The Ball-Catching Expert Who Caught A-Rod’s 3000th Hit

The Ball-Catching Expert Who Caught A-Rod’s 3000th Hit

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  1. It is always the first things like the first time I got a erection

  2. This is sandlot heaven 😇

  3. I wouldn’t give that bitch back neither. You can buy it from me in 20yrs whores!

  4. I don't really count catching balls during batting practice. That's kinda like saying you placed gold in the Olympics in every event…Well, it's the junior high special olympics…but still….

  5. He has every right to keep the ball lol, just because its his 3000th hit doesnt make it special and give him the ball, it may be a milestone but its still the same as any other ball imo

  6. all 3 of those people deleted their tweets, look who received karma now lol

  7. This guy is an absolute tool… I see him all the time at games and security consistently has to hold back fans from going after him for pushing over everyone including children to grab balls.. no pun intended but grabbing balls is the only thing hes good at.

  8. Htf do u know its going to be in right field….. 🤣

  9. A $4,000,000,000 franchise, and they DONATED (which can be a tax write-off), $150,000 to charity. That's .00375% of their worth. What a bunch of penny-pinching pricks.

  10. So this is why there is a shortage of balls in my park

  11. You are not a expert Zach the players are better at catching so I’m just saying your not an expert

  12. Too bad I fucking hate A Rod with a burning passion

  13. These people that are calling him an asshole CLEARLY do not understand the value of a milestone ball like this. If I caught that ball u have no IDEA what I would ask for if he wanted it back

  14. He also caught mike trouts first homer

  15. This guy is a loser. He has issues and now takes baseball from kids at the games

  16. should have give them a different baseball. the bait and switch

  17. You know that homerun means so much to Alex Rodriguez he could keep that for his kids

  18. You should’ve gave him the ball and he might’ve gave your stuff and it was his 3000 hit

  19. Good god I’m a subscriber of zack hample, not anymore he’s a ball freak

  20. This dudes a nut

  21. He doesn’t have to if you doesn’t want to

  22. He doesnt catch them all, he digs them out from under the bleachers and shit like that

  23. people need to just leave him alone

  24. Zach just wants to get get the ball if a rod gets the ball it’s gonna be in a bag on the wall

  25. a rod punching the air when he heard he wasn't gonna give it back

  26. You can only run around seats in stadiums like Citizens Bank lol

  27. This warms my heart 🤗

  28. I’ve never heard of a man who enjoys catching ball so much James Charles isn’t even close

  29. Zack is a douche that’s a baseball that is more important to A rod than it is to Him did Zack Hample hit the baseball no he’s a jerk

  30. Lunatic! Nut case, so many balls!

  31. He is a cheater his stats shouldn't even be talked about period. Totally irrelevant.

  32. Pretty crazy that a ball catching “rain man” caught his 3,000th hit…. what are the odds?

  33. 3000 does not count , A rod was juiced up so the time he was jucied up I would not count any of those home runs , give that ass rod the ball , A rod is a POS

  34. That was a great story.

  35. A rod deserved it back

  36. shall we talk about drugs or if your american…. perhaps not eh!…..

  37. Fuck A Rod and his ball

  38. I love zack hample eating for 11,000 baseball if you agree like my post

  39. Why should he give it back it was the ball he wanted for a rlly long time. People want to take his happiness

  40. 3:10 why he mad lmao

  41. This guy is actually a self-obsessed goober.

  42. Everything about this is so fucking stupid.

  43. In the end. It's a freaking ball. Hit by one of the classless players of all time no less.

  44. prob not even the actual baseball lol the real one is in his room

  45. A ball for 150k is a lot because it's a roid

  46. This guy is a fucking nut

  47. What an awesome agreement they came to. Both sides win

  48. must be a trust fund baby.

  49. this guy is an asshole

  50. Im subbed to zack hample

  51. at the end what if just gave him a normal ball and said it was his 3000th hit.

  52. If anybody else caught that Arod ball l, would’ve kept that ball also. People salty AF

  53. How the fuck did he snagged so many balls ive gone to ball games and cant even catch a bag of peanuts

  54. But he sometimes give it to people so take that peopl3 that tweeded

  55. he was kinda awkward in real life when i met him lol

  56. Fuck Arod millionaire douche bag, keep that ball

  57. Gotta love Zack Hample. 🙏🏻

  58. Wow, Alex Rodriguez kind of looks like Arod.

  59. In the end Arod ended up getting the ball

  60. If people hate you then you’re doin something right

  61. 8:50 what with all the pictures

  62. Zack Hampel time travels back to 1996 and shoves Jeffrey Maier out of the way to catch the controversial Jeter homerun.

  63. What are the chances…

  64. How selfish he said I’ve been here so long when the batter worked for his 3,000 hit 🤦‍♀️

  65. The people are so sad

  66. How can people talk if they caught it they would’ve kept it

  67. lol @ like EVERYOOOONE acting like they'd immediately and selflessly give up a winning lottery ticket like that, no questions asked 😆

  68. He’s just a nice guy

  69. You are messed up if you hate on zack he’s a good.

  70. The lady he was telling about the ball in the car. Didn’t care

  71. Hearing zack swear is either calming, or scary and I don't know which it is.

  72. I’ve been to 6 mlb games and never was even close to get a ball but this guy has 8000 fucking balls

  73. You love balls? Here!😂

  74. Can someone please tell me what the song in the beginning is? 0:01–0:10

  75. Wonder how much steroids that ball took

  76. I woulda asked for cash

  77. they would have had to pay ME and the daymn charity.

  78. He’s probably secretly holding a-rods ball and gave up a different one lmao

  79. What if he gave a rod the wrong ball

  80. Baseball ⚾️ is so boring 🙄 and gay and so trash 🗑🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢

  81. Get a girlfriend bro

  82. Base ball players really crying over a baseball

  83. "The Yankees will donate $150,000 to Pitch In for Baseball, a charity that provides new and lightly used equipment to kids around the world who want to play baseball or softball but can’t afford the gear.
    Hample will also receive tickets and memorabilia as part of the deal."
    This guy's freaking amazing. I him respect so much.

    Source: Los Angeles Times (some parts shortened)

  84. Fuck that. I would have sold it. I don’t blame him for trying to keep it. 50k can change lives.

  85. Dude’s gonna be saying “I love you 3000” for a cool minute now.

  86. This is my favorite video by The Onion

  87. I feel bad for this dude

  88. no wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend

  89. Arod is a clown. Steroids asterisk next to any of his stats. Guy was juiced for half of his career, lied about it, then lied some more.

  90. What if he gave the Yankees a fake one😂

  91. I just became aware of the name Zack Hample about 20 minutes ago and a search wondering why Jordan Comadena can be such an asshole led me here. It's easy to see that you're a much better person than the assholes bothering you will ever be. It's crazy to think that there's an unwritten rule that limits the significance of homerun ball you can keep. Perhaps the Japanese were thinking about this type of situation when they outlawed the catch and keep by chance part of the tradition. Just a thought. Well done too on closing the 3000th hit ball pseudo scandal drama in a win win fashion. Do people understand that you were the one who made a sacrifice and a kind and thoughtful one too? Oh, look at the time.

  92. I don't think this guy is an asshole,i really love what his doing….You guys have any idea of how much one of this can cost??

  93. Bro the fact that you just told the world that you want the man to purchase the ball back for 100 of millions of dollars shows to tell that you are one big FAZZH

  94. F all the people who think you should return it you should have kept it

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