The Fall & Fall of Portsmouth FC: A Brief History Of

The Fall & Fall of Portsmouth FC: A Brief History Of

in 2008 under manager Harry Redknapp portsmouth football club won the FA cup for the first time since nineteen thirty-nine just four years later the club had suffered three relegations and languished debt-ridden in lead to in 2006 Alexandra guy damac bought portsmouth and heavily funded Redknapp’s vision of a rebuilt squad almost immediately the club bought been johnnie their new record signing and over the next three seasons splashed out on a number of expensive acquisitions including Sol Campbell jermain defoe and Peter Crouch the club spent heavily not just on transfer fees but crucially on wages in the 2007-2008 season portsmouth spent over 55 million pound on player wages and the club made a loss of 17 million they also had debts close to 60 million with over 40 being out to standard bank and Barclays both guaranteed by Damac the club was heavily reliant on his owner but in 2008 guide a mac withdrew all funding citing the personal effects of the stock market crash as his reasoning portsmouth unable to fund their lavish squad and hit by creditors suddenly wanting repayments were forced to sell their high-earning players shortly after the crash Redknapp left Portsmouth for Tottenham stating that the club had run out of money he left tony adams his assistant in charge and he was sacked after 16 games signaling the beginning of a string of managerial changes over the next four years going back to took his leave selling the club to the Emirati businessman Solomon I’ll fame however the source of his financing was unclear and it transpired that fahim could not borrow the necessary funds quickly enough to continue paying for Portsmouth running costs following significant unpaid wages and less than 50 days in charge the Premier League forced him to sell to a group including the saudi arabian property developer ali al Farage however things just got worse for the club for Rogers group was unable to stabilize the finances and further unpaid wages and debts led to the club falling into administration and even coming close to liquidation a deal to maintain the club was agreed but portsmouth incurred a nine-point penalty for their administration and was subsequently relegated to the championship in 2010 Steve cultural was appointed manager under new ownership before the club changed hands again in 2011 sold to the Russian Vladimir Antonov a string of terrible owners got worse as a European warrant for Anton’s arrest was issued later that year for his alleged involvement in the asset stripping of a collapsed lithuanian bank unable to fund portsmouth to his legal position the club fell into administration for the second time in two years in 2012 the administrators revealed the Portsmouth had a total of 58 million pounds in debt to various finances 3.5 million pound in wages and bonuses and 2.3 million in tax the club was relegated to league one and would you to begin the following season with a 10-point deduction added to this the entire playing squad left out summer portsmouth them when on the 23 match winless streak as the pumping Supporters Trust signed a conditional agreement with the administrators to take over the club this was finalized in 2013 shortly before portsmouth were relegated again to leak too after years of careless ownership ports and football club are now fan owned under manager Paul Cook they face the challenges of Ligue 2 with chairman and mcginnis at the helm and an eye on promotion Pompey can finally play up the story of portsmouth football club is of course very detailed and we were unable to include everything in this video if we neglected to mention something important please add it to the comments for discussion we’re also planning on creating a video about for Smith’s and ownership model but if there are any other topics you’d like us to consider please let us know in the comments and thanks so much to everyone watching videos and subscribing

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  1. Feel free to leave suggestions for future Whiteboard Football videos!

  2. having seen this one you should do one on the terrible decline of Blackpool thanks to the chairman rinsing them out

  3. If only this would happen to City, it would serve them right.

  4. Do Rangers relegation

  5. What country located

  6. Portsmouth Were A Massive Club. With A Very Big and successful History. They Won The League Twice In the 50s. They won the FA Cup in 1939 they won the championship in 2003. They won the fa cup again in 2008 and had half the England squad at one point……Glen Johnson, Sol Campbell, Jermaine Defoe And peter crouch. Portsmouth are also the only club to win all 4 top Divisions in English Football. Pompey are a big club and there in league 1 Now, they are the biggest club in league 1 by a country mile. They also nearly Beat AC Milan In 2008 but It finished 2-2.

  7. i remember the 08/08 season….

  8. DO WATFORD (if you haven't already)

  9. Great Video. Would love to know if you guys have done a video on QPRs financial far play problems

  10. Made a huge book profit on Diarra and Muntari….just sayin'. Also being embargoed on buying replacements when (rightfully) forced to sell players didn't help sustainability in any way whatsoever. Neither three massive point deductions in as many years. 'Hello Pompey, you owe people money. Here's a great idea. Lets severely reduce your revenue by sending you down three divisions.'

  11. Harry and the staff at that time ended up owing to African Banks , the club was paying too much to certain Players they are not the first or the last, to do that The F A approved most buyers and they are guilty of helping the downfall as welll as Pompey's owners and staff a disgrace At least now they have a sensible owner, meanwhile Saints are in trouble again

  12. All they need to do is sell there club some rich Chinese guy and they can get promoted to the premier league very quickly

  13. season 2008/08???

  14. *Finishes video

    *boots up FIFA

    *New Manager Career mode…

  15. Can't understand why the fans sold out to the American. You owned your own club ffs

  16. Excellent vid. More positive now. Up to mid-table League 1 after promotion last year. Now owned by Americans and we'll have to see how they do. Whoever brokered the deals to those terrible owners needs questioning.

  17. Pay up Pompey, pompey pay up 😂

  18. That's why i choose Portsmouth in FIFA 18 career mode

  19. I came here after i saw Porthsmouth in League One in fifa 🙁

  20. When you do more videos with this theme, the clearer it will become that the really folly is that of the money men, whether they be chairmen or owners. A case in point, Stoke sack Mark Hughes…but it is he who managed to keep Southampton up while his former club Stoke gets sent down! It must be very handy to have a fall guy like a manager in your organisation! 'I messed up, I got the club into I am going to show YOU the door!

  21. Didn't the FA say these "men" passed their fit and proper persons tests?! Then the FA docked them points on more than one occasion ??

  22. The skates are shite. Crap club and shit crackhead fans

  23. Got what they deserved, lauded their bought FA cup over other fans, yet a few years later that overspending meant they couldn't even pay St John's Ambulance back the money they owed and small creditors like that got offered barely a penny in the pound.

  24. They are on their way back now. Great. Their fantastic support deserves better than to be ripped off by those cunts.
    They bought the club and rescued it. Now some Yank billionaire has seen their potential.
    They get sell out crowds in the fourth division. No other team does that

  25. One cunt that Redknapp mate. Just overspends and fucks off. Leaving the club in debt.

  26. You mean League one

  27. We're on our way back! Pompey 'til I die!

  28. Shite club and fans

  29. make a video about the Australian team please

  30. At least three different spellings of Gaydamak here…

  31. Any more videos about Portsmouth’s fan ownership model would be amazing. I love this channel it’s what I’ve been waiting for

  32. What does "fell into administration" mean?

  33. I like that out of five chances to spell Gaydamak, the writer/drawer has managed to use THREE different spellings of the name

  34. Lol, bloody Skates

  35. 0:10 The 2008/08 season?

  36. Can anyone tell, What opera is this???

  37. could someone say what music this was

  38. Arsenal's possible future in 10 to 15 years

  39. Brilliant video. Feel sorry for pompey.

  40. Similar story of a Dnipro (Ukraine) FC. The owner, local oligarch Kolomoiskiy, refused to finance the club in 2015, because his passion for football simply vanished. There’s another club in the 1-Million city right now, called Dnipro-1, which is currently holding the first place in the second division 2 years after the creation. But the traditional Dnipro, the team which played in the 2015 Europa League final against Sevilla, is now struggling not even the second or third division. Their professional license was annulled and the guys (18-20 years old) are playing in the amateur championship, still using the new stadium, base and all the facilities. Fans don’t recognize the newly created Dnipro-1 (funded by another politician) and still attend the home and away games of Dnipro. There is though an initiative of creating a parallel Dnipro 1918, which is suggested to be owned by the fans, exactly like in the Portsmouth case. It’s still heartbreaking to watch the 3-years old videos of Dnipro games against Napoli, Sevilla, Olimpiakos in Europa league, see the full stadium after winning silver in 2016 and then just compare to the current situation :((

  41. Nearly 2 years later at the time I write this Portsmouth are unbeaten at the top of League 1. The light at the end of the tunnel is maybe in sight.

  42. This is well said and now we are on our way back 2nd in league 1 then gonna go championship and stay for a couple of seasons and hopefully go back upppp!!!!!

  43. Can u do a new one of Pompey about the new owners

  44. do wimbdon to afc wimbdon

  45. As of this moment they are 1st in league one, quite a comeback

  46. God, that's not a flattering drawing of Crouch, lol.

  47. As a Southampton supporter you'd think that I'd have taken pleasure in Pompey's woes but I really couldn't. We were also in a situation for a couple of years with incompetent owners and almost went out of business. I wouldn't wish that upon any football club or their supporters.

  48. Lovely Screw you scum

  49. Why are these videos all about finance problems

  50. evveryones favourite season: the 08/08 season.

  51. The fall of AC Milan and Inter

  52. I started supporting portsmouth in 2008

  53. You should do a video on Darlington FC.

  54. No sympathy, Birmingham we’re relegated in 2006 by Pompey, who had spent money they did not have.

  55. Gutted for Pompey really. I lived in the City when they were riding high. The FA Cup win in a less than 200K pop city felt like a Carnival for days, I loved it.

  56. Looking like Pompey are coming back. Up from league 2 and in an automatic promotion spot in league 1 (as in time of writing). Keep fighting Pompey!! Love and respect from Cork City F.C.

  57. The 2008/08 season was my favourite…

    Think there was a typo?

  58. What about Milan Mandric's role in the demise of Pompey at the end of the Redknapp era?
    I'm not a Pompey fan but I remember Mandric being there when Harry was there but I don't know what his role was….was he the chairman or something? Was he to blame for Pompey's financial woes?

  59. if they won the fa cup in 2010 things wouldnt have been that bad

  60. if they had went burst who cares. they could have came back as the Portsmouth same club….. apparently

  61. Keep up the great work guys

  62. Great vid. You guys should do a video on the fall of Bolton Wanderers.

  63. I'm a bluenose, and we're probably going to get stuffed by the FFP for overspending. Not particularly blaming Arry, but he did buy the likes of Ndoye(Donkey) and Stockdale ( Lardarse) on massive wages. Hope to see Pompey back in the championship next season, always great games.

  64. 2008/08 Awesome year. Best season ever.

  65. I miss Portsmouth. It was one of my favourite clubs in England. I hope they make it back one day…

  66. This is why it really pisses me off when fans of teams like arsenal claim they have the worst owners ever

  67. CCFC. From Prem to League 2 via Northampton Town

  68. Premier league.. you’re having a laugh… premier league… you’re having a laugh

  69. Fuck me! That’s a bigger fall than my missus had in the club in Pompey…. sad tale of greed and careless financial management.
    I’m no Portsmouth fan, but hope to see them rise too the top again soon, rangers did it… they can too

  70. Now they are high flying in league 1

  71. At least Pompey is close to come back to Championship

  72. Best channel on YouTube for learning about football teams

  73. I like how the madness is contrasted with the refined classical music.

  74. Came back to watch this after Pompey beat Sunderland in the efl trophy final. PUP!

  75. Chekatrade Trophey!

  76. When you have owners who are on the run from Interpol you know you're in trouble

  77. Were doing good now do

  78. Every football club should be fan owned.

  79. They had a sick team imo

  80. I remember at the time of 07/08, I felt they were really punching above their weight. Even thought they won the FA Cup and played really well, the bubble was going to burst sooner rather than later.

  81. 08/08 season????

  82. 1:10 gaydamak spelled 3 diff ways on one slide

  83. Fall and rise of Luton town?

  84. Do one of those for Blackburn

  85. watching this in 2019, we are on our way back after narrowly missing promotion in the playoffs but won the Checkatrade Trophy and made some cracking signings so I fully believe that this year is our year!


  86. Southampton: playing Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool etc legendary clubs
    Portsmouth; playing Bristol city, QPR, Exeter etc 😂😂

  87. Yep a true case of being run by fit and proper businessmen, LOL. I'm a Pompey fan, have been since I was about nine years old.. (38years). Never thought I'd see us lift the F.A Cup and appear in another F.A Cup final some 2 years later, shame we couldn't beat Chelsea though. Anyways, from all these no good owners too fan ownership which saved our bacon, then…. here's were it gets good again, In steps Mr Michael Eisner and his family of true and real supporters of football but mainly our club! His idea's for the club and amazing, I reckon it wont be long before we are competing for premier league promotion again. Lister to this man and tell me he doesn't make sense. Building the club again, brick by brick from the ground up on sound infrastructure. What Mr Eisner has done for buisnessess worldwide is incredible, Disney was in a slump before he got involved, he brought them back to a multi-billion pound business. ESPN, The ABC Tv Channel, Topps trading cards and many more have benefitted from his involvement and ownership. When Eisner talks, the business leaders in this world sit up and listern. He and his family (Sons) are ten times the men that the glazers and gillets/hicks ever will be. Before he tooks us over he wanted to know about our historic value, the club and Portsmouth City. He wanted to know about everything you could imagine, and guess what… he comes to watch our matches when he isn't committed elsewhere buisness-wise.. The guy, the family, the company (Tornate) and just the tonic any club would want, thankyou god he decided he wanted to come to us and invest.. bye bye Southampton your never catch us now.. lol

  88. Wow, what a way for a team to collapse. As a bolton wanderers fan, I understand as my team is in a very similar situation (administration, exodus of players due to unpaid wages, being a punching bag in the league), and it seems that teams have still not learnt from portsmouth's downfall. All because of overambitious owners. Bolton also used to overspend in the past and now it is paying the price.

    Moral of the story: NEVER overspend, especially on wages

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