TaylorMade Burner Tour Irons | Golf Club Review

TaylorMade Burner Tour Irons | Golf Club Review

Hi guys, Donal here from Golfbidder. I’ve
been looking at lots of TaylorMade irons here this morning and if its one company that have
an iron for every golfer it’s TaylorMade. This one is the TaylorMade Tour Burner Iron
and I would say that this iron is for the 12 handicap and down to 5 handicap range.
It’s got lots of things that you would expect from a better player iron. It’s got a thin
face, still forgiving, it’s got the inverted cone technology where the middle of the face
is thick and the outskirts of the face are thin to give you a consistent hit throughout
the face. But the face is nice and thin, it’s 2.2mm so you get a nice bang off it. The offset
is quite minimal for a TaylorMade iron, again so for the better players. For somebody who,
don’t mention the work S-H-A-N-K, these may not be for you, but for the better player
might be just perfect. So a lot of offset, inverted cone technology, forgiving, for the
12 to 5 handicap range, you should check out the Tour Burner. A nice classic, cavity back
iron from TaylorMade. So we’ve got loads of these guys on Golfbidder, lots of different
shafts, Project X, Dynamic Golds, check them all out and enjoy your new TaylorMades.

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  1. I agree with he becouse I think that this irons are fantastic

  2. I have the Burner 09 irons< but use the Tour Burner Wedges. Works nice.

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