The Browns Blow Their Chance to Be “America’s Team” | Gridiron Heights S4E2

The Browns Blow Their Chance to Be “America’s Team” | Gridiron Heights S4E2

– Welcome to Antonio Heights. Every week, it’s all about me! – No cameras. – Well, boys, looks like we’re stuck together forever like stink on a skunk! – Are all of us going to be here forever? – WE’RE AMERICA’S TEAM NOW, #$%&@! – NO! Throw me, Daky! – I don’t know… – Here’s $150 million guarante— WE’RE THE COOL TEAM. REMEMBER THE ’90s??!?!?! – OK. Shake it off. We’ll get ’em next year. – There’s nothing I can do. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love these guys? – You know, I’m ALSO a hot quarterback. – Hey, never &%$#@^$ give up, kid. – COME ON. THEY’VE WON EIGHT GAMES IN THREE YEARS. WE’RE AMERICA’S TEAM! – OK, uh, let’s earn it back. I’M DAKOTA PRESCOTT, AND I SWEAR I’M ALSO DANGEROUS. But I’m also pretty safe, Mr. Jones. – So I said, ‘What’s a whistle?’ I don’t need your fancy tech. I yell. – WE’RE TAKING THAT BACK— – NOPE! – WHO’S BEING ROBBED NOW? – WE DESERVE THIS— – Think bigger, Tom. – What about us? – AWWWWWW. – Thank you. Now RESPECT— – WE BEAT THE BROWNS. TITANSMANIA!!!!! – TITANS! TITANS! TITANS! -I’m Football’s Tom Brady. Please buy my special pliability roombas. -Uh Tom, this is that subscribe thing for Bleacher Report. -Why would *I* do that? Can’t you get— -Hi, I’m Julian Edelman, and I know Tom Brady. Please subscribe to this channel.

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  2. Kyler Murray looks so cute

  3. I like how they have a picture of jimmy Johnson Exed out 😂

  4. It's the fight for Americas team.

  5. Y is Zeke’s character hair style not what it is irl? And y did Mariota’s voice get a lot higher lol

  6. Cowboys suck! Patriots should be America's team, because you know… patriotism.


  8. Kyler Murray just blew me away 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Fucking kyler murray.. I hope they have him the same height as the first video.

  10. Love the different "subscribe" endings for each week

  11. "Meet the man drafted before Mahomes and Watson." 😂 Gotta scrub all of these videos for the details.

  12. This is gonna be one Funny Ass Year on Gridiron Heights!!! How many ways can you show the Patriots Making the other teams Look Pathetic……..Oh wait they do that to themselves RIGHT Steelers??!!! I am waiting on Vegas to Put up Odds on how Long AB WILL PLAY IN 2019!!! Cow}:-o)

  13. I love football but this is so ass compared to game of zones

  14. Never any respect for the RAVENS

  15. Lol. Dallas Cowboys will always b America's team.


  17. Kyler Murray….Jesus H Christ I died.

  18. Who loves the details of gridiron heights like who does that

  19. Where are the BILLS COME ON MAN

  20. We don't want to be America's fucking team. Suck shit threw a straw!!!!

  21. Ya'll did Kyler Murray wrong,

  22. The one time Marcus gets cheered

  23. You know the NFL has changed when betting the browns is viewed as an achievement.

  24. Has Dak got paid yet?

  25. It’s been two weeks and they haven’t made an Antonio Brown helmet joke yet.

  26. These are great!

    Can't wait until Season 3 of The Champions.

  27. Who’s being robbed now

  28. What? Nothing on the blackout and fighting during the Chiefs' game? I thought for sure they'd make fun of it, now I'm kinda disappointed

  29. From baby voice to where American's team now bitch the transfermation

  30. Adam Gase has me😂😂😂😂

  31. What have the browns ever done to be Americas team

  32. Thank god thy didn’t do the dolphins dirty

  33. Adam Gase coked out of his mind 😂😂😂

  34. Browns blew their chance?

    Well, that's not really news. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

  35. Cleveland Browns tent: what could possibly go wrong with the Cleveland browns…..

  36. Gridiron Heights needs to slow the fuck down and not try to cram all their dialogue into 1 minute. Slow the fuck down and tell your jokes properly without cutting so god damn quickly.

  37. Lol Tom Brady wearing Uggs

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