The First Female Champion: A Brief History Of

The First Female Champion: A Brief History Of

Established in 1932, Eastern Sports Club are
among the oldest teams in Asia, but until recently they were
still unheard of outside Hong Kong. This changed drastically in 2016, when their
head coach Chan Yuen- ting made international headlines for being
the first woman in history to lead a men’s team to a
domestic league title. In 2017, Eastern added another record by becoming
the first team from Hong Kong to participate in the Asian Champions League
group stages, where they compete with the best clubs
from China, South Korea, and Japan. Hong Kong might not be home to one of Asia’s
most popular football leagues, but the small autonomous region in the south of China has had a long football tradition. A former British colony, football arrived
in Hong Kong in the late 19 th century. The first cup competition – known as Senior
Shield – was founded as early as 1896 and is still an annual highlight today. The Golden era of Hong Kong football started
in the 1950s and lasted until the late 1980s. During this
time, the league managed to attract many big names from overseas. Among them were Alan Ball and Bobby Moore, who both joined Eastern in 1982/83 at the end of their careers. Eastern invited Moore in December 1981 to
play in the Senior Shield final. Already 40 years of age by
then, he played for the last twelve minutes of the game, when Eastern had already secured a comfortable lead. After that Moore returned to England, but
in August 1982 Eastern offered him a head coach position. Unfortunately, Moore failed to succeed in
his coaching debut and eventually stayed for just one season. Back then, local football was dominated by
big teams such as Seiko , who hired stars like Aarie Haan, and Eastern remained very much a mid-table team throughout this time. Although football in Hong Kong started declining
in the 1990s, this was the time when Eastern Sports Club had their biggest period of success. Between 1992 and 1995 they won the league
title three consecutive times, but they failed to qualify
for the Asian Club Championship, the predecessor of today’s Asian Champions League. For a considerable amount of time, Eastern
were supported by Taiwanese businessmen, which gave them a close connection
to the Kuomintang (Gwoa-min-tang), the ruling party of Taiwan. Matches against other teams in Hong Kong that
were affiliated with pro-Communist forces were dubbed as “Civil War” derbies, but
nowadays these strong political backgrounds have ceased to exist. In 2014, Eastern experienced a revival, and
big investment allowed them to assemble some of Hong Kong’s most talented players. One of the most impressive signings was goalkeeper
Yapp Hung-fai. Over the years, Yapp has become an icon for
Hong Kong football. In 2009 he won the gold medal in the
East Asian Games, when Hong Kong beat Japan in penalties on home soil. Back then, Yapp was just 19
years of age and has since become the undisputed number one goalkeeper for the Hong Kong national
team. His impressive saves were also a major factor
when Hong Kong held the Chinese national team to ​two goalless draws in the World Cup qualifiers – an outcome that no-one dared to predict. Nowadays, Yapp captains both the national team and Eastern Sports Club – and he is known for giving
loud instructions to his teammates. When it comes to coaching, however, there is someone else who has the final say. Chan Yuen-ting took over the head coach position
in December 2015 and immediately led Eastern to their first championship title in 21 years. Just a few weeks after her appointment, she won the prestigious Senior Shield trophy. However, her success has had far bigger implications. When Eastern
secured the championship, the news of the historic event spread like wildfire. Within just hours, global
media reported that Chan Yuen-ting had become the first woman to win a national championship
with a men’s team. Since then, Chan – also known under her
local nickname “Beef Ball” – has become a role-
model for gender equality and has been selected by BBC among the 100 most influential women of 2016. With a Guinness World Record under her belt,
Chan has reached another milestone. In February
2017, she faced world-renowned coach Luiz Felipe Scolari, when Eastern faced Guangzhou Evergrande in the Asian Champions League.

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