Tapeless Installation: Detailed View

Tapeless Installation: Detailed View

so the idea of installing a golf grip
with no tape and no solvent is quite different from traditional methods so we
wanted to take some time and provide
technical instructions that gives detailed instructions on how to use our injured tables installation tools to install a grip with no taper no
solvent so we set up a little makeshift uh… workbench here at bell for golf
club in boston’s south carolina at the teaching center and williams also
groups and tried it was treated use these tools for
you as clearly as we can okay first things first we need to have an air compressors that
can generate somewhere between sixty psi and a max of
a hundred and twenty psi once we have an air compressor we
recommend getting some of these quick connecting tools that will allow you to easily attach the air done to their compressor we recommend using eight fights or other
device to secure the club that’s designed for golf clubs so that you
don’t damage the shaft of your club once the clothes secure your ready to
start installing in removing golf trips we recommend cutting grips off of the shaft using the
book played like this this way oftentimes we can preserve the
existing tape and blow a new grip on over that tape without having to peel
one retake but pull on the hook blade down the grip now that it’s cut it kills off quite easily and we haven’t disturb the existing t just like that once you’ve gotten the old groups all you really face of three options you can see that this club with the
existing tape isn’t very good shape so would be quite easy to below a new grip
on over this case the other option is you take the time to
kill all the tape all you can blow and a grip on directly to
the chap and if that’s going to give you the size
that you’re looking for you can you please read it state like this to build up the threat the way you want now that we’ve got the old-growth ball we’ve got the tape situation that we
want and we’ve got the club’s secured in the
vice the first thing to do is to actually
start the grip onto the shaft with your fingers so spread it like that but about the first quarter of an inch
on the grip now we’ve started the first half inch or
so of grip onto the shaft need to attach the air tool to the but the end of the
grip now we’re ready to actually install the
grip and it’s at this point that it’s key to make sure you do somethings
or don’t do somethings uh… to make this whole process work smoothly first and foremost when i first put the arrow on it it’s gonna wanna push back towards me so
i need to keep a little bit of forward pressure with the gun itself the second thing is it’s best not to lay
on the air and hold the air on constantly it’s actually better too installed a grip with quick one to two
second burst of air the third thing that you have to watch is your natural tendency is to want to
squeeze the club what that will do what you cut off the
air flow between the group in the shaft make it impossible for you to push the
group for the wrong so all i’m going to do is use my left
hand here as a very light died and i’m going to push forward with my
right hand very important to make sure that the
grip stays level with the shaft it’s very easy cut off the air flow if i
love the group too by moving and up or down once you’ve got the grid two words just
a couple of inches from being in its final place as you can see here the
blood into the shaft is here uh… we’ve got a couple inches to go so
important to go ahead and give it a good push to make sure that the but of the
shack sees perfectly at the end of the graph now that we’ve got a grip fully onto the
shaft we can apply a little bit of hair turn the grip to align it properly pusher poll the group to stretch it for thinner thicker field she

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  1. What a pain. I can instal my grips in my bathroom with grip solvent and a Golfsmith regripping tool in half the time you could messing with all that air compressor stuff. 

  2. It is ten times faster then re applying tape and using solvent. However you should never pull a knife blade towards yourself and you can also save the grip that is on the club with the tool.

  3. So much for tape less

  4. Im failing to see the benefit here over solvent to be honest. its not like the tool helped you save the old grip, avoid stripping damaged tape or even made the method "tapeless" as advertised. You just used air to slip a new grip over old tape that hasn't been reactivated with the solvent.

    Are your grips designed specifically to adhere or grip to old tape or no tape ? would the method truly work with no tape ?

  5. considering in my profession i frequently use solvents and different types of adhesives i can say without any doubt-
    NOT using some type of solvent will prevent the tape from adhering properly to the rubber.
    personally i use an " adhesive promoter " ie 3m 94 adhesive primer on the shaft before applying tape.
    then i use the same- 3m 94 instead of the mineral base adhesive solvent when installing the grip.
    my grips are on so firmly you can't possibly re use neither the tape nor the grip ever again. they are both destroyed during the removal process as they were once bonded as 1 piece. it's a little extra work during cleanup, but you can really feel the difference during play.

  6. Never cut towards yourself, especially with the hook blade. I understand this might be for the beginner and trying to not damage the shaft but if you do that, keep your body out of the way. Sometimes, the hook blade can slip since you are not use to the angle or the type of grip or the sharpness of the blade.

    Instead, try putting the golf shaft under your left arm with the golf club head behind you. The grip will face the floor. Insert the hook blade, into the tip of the grip and slowly let it cut through. Do not ever cut towards yourself!

  7. soooooo…."tapeless" huh?

  8. what a load of shit!!!!! your just complicating a simple job that takes 2 mins. only WANKERS would even think about using this.

  9. one piece of tape 10cents. mineral spirits for one club 5cents. new grip 8$. knowledge on the old method of regriping free. watching you waste time priceless.

  10. Use Canned air. PC Duster

  11. You may want to wear hearing protection. Those air hoses can be a lot louder than you'd imagine.

  12. Bmx and mountain bike grips go on without tape just air or a quick drying lubricant like alcohol. The friction of rubber holds plenty tight. Only downside is once they get worn and allow moisture to get in they start slipping like crazy. I imagine this is also much more efficient if you're puting on hundreds of grips a day like this guy. Plus you can use your clubs as soon as you're done

  13. What a lot of bullshit.Bla Bla Bla

  14. talk about turning a simple operation into rocket science with expensive equipment. I use the air compressor I keep in the trunk of my car with no other equipment. I also use this method to remove the old grip so no need for a hook blade.

  15. No thanks I like my grips done the old fashioned way…..

  16. I just installed a pure grip with no tape at all. I did use solvent however. I can't see it coming off. One thing I will note however is that the end of the shaft could be sharp. Tape can make it less sharp. That could matter if you have a hard time getting it on or you do like I did and give it a final floor wack. All that did was make it a hole puncher:)

  17. You'll get grip slide without double sided tape.

  18. No glueing required?

  19. Love the club slipping in vice when he applied pressure at end. No thanks .. what an Idiot

  20. Do the morons in the comments not know anything about pure grips??? You really don't even need tape underneath for them to stay seated… They're designed that way…I play them…+2 handicap with smaller hands and I have ZERO tape under mine… They do not move any… Driver speed 117mph average

  21. Tapeless installation – yet there you are putting tape on, or keeping the old tape.

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