where’s Willian 🤙🏻☹️

  48. Coby is like the only person in the world who's not a pro soccer player that can say, "Yeah! I megged Thibaut Coutois!"

  49. If this was more real, morata would miss.

  50. Dude perfect please can you do soccer battle team please

  51. Juventus with ronaldo

  52. Come to Manchester united

  53. Courtois is better in chelsea then in real madrid

  54. Please train for Cardiff Please

    Please like

  55. Why are you yellin' all the fckn time?

  56. Can u do one with Man U cos Cody is a united fan plz

  57. 4:39
    When your left back shoots better than your striker you know you have a problem

  58. Why does Marcus alonso sound Australian

  59. I have never seen Garret hit a ball so well 🤣

  60. Sao tự nhiên có từ tiếng Việt vậy ae
    Fan From Viet Nam

  61. First shot on target from Morata

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  64. Did anyone realize that the ball that Ty hit at the beginning came back and hit him (double crossbar)

  65. Are these better than f2 at trick shots? 🤔

  66. You guys are unreal. Out of this world seriously. Perfect in everything

  67. They have two gong shots

  68. Cory you didn’t meg ty

  69. Alvaro is probably thinking inside: How did I lose to a defender?? (4:36)

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