SQUASH – Facility Tour

Hey, I’m Patrick McElroy. This is Julia Thompson. We’re squash players at
the University of Virginia, and today we’re going
to be showing you inside our new home at McArthur
Squash Center at the Boar’s Head Sports Club. So let’s go inside
and take a look. So after you walk through
the Boar’s Head courts, you get to our court. And here we have our
main video cameras on our main competition course. And up here we have
our women’s ladder. The number 1 on Virginia
will play the number 1 on another team. The 2 plays the 2 and so on. Well, now I guess
you guys all get to see what you’ve
all been waiting for. It’s where the magic
happens, the home of Virginia squash right through here. So you can see we’ve got
five courts, one show court that we all compete on. This where we practice
and train every day. That seating and kind of the
viewing areas are superior. We have mezzanine levels
for all 14 courts. As you can see, there’s benches,
large swaths of open space, and if I take you over
here down this way, you can see that on
our glass show courts, we’ve got extensive
seating behind them so they’re for– the big
matches for the top players, you can pack the
courts behind and get a lot of spectators in the
stands up and around this area. Well, now that we’ve shown you
the spectator side of things, I’d like to show you the special
all access tour of the UVA squash facility here. This is players only. As you can see,
we have a keypad. So here’s our gym. This is where we
work out, train. As you can see, we have TRX
machines and free weights, all sorts of different
advanced [INAUDIBLE] metric. Explosiveness designed
the materials. We have all sorts of
bikes and treadmills. They– all sorts of
areas we can workout. We have our weights
with the UVA sabers on them, totally state
of the art, brand new, and fully equipped for
any kind of workout you might want to do. As you can see here, we’ve
got our lounge area, which we use for recovery,
team meetings, studying, just a general
purpose area for us to hang out and spend some time
after practice or during exams. Over here we have our nutrition
area, sports medicine. Nutrition provides
us with all that so that we don’t have
to wait for snacks after a long practice or have
to go buy food ourselves. We have the refrigerator,
which is always stocked with protein
shakes, yogurts, applesauce, all kinds of just
general healthy snacks. We have it all right
here and just makes you feel like you don’t
really need to leave this facility for anything. Well, last but not
least, the essential for every athlete,
a the locker room. It’s always the last stop
after a hard practice or a tough workout. As you can see here, we’ve
got our lockers with our names on them, the sabers. It’s all very, very new, nice. Big spacious locker so you can
keep a lot of stuff in there. Everything is right here
at your convenience. Thanks so much for coming out
see the McArthur Squash Center. We can’t wait to see
you guys this season. Go Hoos. Go Hoos.

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