Sunbury United Sports Club – Winter Menu & Tequila Bros 15th June 2019

Sunbury United Sports Club –  Winter Menu & Tequila Bros 15th June 2019

Hi it’s Rochelle from Sunbury Local Businesses and today I’m with Sara from Sunbury United Sporting Club, how are you Sara? Good thanks Rochelle how are you? Very well thank you. That’s good. So tell me it’s winter, it’s cold and we’re always looking for something warm to eat. What have you guys got on the menu for us? So on the first of June because it was the first day of winter we launched our new menu, our winter menu and we have some nice comfort food for everyone to eat. We’ve got the soups back on the menu , we’ve got a pie of the day and we’ve got our slow-cooked beef cheeks which are served in a red wine jus over mashed potato and greens. So will that be for the whole of the winter season? Yeah. And so I believe we’ve got something happening in a couple of weeks time, on the 15th of June? Yeah we’ve got a Mexican-themed night. We’re having the band the Tequila Brothers which are Melbourne-based cover band and they’ve been playing for years so hopefully we’ll pull a big crowd and everyone will get in the spirit and our chefs are gonna be doing some Mexican dishes for everyone and we might even have some cocktails, thinking margaritas and tequila sunrises! Awesome And so there’s an entry fee I believe? Yeah it’s $10 entry just to watch the show but if anybody wants to eat in the Bistro, then it’s free entry to the show. Okay so if you are just wanting what to watch the show, it’s $10. If you’re wanting to watch the show but also buy some food then then there’s no entry free. That’s right. Okay awesome all right. And so do they need to book in advance? If they would like to book yeah you can give us a call and book in for dinner otherwise you can just turn up on the night and it’s just $10. And then they just pay the entry fee. Awesome. All right well thank you so much for having me on today. Thanks Rochelle. You’re welcome

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