The blind lady swimmer in Sri Lanka[English subtitle] – දෘශ්‍යබාධිත පිහිනුම් ක්‍රීඩිකාව

The blind lady swimmer in Sri Lanka[English subtitle] – දෘශ්‍යබාධිත පිහිනුම් ක්‍රීඩිකාව

Today I have brought you a new experience for those of you who are looking at the world with a sympathetic eye. I urge you to subscribe to Touch & Sense and support my journey. . If you press the Bell icon here, you can find out about my latest videos with a notification as soon as it is released to the internet. Don’t forget your comments and suggestions are very valuable to me. This morning I have to go for my swim training. While learning rehabilitation programs for the visually impaired, I learned that Rainbow Water Sports Club, Director and Head Coach, MR. Julian Bolling, intends to provide free swimming training to the visually impaired. At first this was a bit new and strange news for me. Until then, I had never seen a visually impaired person engage in swimming. So I thought about this a little. But when we cannot see, we have good ears. And we have strong Body. We can communicate clearly with others and we have an active mind to understand something. This is quite complicated. But I understand that a visually impaired person even can do. So I started this in 2015. Several visually impaired boys participated in this. But I was the only woman there who was visually impaired. Due to my passion for swimming, I was determined to learn it anyway. Mr. Julian Bolling and all the coaches of the Rainbow Water Sports Club are very kind and friendly. So adapting to that environment was not difficult for me. Many swimmers who are not visually impaired come here for training. But Julian sir always turns his attention to us. And Every day he watches over our weaknesses and progress. My personal trainer is Mr.Panuka Wijemanna. He is very dedicated and attentive to my training. So I was able to win a Bronze medal in the Indu-Sri Lanka Masters Swimming Championship in a short time. That was my first achievement. Here is the medal and the certificate I won from that tournament. Also, I won a bronze medal at the 2018 Iron Man aquathellan Tournament. I received that medal and certification in the 600-meter swim and the five-kilometer run in the competition. I am also the only woman to represent the Masters team in the Mount Lavinia Sea Swim in 2018. It is special to win these all medals and certificates by competing with those who are not visually impaired I still haven’t had the chance to compete with any other visually impaired female swimmer in Sri Lanka. We have yet to find out if there is another visually impaired female swimmer in Sri Lanka. That’s why they talked about me through television, radio, and the Press. Now I have told you a lot about my sport. So I have to go my training on time. Come to the pool with me today. Asanthi has been training with us since 2015. She didn’t know how to swim when she got here. She came to learn swimming. But today she is a competitive swimmer. In addition to her core training, she comes here twice a week and engage in self-training to maintain her fitness. She came to learn about swimming and has now become a competitive swimmer. She has shown us today that there is nothing impossible when there is determination. By now, Asanthi has competed in the 600-meter swim and the 5-kilometer run. She also participated in a sea swim on a 1 kilo meter. I’m so happy for her. We must thank Asanthi for teaching us a valuable lesson in life. I wish Asanthi many more to do for the betterment of our country and society Asanthi, Let’s start with a fifty-eight kick set. At the end of each kick set, bubble up for five times and repeat. Be sure to maintain a specified stroke count on each kick set. Finally let’s see how much Average Kick Counts are done. Take the board and get ready to start swimming at my command. To my recollection, Asanthi came here in 2014 to receive her first swim training. As a trainer, I had to deal with her from the beginning. So far we have done a lot of work The first and the biggest challenge we faced that day was teaching, her how to swim straight and how to develop her skills. But as she went through the training, we realized that these things were being learned without any change. Now I can train her more easily than a normal person. Once I give her a swim set, she does it perfectly. She’s a lot different than we thought. She has the ability of quickly understand what I am saying I didn’t expect such a situation when Coaching started. By the time, we have participated in several swimming competitions. She participated in Indu-Sri Lanka Swimming Championships for the first time and achieved two victories. Thereafter, she participated in an aquathellan competition. At that point she had to swim 600 meters and run 5 kilometers. We were able to finish the tournament on time. After that we again participated in a Masters Swimming Competition. It was launched at Mount Lavinia. That was the first time we faced a 1km sea swimming event. We have successfully completed that swimming event within the stipulated time. I am talking about the swimming events we have participated in so far. Her training has a good commitment. She does her training with great dedication. Even if training is missed for some reason, she will be covered over the course of the week. She is a good example of living for all. She is a great role model for young people who are trying to commit suicide for nothing. She helped me add a lot of experience to my life too. I also model her to shape my life. Although I am her trainer but she always advises me to solve my personal matters. In this way, we gladly train her.

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