Swedish House Club – ENG SUB – Bäst och sämst med Oxford University! (Del 2 av 2)

We are suppose to say something like
“Hey” What should we say?
Let’s say today, the adventure continues Yeah, that’s good. You can say that. Hey!
Today, the adventure continues Ok, let’s do this Hey, this week we are going to talk about
the top of our two top five list Adventure Of our adventures here – our best things
with Oxford Our best things And the worst things with Oxford
the worst things It’s going to be intense
And it’s starting now! Bad things number three
English Ahh! It’s that cute girl.
I have to think of something smart to say. Something that makes her understand
how complex and special I am as an individual. Something that makes her understand
that I think in several levels. Bad things number two
The stress Like a lightning out of the clear blue sky,
suddenly a Friday evening Like a wind from beyond the horizone
sweeping in over the fields of the West. Stress.
The constant warfare, which is to struggle to finish to essays in a week. We feel very sorry for ourselves. That’s
half the reason of studiyng here. “The gods envy us”
Those are the words of an old greek och latin philosopher. I think that is true. But not here. Definately not here. There is
way too much to do here. Have I mentioned that we work a lot.
Writing, reading. All the time. But, we do it together. We have friends;
comrades. But not communism. But comrades in a
good way. And I think its worth it. But then you realise that, no, it’s all
about survival. You never have a spare hour, and what I
think, when I see my dear friends fighting is that at least I am not alone. And that’s
when you realise there is a team spirit to your intellectual isolation, in your little
room in a tower somewhere far away. You are not alone. You are no island,
regardless of what John Donne says. Or that is what he thinks by the way,
that’s right. No you are not alone. Everyone has to go through this. And that’s when you understand the point
of it all. I think. Bad things number one
Cultural differences I had great expectations.
Oxford, what a thing! What spectacular people I would meet.
And how many friends I would make. Everything would be perfect, only if it
had not been for bad things number one. Everybody thinks I am homosexual. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem at
all with homosexuality. It is just a bit impractical that people assume I am gay
when I am not. Everything was great at first. There were
so many well-dressed men talking to me in various clubs. It was only later that I realised I dressed
in a way that said something I did not quite mean. Maybe there is a different gay-culture in
England compared to Sweden due to the different lad-culture. In Sweden guys who hang out are as
much lads as the guys here, and maybe people see me as slightly opposite to
that. Anyway it is impractical. Good things number two
Good things number one! Now, over to good things number two,
which is that good things number one is so spectacular and incredibly good that number two is that soon, it is time
for number one! We don’t have a number two. We only
have a thing number one. Well… Good things number one
Christ Church Finally, the best thing on Erik’s and my
list. Christ Church! Erik’s and my college, which is one of 38
colleges of Oxford University. There is so much history between these
walls. It has hosted students like Albert
Einstein, Lewis Carroll and John Locke. The architecture is amasing. I can show you! This is Peckwater. The second and third
years are living here, and Erik and I will live here later on. This is the Christ Church library. Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland
in a room up there. It is not quite as nice downstairs, but
that’s where we usually study. This is another spectacular place where
we get the chance to be. This is where we have lunch and dinner,
and you might recognise it from the Harry Potter movies. Thank you for watching this video. I hope
you have enjoyed it. If you want to see a presentation of us,
click here. And if you want to see last weeks
episode, click here. Thank you, see you next week. But Erik, you still haven’t changed

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