Swedish House Club – När Love jobbade med SVT (ENG SUB)

Yes, Hey
Hope you are fine! This week I won’t be able to do a normal
episode because I have my exams very soon So instead, I will show you one of the
episodes of “Byggarna” which I was a host for when I was young, when I was
thirteen, together with my little sister. The show ran every week on TV, 2005.
And in this episode, we will help my little brother with a kart. Here it is! Hello, new day.
New adventures Like always
Lovely Today our mission is from Noa
Hi, I’m Noa, and I am eight years old, and I am really in love with a girl. She only
likes guys with MCs and I don’t have a driving license or anything like that.
The only thing I have is this old kart. Please help me! That was not a lot.
No but have the ultimate solution. We are going to make an extreme kart makeover.
That’s right! To the blue prints! Yes. You will need space for two people to
one seat here, one seat here and a nice front here.
Let’s go! You are doing it wrong!
It’s so hard to steer when you only have ropes to steer with. Good thing will fix this kart! Now we are going to fix this kart for Noa.
Yes, and we are going to start with painting it. But let’s start in one end it
each and race to the middle. Ok! Done! I won.
But that’s not really fair. That’s not painting.
What? That’s just putting on some paint.
What, I won. No.
Yes. Well, in that case, you could finsih it on
your own, Freja So whiny… Hey, there you are. It was actually better
when I did it properly. Ok, good! I have fixed the rest of the
things we needed. Ok, is it heavy, should I take anything.
It would be great if you could take the chair. Well done! This is what will be the two seats. One
for Noa, and one for the girl. It is important that she is comfortable. I know
what girls want. You?! I am a girl. I know what girls want.
Have you ever had a girlfriend? No have you?
Well… plenty… Yeah right.
Ok, but if you finish this, I’ll do something in the meantime. Girls want details. I know that. So I have
prepared a bit. This is the front of the kart. And from dishwashing cups I have
made soda-holders. And I will do really long straws so Noa
can drink at the same time that he is driving. Now the seat is finished. But it is not just
a seat, you can also store things here. This looks great!
Yes, I think the girl will be impressed. I would have been.
The only thing left to do is to fasten these parts onto the kart, before Noa comes
home. Noa, behind these curtians are not jsut
one suprise. But two! What? Two?
The first, is really quick. The other is very very pretty.
You do realise that your time as single definately is over. Yes! Finally
You will need this. Good luck.
Thanks. We have made an extreme kart makeover! Cool!
Hey-hey! Hey, let’s go!
You look great. Thanks! You too. Love! Freja! Come! What? No, never! Come!
No, I don’t want to. Come!
Ok, just a bit! Come on! Come on! Are you lazy? Stop-stop-stop! We have to have a soda
break! Ok! Let’s continue! So! If you haven’t turn off yet, you have
seen a bit of my modest career as a TV-host on National TV. In fact, if you would have stopped
watching you wouldn’t have seen this. Which means you are still here, and then
I hope you enjoyed it! If you want to see last weeks episode
press here. If you want to see the list Erik and I did
on the good and bad things about Oxford it can be viewed here. Otherwise, I thank you for this time. See
you next week. Probably on Sunday, because then I will be back in Sweden.
Have a good time till then!

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