The Challenge Joins The Losers Club 🤡 It Chapter Two | MTV

The Challenge Joins The Losers Club 🤡 It Chapter Two | MTV

Today’s challenge is called the Losers Club. You’ll have to survive
Pennywise’s fun house and become an honorary
member of the Losers Club. And remember, down here, we all float. All right, here we go. It’s a bad time to mention
I really hate clowns. Then why do you keep dating them? You know, you’re one to talk. Burn. Ladies first. Yup. You said it. Won’t you come in? Hello? I told them I hate clowns! Damn it! Oh my God, please! Somebody get me out of here! Bananas is definitely
gonna jump out at me. Hey, kid! Hey! Hey! It’s just water, it’s cool. Just get out of here and we’ll be fine. You lied and I died! I didn’t lie about s***, kid! And I’m not f***ing floating today! Get me out of here! Guys. I think it’s almost over. Almost? Is it? Let’s go. Let’s go. What’s happening? Pennywise!

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  1. Tori would make a good Scream Queen LoL 😂

  2. OMG that was awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻😆😂👍🏻

  3. CT is a good actor!

  4. C.T Davonne Tori and Jordan

  5. How is davonne not on the challenge this time?!?!

  6. CT, looks fat and old "/

  7. Jordan’s asthmatic?

  8. Wait. Why are they actually great actors though?!

  9. Ct always looked like a model when he was younger. Shame he never got the right representation to land the jobs. Now he just looks like a plus size model.l

  10. Does anyone know where liz is from big brother?

  11. Best one I’ve seen 😂😂

  12. Davonne securing that promo bag & showing off her acting skills. Future award winning actress (im speaking it into existence)👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽


  14. Wow they all did great ! I know Da’vonne is an acting coach or something like that. I really didn’t think CT would be able to show fear 😂 Tori’s scream! Loved it.

  15. I definitely would have preferred watching them actually going through a haunted house

  16. Douse this mean davonne will be on next season i hope

  17. Bear would’ve been great for this lmaoooooooo

  18. Oh btw can we plz have a part 2 that was so good

  19. CT is the only one who could act

  20. God day is a horrible actor

  21. I needs me a sequel

  22. I watched this cause Davonne there

  23. Tell me that they will be in the movie for real and I won't think twice to believe after watching this.

  24. Please post CT every day. Thanks!

  25. I wish Turbo was the clown cornering them and says “hello chickens” with a bloodied knife in his hand while showing a menacing smile. Jordan would have screamed the loudest and shit his pants 😂. They should do a part two with Bear Bananas Cara Maria and Georgia.

  26. This was so good!

  27. Why am I rewatching it this so many times?

  28. I freaking love this! Also, the challenge and challengers need to be winning emmys and s***

  29. I'll just say it, I don't like jordan. He's cringey.

  30. da'vonne did amazing omg, she needs to be in a movie

  31. Jordan is bae ❤️

  32. Davonne please come back for another season, when I saw that u were on the show I made sure I didn’t miss any episodes, and on season 33 I was so happy with how far u made it and I would love to see u on another season

  33. Okay why is this fantastic

  34. Da’vonne better be a mercenary

  35. I just started YouTube and love the challenge!! Subscribe and I’ll do the same!!

  36. I loved this, great choice of actors except for Tori. Can’t wait to experience this carnival on Monday 🙂

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  38. Davonne isn't on this seasom but she's still on the promos and securing that bag. Yasssss Queen Mama Day get it and comeback for season 35 with Natalie N and Morgan.

  39. I’m a simple man, I see Da’vonne, I click and like.

  40. Da'Vonne would be such a good scream queen

  41. Ohh Jordan now you wanna be cool with CT. Why don’t you tell him how you really feel about him.

  42. I would’ve rather had Wes & Bear or Turbo with Laurel & Ashley & seriously does Bananas have to be mentioned every single fucking time. It’s so damn annoying. I swear

  43. Lmao why isn’t davonne not in war of worlds 2!!!!


  45. Davonne acting queen 💅🏾

  46. Damn… DaVonne gave me chills!

  47. Get ct an award or something

  48. Da’Vonne isn’t even in this season, yet scored a spot in this. What a queen.

  49. Thats why davonne left twitter 👏🏾

  50. 3 of the 4 are on the new season. Miss my davonne tho

  51. It chapter 2 is going to be good.. Buuttt if it had this RW cast… I mean c'mon it would be so much better… CT " i didn't lie about shit kid" 😂😆😂😂

  52. That was amazing…… OK Da’Vonne!!!!!!!!!! 😍

  53. CT wouldn’t be scared. He would beat the clowns ass.

  54. Why is Dwight Schrute on the wall in Tori’s scene?

  55. Got annoyed after repeatedly seeing this stupid commerical with zero context about who these people are or why they're doing a "challenge," so here I am.

  56. Can’t believe I’m just now realizing this but, where tf is Davonne in WotW 2?

  57. Why are they actually good ass actors???? I see you Jordan!!!

  58. holy fucking shit. that was some grade A cringe.


  60. I probably would’ve punched someone on accident

  61. Goergie : You lo es and i died
    That rimes 😀

  62. I would want to do this but i would probably bescreaming curse words the entire time

  63. “I didn’t lie about shit kid and I’m not fuckn floating today” 😂😂 1:14

  64. I saw that when it was still not open there were posters around it 🤗🤭

  65. Turns out they were just tripping on drugs

  66. that just looks traumatizing

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