Sunbury United Sports Club – Christmas & NYE 2018

Hi guys, a very Merry Christmas from Sunbury Local Businesses. I’m Tanya and I’m joined today with Sarah from Sunbury United Sporting Club. How are you? Good thanks Tanya, how are you? Good thank you. So tell me what you guys have got coming up in the way of Christmas and New Years. Yep, so on the 22nd of December which is Saturday night we’ve got Sherrie from the band Recall. She runs karaoke here and it’s a Christmas themed karaoke. Where everybody’s encouraged to dress up and join in the festivities. And then they’ll be back again as a full band, Recall. Which is on New Years Eve for our 80’s party so everyone’s encouraged to dress up again. Yeah, I’ve seen Recall and they do the 80’s themed all the time. Don’t they? Yeah. I’ve seen them at other venues. They’re amazing. They are they’re so much fun. Everyone gets really dressed up. Everybody always has a lot of fun. And how can people find out more information or book? Yeah you can go to our website or just call call in and we’ll take your bookings. If you do want to have dinner we do suggest booking because it gets filled up pretty fast. All right. Thanks so much, Sarah. You have a good Christmas here and New Years. I hope it doesn’t get too busy. [laughs] Merry Christmas. Thanks.

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