Stalemate after first leg at Anfield | Liverpool 0-0 FC Bayern | Champions League

Stalemate after first leg at Anfield | Liverpool 0-0 FC Bayern | Champions League

That’s Salah trying to run through, you could
see Kimmich was there, and Salah got there. Super ball for Serge Gnabry – Gnabry’s cross! Alisson somehow saved it. Keita, here’s Mane. Can be a big threat here! Couldn’t quite wrap his foot
round the ball enough to hit the target. We talked about Neuer taking a risk,
it’s Alisson who’s taken a big chance, and this is Kingsley Coman! It’s the wrong side of the post. Still not away, Alexander-Arnold helps
it back in, Salah arriving! Wasn’t far away at all. Forward looking for Mane, picked up
by Firmino, lovely ride of one challenge, here’s the man arriving! They’re appealing for handball,
it comes to Sadio Mane… And goes wide, and that’s a big chance
not taken for Liverpool. Henderson nicks in to win it back. Salah for Firmino, that’s glorious,
Roberto Firmino! And it was Joel Matip who had
the chance and couldn’t take it. Javi Martinez has won it back. And the shot. Wasn’t far away from Gnabry. Robertson again, tees it up,
and there’s the header! Good stop by Neuer. It’s still all to play for. Salah, Mane, Firmino and co
draw a blank tonight, they gave it everything
and they’re still in this tie.

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  1. One hell of a game even if it was 0-0

  2. do me a follow-up.

  3. Sub if Liverpool are gonna win the league

  4. Actually……..liverpool has more chance to score a goal than bayern munchen do.

    Edit:omg….thanks for the likes😁😁😁


  6. Early goal puts Munich on the back foot

  7. Salah is the king of all players

  8. Liverpool have a chance at winning the second leg

  9. I love you Salah 😍❤👍…


  11. We have our chances only thing we LFC was to do is to score a goal just love my team LFC 👍👋😍

  12. origi is more likely to score with his dreadlock than his feet SMH.. But we will beat bayern next round YNWA

  13. Really should have converted one of those half chances. Still have a fair chance of progressing to the next round but to me, this was a missed opportunity. Hoping for the best at Allianz Arena.

  14. MATIP you are the worst player i ever seen


  16. 🔥🔥🔥Liverpool and mo salah❤❤❤

  17. Man’e did amazing sorry if I spelled it wrong

  18. Didn't think Bayern were up to much we should put them to the sword but then again Muller is back but I don't rate him too high

  19. probably one of the most exciting games of the UCL despite the scoreline

  20. The best football the world has ever seen even Messi can never be compared to Mo Salah the Egyptian King

  21. I used to think Liverpool were good l was so wrong

  22. Big 2nd leg coming up

  23. Sadio mane is so selfish

  24. Good luck 2leg Liverpool

  25. ماني ،،،،،، الأناني


  27. لفربوللل 😻💥

  28. We gonna beat Bayern in the second match!

  29. 1:02 why mo get angry

  30. I french but I love Liverpool

  31. everyone writing us off because Bayern have a good home record as if we don't lolll

  32. When comes Inside Anfield?

  33. Liverpool’s defence was good, but liverpool’s attacker was 👎
    I hope Liverpool Can win the Next round 2/2 match 🙁

  34. how could u miss dat sadio…


  36. Just established something, Mane isn't selfish and it isn't that he doesn't know how to score,. its that he hasn't learnt fully to take his time and relax when he is near the opponent's goal, that explains why he always falls over when he scores. If you look at the goal he scored in Jan/Feb he always took a sec before trying to score to control the ball or look around him. That's what he should do, relax just a tiny little bit before he decides to shoot, look around to see if someone is in a better position

  37. Mane ???

  38. 0:57 just proves that Salah is better than any so called " playmaker " in the current Liverpool squad at playmaking

  39. Who remembers gnabry at hoffenhiem when we played them in the qualifiers

  40. Second leg here we come YWNA!!!

  41. Mané is too selfish

  42. Jurgen Klopp on inspirational Scottish duo Kenny Dalglish & Alex Ferguson JURGEN KLOPP OUT STEVEN GERRARD IN.

  43. salah vs ramos

  44. hard luck liverpool ,,,,,, you still the best

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