That One Friend We Love And Hate | MostlySane | #KFPrankLeague

That One Friend We Love And Hate | MostlySane | #KFPrankLeague

Has it started?
Has it started? No there is
still 10 more minutes Get your own Why? Last time he drank all my beer Not just yours,
he drank everyone’s beer You remember what
all the did the last time Move aside My bottle will break Hello yeah one second,
give him the address please Give the address we don’t need him here How did you take so much time? The match is also over Come on in now Give me the phone Sudeep, bro, where are you?
Arrey match party at my place Come over, what are you doing?
Come come come Hey listen, yeah dude
all arrangements are done Take a chill Listen on the way, can
you get a couple of small things Call me once you leave Yeah I am on the way Get some chips, glasses, plates from the super market
and 3 plate samosas from the vendor opposite the supermarket. From Raju electrician
get bulbs and 5 batteries. Listen I have one more
small favour to ask you In Lokhandwala,
there is a memsaab tailor Why will I go to
memsaab tailor? Mom had given her gown
for alteration, pick it up and… I am not going You got the nightie? Listen, next to the
shop there is Sheetal parlour I am not going
to any beauty parlour Just listen to me, you
don’t have to go do anything there Just go there and ask if Shammi aunty
is back, I have to get my eyebrows done. Impossible! One last thing From the grocery market
get 2 kg tomatoes, 1 kg potatoes, Hey why you yelling?
We are making Pav Bhaji for you You’ve taken the groceries?
If you go straight from the market There will be a road junction,
reach there and give me a call I’ve reached the place Take a left from there, the second
one, reach the T junction and give me a call yeah I have reached Great, take a right and keep going straight
it’s a 2 minute walk, reach the fire station and call me Opposite that there is a cigarette vendor he has lemon
drops, can you please get some, we all feel like having that Just get me one last thing On the way can you get
speakers from my uncles place? Why do
you need speakers? What do you mean why?
We are going to partayy! Just get me a stick on the way The fan isn’t working
so we will use it to move around The match will get over,
since when am I roaming around ya It is raining, so the match
has been stopped. So you chill I’ll go get him The last ball just got done.
India won, it was such an awesome shot Are you crazy?!
Am I your servant? Even the match is over The thing is the love between friends
grows deeper when you prank one another. So please prank one another, grow the
love and be part of the Indian Prank League. Which was your favourite part in the
comments below. And subscribe to the channel. Chuck it
why you crying?

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