Tami Has A Revelation About Her Confrontation w/ Evelyn | Basketball Wives

Tami Has A Revelation About Her Confrontation w/ Evelyn | Basketball Wives

– When you said
this domestic violence [bleep], that kind of
like crossed a line. – We had a conversation
many years ago where that woman said
it was an accident. So don’t sit up and pretend
that you’re the victim. You know it was
a fraudulent situation. – Wow.
– They were arguing over condoms,
he accidently did that ’cause they were tussling
with each other, the neighbors saw her,
and they called the cops. And had they not done that,
she would still be with Chad. – Oh, my God.
– Okay. – I’m really shocked right now. It’s a very bold statement. How do you accidently
attack somebody? And I’m not by any way shape
or form discrediting what Evelyn might
have gone through. But it just seems
to me that Tami– she wouldn’t lie
about something like this. The only people that know
what truly happened is Evelyn and her ex. And I don’t want
to be in the middle of something so sensitive. You’re telling me [bleep]
I wasn’t even privy to. I didn’t know that
this was an accident, but it hurt her.
– I was hurt too. And they’ve been talking
about me. From day one, they have been [bleep]
talkin’ about me. When I was the big bitch,
they was talkin’ about me. Ever since I’ve known
them girls they have been talking
about me. And I just always tryin’
to be their [bleep] friend.[emotional music]– No, Tami.
– And I always try to be down and be quiet
and stick around and hang in there,
support Shaunie, support them bitches, make up, do whatever’s necessary,
and I’m tired. I’m [bleep] tired.
– I know. You’re telling me something,
and it hurts my heart because from what I know
of the situation– I wasn’t in Miami. You’ve always been
nothing but Tami. You’ve been an amazing,
beautiful person. If it ain’t enough
for certain people, it’s okay. Tami is really hurt. Now, it doesn’t help
what she said to Evelyn, but at the end of the day, I
have never seen her this upset. – Well, don’t speak to me. I’m not talking
about this another second. – No. I ain’t gonna say a word. As far as I’m concerned,
it stays with me and you. I just wanted to know
what was that whole thing because that ponderosa
was off the [bleep] chain, and now I hear it
from my friend, okay? You got a friend
for life in me.[suspenseful music]– Maybe I was wrong
for saying it. – For saying the whole part
about the domestic violence? – Yeah. Maybe I was wrong for throwing
that in her face.♪ ♪– That’s right.
That takes a big ass [bleep] woman to say that. “Maybe I shouldn’t
have said that.” – Throwing her truth
in her face.♪ ♪[bleep] that ponderosa.♪ ♪

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  1. Jackies neck Lord child -😨she looking ruff and old it's always the ugliest women that last the longest with men cause they put up with more and know no one else wants them and they gotta hold on tite 😂😂

  2. AND this is Tami's motive for throwing her used to be friend Jen under the bus. Jen and Ev made up and she was pissed. Tami was Jen's confidant when Jen and Ev was at war. She felt betrayed.

  3. Love Tami! She's the realest person ever!!

  4. Hate to say it, but seems like Tami showed more emotion about her fake friends than her dying mother. I remember watching the scene where the doctor told her that her mom was okay for the moment and Tami stated that she couldn't take the emotional rollercoaster(instead of being happy to have extra time with her mom). Now she sees where chasing fake friends got her. I'm sorry but I don't feel sorry for her. Nope!

  5. Question how many times has an abused woman say she was hit OR injured BY ACCIDENT. I like Tami HOWEVER some about Evelyn bring out her nasty spiteful side and she really needs to look at that.

  6. Sorry Tami, those tears don't make me forget that you're a fucking bully!

  7. I don't feel for Tami either girl bye!!! You reap what you sow with that nasty attitude!! Just cause you change doesn't mean your turn not gonna come!!!!

  8. This is just what happens when bytches try to play you like YOU don't know their truth.



  11. Wow jackie has seen the light, this is the first season that i like her. She's seen the light

  12. This clip really made me shed a tear 😢I felt tami pain on this because from the moment tami came to basketball wives shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer was talking down on her.. Not only did they talk down on her but Evelyn smiled in her face and had slept with her husband also and called her a non-factor as if it was a joke…And shaunie never had tami back at all when they talked about tami😫she just used tami for ratings .. tami went through a hard time and was cheated on and left with 2 kids to raise because their dad abandoned them, and had to be on foodstamps😞So the fact that Evelyn and shaunie and Jennifer laughed at the hard time tami went through makes me mad and I hope she figures out that her only friends are : Jackie, Malaysia and now og

  13. It’s funny how when tami first came on the bbwla scene she wasn’t to fond of them but the bbwla women like Jackie and Malaysia are her real friends and Miami ladies aren’t

  14. That hurt to see tammy cry 😢she the truth

  15. Tami quit lying and hating on Evelyn

  16. Tami realized she messed up about commenting on DV and once it left her mouth she try to flip the story with tears. What a fraud!!!plus she is the one always starting mess.

  17. #Tami, I believe you. Y? Something similar was posted on social media , when? Back Then.

  18. I done accidentally beat somebody ass before too.. so…. wutz good….???

  19. What is wrong with Tami? Is it HIV? Cancer? I don't see her being on drugs. Something is wrong and I'm scared.

  20. tami looks real bad tho

  21. jackie flow with the wind and believe everything. tami get over it with your evil self

  22. You have 👩👨🙌👉👥🏠 ok

  23. Tami I really have enjoyed watching you those ladies may talk trash about u but here we are rooting for you u give me hope and life knowing that I can fall and get back up . U may have started ruff and being clowned but boy are u polished now shinning bright like a diamond …. Team Tami

  24. Thank you my point……..I said that already i have been watching basketball wives since day one and Tami have had Shaunie back but soon as Evelyn comes back she push Tami away fake ass gummy bear 💯%real

  25. Jackie looks old asf on that thumbnail 😳

  26. It's sad that Tami is crying like this.I feel bad for her.

  27. Throwing her truth in her face😊

  28. This was a great season, but you can tell that Tami had had enough. Her exit at the reunion exemplified this. She's definitely outgrown BBW, and I can't wait to see what's next from her

  29. Haha I love Tami. She's too funny


  31. This made me cry although when tami said "i always try to be they fuxking friend", and that music came on I died LMAO. Other than that tami finally woke up.

  32. What I don't understand is how can Evelyn literally say whatever the hell she wants but soon as Tami say something its "OMG why would you say something so mean" I don't get it.

  33. tami….please take care…honey.

  34. I love you TAMI!!! No matter what, Evelyn should apologize for saying all those hurtful things as well.

  35. brakes my heart watching tami cry like that idk why

  36. Tami has y'all fooled.. she is a player and plays everyone of y'all tryin to make y'all feel bad for her

  37. I know they better leave my gril Tami alone before she explode on a bicchhhh frfr

  38. Jackie you are a terrible mother

  39. I’m sorry but tami look bad in this clip

  40. Sometimes some black women are hurtful and hateful to each other.

  41. People talking about how Evelyn is so violent and toxic when Tami has her moments too. They both are at fault for all the things they say to and about each other.

  42. Tami said it so matter of fact lol thats how I know she not lying.

  43. Wayment…didn't Evelyn admit to Iyanla that her and chad were fighting all along? Why is she so fired up that Tami called her out?!

  44. Tami looks terrible here.

  45. I stopped liking Evelyn when she jumped up on that table trying to slap Jen in the face. It don't get more fake than that. A friend of over 10 years but willing to throw it away because cameras were rolling. I'm team Tammi

  46. You gotta be team Tami because Evelyn is wishy-washy.

  47. Child please… This is so dramatic.

  48. I love Tami! And the viewers know what’s real and what’s not.

  49. Tammy looks so much like Erykah Baduh sometimes…prettiest eyes

  50. U look tired Tami darling

  51. Royce and Susie always seemed like they were the only ones who held tami down more than the other girls. Anytime a new girl said something about tami here come Susie reporting back telling tami what was said 😝

  52. Tami looks Like a crackhead

  53. Tami is stating facts. Watch BBW season 5 y'all 🤔💯

  54. Awwww poor Tami getting a taste of her own medicine

  55. Jackie girl ponderosa ain't happening

  56. The hell with them all Tammy you were the realest of them all you don't need that in your life it will backfire on them all just wait I'll catch it on YouTube because I'm done with the show

  57. Oh how funny! The bully cries about being bullied

  58. I'm on Tami's side. I know how she feels.

  59. Tami was really hurt mam

  60. 0:58–1:28 I fell so bad for Tami Cuz she really did try to be there friend & they all back stabbed her going to all of there events & so on so sad

  61. And after last night’s episode Tami has been vindicated 😌👏🏽

  62. Now I really believe Tami!!

  63. Tami is a realist I respect it

  64. Lmfaooo Jackie and this damn ponderosa word 😂

  65. This is when tami finally stopped fucking with Shaunie. And it’s real ass feeling. She felt so hurt by someone she thought was a good friend.

  66. Whose crying with Tami🖐🏼

  67. On a lighter note Tami 🎩 is everything 😍

  68. Team Tami all day!!!!!!

  69. You know I just realized. Evelyn (Sagittarius), Malaysia (Leo), Tami (Aries) and Jackie (Leo) are all fire signs. No wonder they all about the drama.

  70. After Evelyn contacted chad for some dms I believe what tami is saying. I'm so glad tami left.

  71. Jackie meant what she said you got a friend for life in me.

  72. Tammy was right ☺️

  73. Tami was right about evilin…she lied on chad and destroyed his career

  74. Maybe you shouldn’t have said it, Tami…. BUT I’M GLAD YOU DID! 😂😂😂

  75. I like that white on Jackie

  76. I felt Tami hurt but she suffered through and guess what god blessed the worthy

  77. I knew it wasn’t how Evelyn said there’s more to the story that she never told I think around season 5 in Miami is when she told Tami about it and that’s why tami said she should step out on faith and try to get back with him and Shaunie said “would you give your daughter that advice” that’s why Tami said they because it was an accident he never mean to hit her what’s in the dark ALWAYS comes to light ALWAYS 😌👌🏽

  78. It's crazy watching this knowing OG is now going through the same thing. The pattern is real

  79. Jackie stop playing U know that lady was with it!

  80. Still to this day , Tami was Telling the truth !

  81. F** Tami…all day..😊😊😊

  82. Tami always tell the truth everything she has said before came to light now

  83. Evelyn is a psycho, if she can get mad at irrelevant women and throw bottles, jump over tables, throw drinks and hands. You better be damn sure she beat on chad on numerous occasions, just that time he snapped and gave her a taste of her own medicine. And she couldn’t handle it, my opinion. Just like how she calls OG dangerous.. the only dangerous and unpredictable woman on the show is Evelyn, but she’s afraid of OG so she needs to get her removed.

  84. Tami being saying for years they are fake now they attack OG and CECE see karma does come around now Shaunie trying to fix her fake ass Image

  85. This was the season where Tami realized she was a pawn from the beginning. And decided to stay in her own lane and mind her business.

  86. Awwwww I didn't really care for tami (ever since that bulling keshia sutuation) but I always did say Tami was tryna fit in with the girls. And after seeing this (i been stopped watching the show…. Only these clips on here) I feel for her. I'm glad she's seeing that the girls don't care about her. I also now have a better understanding of why she's so 'mean', shorty is over it. She has to have that strong exterior!

  87. I believe tammy. I believe Tammy. Tammy u did lick out of evelyn n shaunies behind. All yall always threw jen under the bus. Tammy u told the truth. EVELYN lied .

  88. Ev & Tami will never be friends

  89. Fast Forward to 2019: It looks to me that Tami was right about the Evilyn and Chad situation.🤷


  91. In Miami Tami was a damn Bully & now she can’t handle this LA girls and she’s over it smh. She knows she can’t take any of these girls purse without them doing anything like she did in Miami to that poor girl that was scared of her

  92. Did anybody else notice that throughout ALL the BBW seasons, EVERY SINGLE TIME, if someone is breaking down or venting their frustration in the same proximity of Jackie Christy, she always makes it about herself… Or is that just me?

  93. New BBW drinking game! Everytime Jackie Christy says "I" "ME" OR "MY", you have to drink. The name of this game is called "population control" 😅👌

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