Sports Ledger: CORE IV

Sports Ledger: CORE IV

Sports Ledger CORE IV Creating a reward system involving fans and clubs The SPSL token will facilitate the frictionless integration of fans and clubs worldwide and enable direct communication and interaction. Whether it’s decisions a club should make, its starting 11, a man of the match a desired substitution the Sports Ledger community will have its say in real time For fan loyalty and club digital community engagement further rewards with discounts on match day tickets live events or club merchandise will be seamlessly provided. Global corporations can communicate directly with Sports Ledger users, specifically based on their digital identity created within the platform. A user will be rewarded with SPSL tokens for viewing the tailor made advert presented to them. The revolution of sporting interaction is here. Sports Ledger From passion to profession.

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  1. it s a great project

  2. o melhor app de esportes!!

  3. Good good very good

  4. Very interesting and promising project with excellent ideas. The team works well. Good luck everyone!

  5. great team great cool videos nice project good lucks

  6. Perfect 🏆🏆🏆

  7. Best of luck to the entire team

  8. Good Sports Ledger!

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