The Flanker Club Sports Talk Show #21

welcome everybody welcome welcome back
it’s the flanker club sports talk show that’s right 21 episodes in I’m sorry 21
seasons 21 one congratulations we made it to 21 we’re legal now we’re legal
this show is legal season 21 now we can cuss and drink on the show wait a minute
I think we’re overdue for some cussing and drinking careful there yeah that’s
how it is so congratulations man 21 episodes it’s been a lot of fun and it’s
gonna get even more more funner there we go more fun or even more fun or even
more funner than before action eggs with 55% more fun yeah man so it’s been 16 5
6 56 % more more fun that’s what we son says we son said 56% more fun I’ll put a
banner like he’s always trying to anyway so we’re we’re we haven’t seen a good
friend white chocolate white chocolate I hope you’re doing alright hope things
are okay wherever you are or whatever you’re doing but again you know that’s
what happens sometimes people come and go some people sometimes they stay but
you know what the flankers are here to stay in your face ladies for life oh
yeah I remember those guys WWF action and I will always call it WWF sorry I
know just no disrespect to the World Wildlife Federation no disrespect none
whatsoever I love what they do I love what their
job their mission but you know well wrestling federation that’s really what
it’s all about that’s really that’s where that’s where that comes from
so let’s let’s move on hey you know what I saw today I was over the stores over
at Walgreens and this is not a plug for Walgreens but as over at Walgreens and
I saw I don’t know if you uh you seen this hallmark has Christmas ornaments
you seen it they have Christmas ornaments you know little things you can
hang on your Christmas tree and stuff like that there was one with the rock Oh
like crazy Oh Rock everything I’m gonna do over
exaggerated eyebrow like smelling with the rock yeah yeah cuz he had his hand
up and all that the microphone kind of thing and then on top of his head was a
little screw thing that he used it to hang up to the tree and he was in his
black tights and he was like smell what The Rock is cookin and he had that
over-exaggerated thing so let’s see well that’s enough of that
but this let’s get going today we’re gonna talk a little bit about everything
we got some NFL news some exciting NFL news we’ve got we’re gonna talk about
Major League Baseball for just one brief second we’ve got some NCAA football NCAA
basketball we know we got plenty of that that’s for sure
what else have we got we’ve got hockey updates and golf updates and everything
else updates we’re gonna update everything everything except for bowling
sorry guys no bowling this week so without further delay let’s go ahead and
let’s go ahead and just dive right in so before we go shout out to Zach Boychuk
Zach we haven’t heard from you brother want to hear from you hashtags Zach
Boychuk we want to hear from you I did a hashtag and it was out there so I don’t
know if he clicks on his name or not they thought yeah well he needs to about
that yeah maybe we need to write a letter I don’t know maybe he’s
old-school people used to do that I do yeah every once in a while I have to do
something like that yeah to fit the wet now I’m gonna have to write a check for
a hang that’s crazy write a check for a bill I do you mail it or you go deliver
it at the place of business I think I think
I mean I’ll see you local I think the lights are about to go up you know you
can pay your phone bill over them ya know it’s like it’s really weird like
I’d like I get agitated it up check like the PUC writes checks like other than
like 90 year old old ladies so yeah you gotta do what you got to do
yeah cool yeah it’s a boy Chuck let’s do this who’s – it man what do you got all
right so where we going into the NFL we going in straight into NFL a little bit
of fell so Zeke was suspended last week we talked about that he said he served
his first tweeks week first game but I thought it was interesting not so much
that he got suspended not so much that he did get it overturned know that what
was interesting to me was he accepts his suspension and will not challenge it he
said and I thought it was interesting because you didn’t play this week but
though you were already suspended so you would have something that you’ve already
been suspended and fired and then you tell your boss you quit he can’t do that
like you’ve already been you got fired so I thought it was interesting but you
know whatever to say be fit whatever makes him feel better about himself and
you know hopefully he spends this next six weeks beating women because you know
that’s what pieces of shit do and that’s what pieces of shit should do for
fucking beating women like a piece of shit
I think like there’s there’s there’s Z and then above Zeke right right here by
like room of the Chicago Bears right there’s like Z and then Chicago Bears
that’s how much of a piece of it is so I just want to mention I thought was
interesting when I read that I was like what like how do you accept something
that you only like you’ve already started your suspension there you go
it’s crazy and it guys crazy but again yeah I know he’ll do it again he’ll do
it again because people like that that’s it that’s all they know that’s all they
know so yeah it’s just a matter time we’ll hear about him again yeah well
let’s hope so let’s hope so so yeah I mean not and I
hope so for the women but hope so see isn’t it fell all together enough look
at this dumb ass anymore just like Ray Rice right he’s done you know yeah you
know it’s crazy but alright so yeah so that’s you know that’s all we have for a
new phone today guys so I like I said and then I cuz he’s a piece of shit so
there you go word word and yeah so we’ll see how they thought they do and you
know again a whole rebuilding season makeup year or whatever it’s called
whatever so good luck to them not not already now Major League Baseball I told
you we had a small update Astros are still 2017 World Series champions just
thought you’d like to know it’s right right there there’s still the champions
so Houston Astros congratulations for still being the 2017 World Series
champions yeah good job well you put something down there about major yeah
every beat so when did this is that goes a couple of weeks weeks a little over
two weeks now thing right Wednes but what’s like really frustrates
me on this is like they still have not announced the they still have not
announced today it was several different awards right so they’ve announced the
rear for the American League which was Erin judge nationally Cody Bellinger
right American manager of the year’s Paul Molitor if you remember Paul
Molitor remember he played for I think as Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins
that’s right then we got Torrey Lagoon who was the manager of the year for more
than so you know it’s just really weird because especially we get and I would
hope that in Jose Altuve gets it he helped him win the championship so I’m
hoping that he gets it aside from being an Astros fan but it’s just it’s really
weird how they wait you know two weeks after the season versus given it you
know the NBA give to them dirt right right at the end of the finals right but
again you know just I think it’d be interesting but it will be on tomorrow
at 5:00 p.m. set on the MLB Network so this is not a plug for them of you
network this is the American League MVP Jose all too late there we go yeah
because they’re not they don’t sponsor this show so you know this is not a plug
for the MLB Network now if they were sponsors we would be plugging them left
and right constantly but speaking of sponsors at least yeah just like we
would do for Texas whiskey anybody the drinks Texas whiskey let the Texas
whiskey brewers distillers makers manufacturers shippers bottlers whatever
they do let them know that hey the flanker club wants to promote Texas
whiskey because we live in Texas and we love Texas and we love whiskey two great
things that go great together she’s what more could you ask for and if
you know anybody that knows how to ship it later across the country like from
another country you have like a certain limit I think
it’s like a leader or something like that if it’s from another country yeah
you can bring in from you can bring it in you can bring it in but you can have
it mailed here right I’m not too sure I know there’s there’s some rules behind
it but who sues why what’s going on talk to us and maybe some one of our fans
could tell us read fear you know Red Horse beer from the Philippines if you
can get that here that is a tiny-ass bottle well this is actually it’s a can
opener okay but even then it’s the tiniest bottle opener is a bottle I have
you know but it runs out of 8.9 okay yeah so it’s almost like a malt liquor
kind of thing it’s a malt liquor it’s not a malt liquor but it’s definitely
like a malt liquor in the sense of the strength the alcohol content no any
rules or regulations as to how strong your beer could be over there they’re
not because they kill like murder they murder drug dealers on the street just
because the president sent so weird but yeah so anyways we tested Texas whiskey
and maybe some oh yeah there you go okay well that when it comes to beer
that’s a whole different ballgame so yeah there are I have received friends
from Germany have sent me some some great German beer I got a can up there
right now I’m looking at and yeah I know it you can get that sent to you for
personal use but it’s my understanding you cannot receive like cases in cases
and then it becomes a liquor license thing you get dressed you’re gonna sell
it versus like trying to sell it for your
personal consumption because there’s a retail resale correct now if you can
like legitimately show that within a 24 48 hour period you can drink a pallet of
that beer then you know have at it you’re good to go but you have to like
literally literally and not figuratively but literally show them that you can
legitimately drink that beer so there we go there we go Texas whiskey we will we
will drink responsibly and in moderation because you know it’s good for our
health and it’s Texas whiskey so there you go
two great things that go great together your good health and tricks this whiskey
no more could you ask for I think we’ve baked enough for this
episode what do you think it’s all good but again yeah that would definitely be
a beer I’d like to try that red horse smooth bitter what is it it’s you know
it’s I think how do you I mean cuz there’s nothing like it in states that I
bet that I’ve tried personally it’s not quite like an IPA mm-hmm IPAs thank you
yeah I do too it’s not quite but it’s hard it’s alright then a little bit of
that but it’s smooth so I can’t it’s kind of like in between but and you know
and I’ll tell you people I mean I don’t you have one of them down yeah I’ve been
you know five then now you know the next time you go I would ask to see how much
you can bring back on your own because I have seen I’ve my own eyes I have seen
it where flight crew can have bring back on their little carts you know they have
their little wheelie cart thing you know it has their bag in some wheels I’ve
seen them where they have a case of beer strapped to it I have seen that well
yeah so you know it doesn’t hurt to ask sure and if you have to check it in
you’re never gonna see it again I guarantee you that you get reimbursed
but you will never see the thing already so now let’s let’s move on to let’s move
on to the next segment which is definitely sports related and it’s NCAA
that’s right you asked for it basketball that’s right NCAA basketball folks Rick
Pitino is still fired just in case you didn’t know that
newsflash Rick Pitino is still fired that’ll teach them that money-grubbing
never mind anyway also in the news and again if you have not been paying
attention to the news or what’s been going on with college basketball and
China and the president and and all you know what there’s the X up there
just go ahead and click it click your life on the X because you know what I
mean it’s just been everywhere so it seems that the three that we talked
about the three the UCLA three are suspended indefinitely thank you finally
some justice after being arrested in China this comes from the Washington
Post reporter Tim Bon Temps attempts own temp whatever good times that’s his name
that’s his name it in in English good times
Bon Temps who I’d like to have that name anyway so he posted that today on the
Washington Post calm website at about 446 Eastern Time and because they’ve
their indefinitely suspended because they’re still going through the process
so UCLA can drag it out or the UC like and you know pick up the pace and just
make things happen so it’s really up to you see LA at this point but these
jokers are not suiting up they’re not going to practice they are not traveling
with the team and they messed up and finally somebody’s doing something about
it especially for that one individual because his dad it caught up to him
finally that’s what happens yeah when I heard about it obviously you know you
know I think I mean I can speak for myself I know I’ve done dumb shit like
that before you know so you just think you can get away with it and you in you
and you do dumb shit and you know there’s collectors and they got it
so I am also happy that they got suspected in yeah you know it’s
interesting that they did come out and they talked today and admitted to
shoplifting in China they did think president Trump but I’m pretty sure if
you ask the Democrat that’s mom Obama did it because I don’t think in
drunk antique Fred happens this year I think it’s only until 2018 so
unfortunate for Trump it wasn’t a bomb but aside from the the political
bullshit you know balls they suck
people apparently and not because they still try to stow sunglasses it’s just
this is your point from the parent teaching this kid that they can do
whatever the fuck they want and get away with it and act like an asshole country
at that in China communist a communist country hey acting like an apple just
doesn’t make any sense whatsoever I remember this ladies you and maybe you
remember that kid from Singapore Horton’s painted on cars and he got ten
k-member it was a big deal and they came in ten that’s one of these assholes ten
dimes you know so you know again look I’m glad don’t get me wrong I’m glad
they were back anything nice and spite you know what consequences they are
suspended good and hopefully they don’t get there that’d be better yeah no
that’s that’s excellent and yeah I remember that kid that dumbass kid yeah
you got exactly what he deserved and that’s what happens when you go to a
foreign country and you want to play by your home country’s rules because you
know here you would have gotten away with it and they would have been taking
selfies with the owner of the store yeah right but yeah that that’s how it goes
and that’s crazy already so now are you starting to get then it’s Bowl season
time we’re on the cusp of Bowl season time so and as NCAA football we’re about
to really kick this thing into overdrive and there’s looking at the college
football playoff rankings right now there’s no surprise Alabama is number
one Clemson’s number to Miami’s number three Oklahoma Wisconsin Auburn Georgia
Notre Dame Ohio State and for the first time in a very long time Penn State in
the top ten but again those are the usual suspects there’s no there’s no
well there’s nothing more to say those are the usual suspect there’s no
surprise in this list and I don’t see any more surprises until the end of the
so the end of the season yeah you know I I’m not huge into the ice these things
that I see all the time so I would agree with you on that you know that’s you
know I don’t give a shit one way or the other
the only thing I’m waiting for is when they the seniors when they played you
know a team they ripped their knee apart and then they can get drafted and top
Willis McGahee child shout-out to Willis McGahee the most gruesome knee injuries
ever especially in a bowl game when he’s supposed to be like the number one pick
if blue is fucking me out man like holy shit but that also camera badger a lot
of these players pulled themselves out of the bowl games and there was a big
hoopla about it because of the fact that these people these players are like I
don’t want to get hurt but I’m about to be drafted right and you know what you
don’t that’s another reason pay them and they’ll play so again a sense here again
you know I do like what I will tell you that because so you know again not
surprised because these these are the same people that I’d seems I see all
times well well yeah and no I agree I agree and you know it does make sense
you know these are the guys that brought these teams to the ball game you know
now let the other kids that the new kids that the new stars start to shine you
know give them a that that could be their little kudo thing forgetting them
there but again you know I I I got a I got a side on the side of the players
that choose to sit it out especially because you know you know their mom is
counting on this money to buy her the brand-new caddy or buy her a brand-new
house you know their mom really really truly you know invested all that time
and energy for this kid to be drafted number one by the NFL and signed that
multi-million dollar contract you know because that’s just the way it is but
again you know I don’t blame him is just that’s just my two cents and I’m just
being funny on that and I don’t say they gotta make enough money so when their
dad tries to get back into their life they have something to buy their dad so
cool that’s true I forgot about that yeah like a documentary about that kid
that was what did he do he was playing golf no no he was used he was doing he
was the kid on the sidelines he was like an assistant coach or a waterboy or
something then uh and then his dad tried to come back into his life in the ER he
was he was the he was the facilities guy yet documentary as well and then he
became like a line back here and it’s not Rudy I know first thing people don’t
think oh Rudy root it’s not rude and front row yeah forgot that yeah but
there with the excellent documentary on college football it would have been the
making of Boucher or something like that yeah
I’m making a Bobby Boucher that’s right check it out it’s on Netflix it’s on
Amazon it’s downloaded and there could be maybe on somebody’s old hard drive
check it out a great documentary or VHS did they have VHS back then laserdisc at
the big ones that reminds me I haven’t I need to go take a picture at that place
so that that’s NCAA football now let’s talk about EA Sports it’s in the game oh
it’s still in the game hey what do you know about eSports like like no eSports
like kids playing Halo or in a competitive level alright so when I see
shit like that like that’s like if people back in our day d & D that’s kind of what I see it as
right now obviously this you know interesting some of this shit these
fucking guys like be fucking freak out dude like they’re like screaming and
yell when like it’s crazy it reminds me of when we used to play for or would
remember on the Sega you know we play for we Madden and getting yelling and
shit and getting after each other so you know I don’t know man it’s a little bit
nerdy for me you know but it’s all good they all look alike if you really live
in the mom’s basement fucking jerk off and play if I can
crafter tell my grandpa says she halo halo of world of warcraft world of
warcraft here hey runo you said a fucking roommate hey and I would always
like every every month we’d have pay-per-view and I would always have a
preview at the house and so we moved in together I was like yeah don’t party
much but every once a month I always have people over for the game so and I
had the master bedroom hee-hoo small bedrooms one was his bedroom and then
yet like his office anyway so the the navigated the fights on so I
go to his room and I’m like hey man you know knock on the door I open the
fucking door he’s playing on this fucking big fucking there now and shit
and he fucking has three boxes of the five real meal for five bucks really
okay or see you know Donna yeah three fucking boxes stacked on top of each
other he wasn’t going to at least fucking
dance dude he wasn’t gonna leave his fucking desk like legit yeah yeah I was
like holy we knew there’s some nerdy shit you know so he teaches home don’t
get me wrong I heard out on some shit – but that’s fucking crazy dude yeah it is
and I mean I’ve seen it every once in a while and these these kids just like I
agree they they go over the it’s like they’re freaking winning the Super Bowl
you know and they’re jumping for joy there’s actual tears coming out for
these kids and as I okay if just a PlayStation game
no it’s a way it why if you don’t understand it it’s like okay calm down
calm down take it easy there Willis what you’re talking about
yeah no I just thought I’d throw that out there but it’s just kind of like
your take on on eSports it’s the kind of the same as my take on eSports it serves
a purpose you know gives kids something to do get some off the streets get some
you know those eight don’t that are not one not aesthetic because you know then
two that are more into the gifts you know more into the book smarts born to
the the logical linear thinking and and we need that definitely so it’s not
knocking it but it should not be a replacement for outdoor activity or
anything like that you know if you’re gonna be doing eSports you’re mandated
to run like a 5k before you can even start right ready to go yeah totally
agree with that man I think you know there gets in there and he plays his
fucking games and to do it to played Mario Brothers and all that crap in
Atari and all that so I get that you you got to get out and so he does right so
he does pardon happen happen I’m 100% okay with that man you make more money
being a nerd than you are to be an athlete in really no real directed them
right there’s one of them on and a million people will make
in athletics athletics versus being a nerd and you know and actually learning
something all good enough of the East for search for nerd nerd Coco so what we
got next here so we got a little bit of UFC man not a whole lot going on right
now yeah of course you have he has something going every week it seems like
they do have a fight down the 18th but with the one I wanted to talk about
which is I was pretty just last not this past Saturday Saturday to prior Michael
Bisping fought Georges st. Pierre for the title and
lost Pierre did a rear naked choke but the cool thing is is he’s talking about
retirement basically is what it is he’s talking about retirement so he wanted to
fight he wants to fight in England as his retirement fight so
but he has there not but he has a certain amount of fights left on his
contract apparently so you just want he you know get short so what he wants to
do is he’s fighting on November 25th so pretty much almost a month heating again
which I give him big props man you know yeah that’s pretty badass so on November
25th on UFC Fight Night Shanghai China he will be fighting you know as long as
he doesn’t steal any sunglasses he should be good to go
but I thought it’d be pretty cool you know I think that’s pretty interesting
that he’s stepping up just so he can entire wing he wants so it’s pretty cool
oh that is nice that is nice and yeah I don’t think that there’s gonna be a
problem I think there’s good with him stealing anything over there you know
they love that MMA stuff I mean isn’t that kind of where it was born so again
yeah that just they’ll give him he’s royalty over there now like those three
networks well good deal that that should be interesting yeah that definitely
something to see and it will be on regular TV right correct yes there we go
speaking of regular TV is there any regular TV left I don’t think there is
but there are there is other sports in the winter sports are well underway hey
we got like what two months before the Olympics begin so we’re gonna talk about
that soon but in the meantime winter sports it’s a hockey season that’s right
hockey season hosers so a take off a knee and ow it’s Zach come on Zach boy
Chucky exactly man if we need him on the show Zach give us some something man
just drop us just drop us a bone brother we don’t need much you know what you
send us an autographed an autographed picture of you doing something on the
ice you know what we’re gonna do we’re gonna auction it off and donate all the
money to charity how’s that sound Zach there we go that’s
just right off the top of my head that’s that’s it now
now we’re gonna guilt them into into providing something into talking to us I
usually use that line by the way just awful
when you’re talking to the girls we’re trying to get are you trying to get sex
Boychuk on your show one or the other that’s how it goes so real quick NHL
standings it’s shaping up already now now things are really moving and here’s
what I’m talking about in first place this week I’m that excuse
me is gummy bear the Tampa Bay Lightning have moved up two places to first the
st. Louis Blues have dropped one they’re in second the New Jersey Devils have
gone up three in one week they’re in third place Los Angeles Kings down two
in fourth place Toronto Maple Leafs enter the top 10 for the first time in
our tracking Winnipeg Jets have gone down one to six place Columbus again
enters for the first time in our top 10 picks down 4-2 8th place down for the
Pittsburgh Penguins 10 7 & 3 mind you number one the Tampa Bay Lightning 14 2
& 2 Nashville Predators 10 and 5 and 2
they’re our 9th and closing at the top 10 the Ottawa Senators 8 3 & 5 hockey is
starting to pick up folks now things are gonna get very very
interesting but that’s enough of that for today with with hockey got any any
comments I’m Anna it means a step up his game over here and get with the program
already so let’s just make it happen there Zack you heard him you heard my
brother dude you heard my brother so make sure you take care of that yep up
to the puck there you go step up drop the puck and step up to the Piniella
that’s how do they do it homerun touchdown grand slam no but you
should it like just went with it because then it would have been like fluent
means hmm charms oh just like fuck it all up sorry about that
we’ll get better next week Zack we’ll get better next week but that shouldn’t
stop you from you know calling in mailing in email dropping us a picture
that we can raffle off and get the money to charity write us a letter brace the
letter yeah something man anything don’t get the cramp dough don’t get the cramp
is it that writers cramp because then you know you’ll have to be popping your
phones and it’ll just be terrible let’s move this sign let’s move on to
professional golf you know we’ve been having some tracking some some
tournaments and the OHL classic I talked about that last week that my Mayakoba
November 9th through the 12th Playa del Carmen main equals alchemy leo and golf
club congratulations to patent kaziri 31 year old from Al and Montgomery
Alabama takes a winner’s share of the 7 point 1 million dollar purse there in
Mexico last week so congratulations they’re starting off this week the are
at RSM classic I don’t know what RSM stands for what do you think are some
stands for real exemplars in classic he said yeah the RSM classic what it’s RSM
stand for radio a cemetry no no the artist is the Roger Smith memorial
classic no Rogers tomorrow the 16th and goes through the 19th through Sunday at
the Sea Island Golf Club seaside course you can watch this on the Golf Channel
this coming weekend a purse of 6.2 million dollars is on that’s a lot of
money to be giving out right before the holidays that’s crazy
let’s see the lady’s pro golf Association we get the Blue Bay LPGA
that just standard on the 11th and Hainan Island China they had some
sunglasses there the purse was 2.1 million dollars now see there’s that big
disparity people thought why still golf it’s adults grown-ass adults with a
metal stick hitting a tiny-ass fall into a cup okay why is everybody getting paid
different it’s a you know that that the one in the one at Sea Island Golf Club
is 6.2 and the one at Hainan Island is 2.1 seriously come on what’s up with that
Shelby should i be equal and then make everybody play for the same amount of
money that we just leave it open that’s me in and just every watch or just start
beating each other with the clubs now that’s a tournament battle royal that’s
it we got to have one of those we got a sponsor one of those memorial
battle royal golf tournaments what’s the battle royal party you’ll find out
yeah it happens at 18 right no no no that’s just the T off oh shit
just the T off that’s just a tee off because they got like these long-ass tee
times and I’ll tell you one because the CME Group : the ladies when the Hainan
Island congratulations to Shanshan Feng remember her I mentioned her last week
Shanshan fend for winning the tournament at the beginning of the month well she
went again this week this past week so she did it she win another tournament
she’s on a roll now and then and then the CME Group Tour Championship at
DeWitt on Golf Course in Naples Florida another person 2.5 minutes 2.5 come on
seriously it’s the holidays people November 16 through the 1990s watch it
on the Golf Channel again we’re not plugging the Golf Channel but if we did
we’d be really plugging it we’d be promoted what four five times at least
and at least at least buddy at least but um hey just shout out out there again
just as a warning to everybody out there that’s watching be aware shanshan fan is
scheduled to tee off at 9:40 2:00 in the morning Eastern Time Thursday the 16th
check it out on Golf Channel but see us from Target so you got people teeing off
like at 7:30 and it goes like almost 10 you know she’s gonna be one of the last
ones to to tee off so she gets to sleep in a little bit but she also gets to
finish in the dark right so it’s is it fair is it not fair that’s what I’m
saying that’s why you get out there and everybody just Huddle’s around the sand
pit and everybody gets like a 5-iron and then just have a headed right just go
last one standing gets the tee off yoho-o
but no but you know you see even better four o’clock in the morning you got to
show up there four o’clock in the morning it’s pitch dark there’s no
lights on now no that’s a tournament that they get to be on that I think it’s
no you should start it started at p.m. on the night at 9:00 p.m.
big things happen on the 9th oh oh I’m p.m. just for that Apple documentary
about a guy that plays golf he he was there
she meant whoa he was a hockey player but he was not really good at hockey so
this whole backstory behind it or whatever he ends up becoming a really
really good golfer I forgot his name he was pretty happy about stuff I know that
you know hmm yeah you know became who’s a hockey player
that’s right did he like dedicate like that one season to his grandma or some
like that yes so it was a happy place that he said that’s how you want but
yeah whose great documentary you guys gotta watch I forget the name of it yes
it’s out there it’s probably on Amazon or Hulu the more likely Hulu yeah yeah
Netflix I don’t know they have original stuff they don’t really have any old
stuff but yeah I remember the documentary yeah oh that’s where the guy
got his arm bit off to remember yes yeah a tragedy yeah cut off by an alligator
or something like that plane and I thought he was rescuing that kid at
Disney World oh yeah I’m the last great so yeah a lot
of green action if you’re into golf you want to just sit home get plastered turn
tune into the Golf Channel and just you know and kind of think about that and
maybe one day it could be the better we’re gonna do it we’re gonna have our
own battle royal tournament Golf Championship toward Memorial Tournament
Battle Royale wait we’ll call it the Larry’s of bisco Memorial
no Pat Patterson we’ll call it the Pat Patterson most Memorial Tournament and
battle royal golf tournament that’s it is he dead she’s still alive once he’s
dead then we’ll do it what about Rene cool a hacksaw jim duggan he still will
get somebody here soon yeah we’ll come up with something but that’s it
that’s what we’re gonna have we’re gonna have our own tournament golf tournament
and the only way to participate is to get into the battle royale
when the purse is whatever he can dig out of somebody else’s pockets cuz yeah
that’s it that is it so that that’s enough that’s enough for golf for this
week folks what a great times great times and again
Texas whiskey father’s distillers Brewers you know just as easy as we can
go ahead and promote Golf Channel we can promote your product too because we love
whiskey don’t don’t and that’s cuz we’re not even drinking
tonight imagine if we were drinking tonight we’re not drinking it here until
they give us to the indoors that’s right not even water we’re not anything to
drink water until they give us an endorsement deal right that’s it shout
out to Texas risk hashtag Texas whiskey oh man so see
where are we get any breaking news anything you want to talk about little
barb all right so we talked about the lebar ball didn’t it he has been asked
that he was gonna make Donald Trump an honorary baller for cuz we’ll see what
happens man we’ll see if that comes to fruition I’m sure I don’t think that
it’s just my personal opinion because doing anything with Donald Trump is
probably gonna be good for all our brand so you know you may want to rethink that
I think people buy it on the DL now act like they hate it but then yeah just
don’t but yeah so that’s it that’s all I got that’s cool that’s cool another
great week of sports we’re getting ready hey we’re getting ready to go into what
are we talking and we talk again on Thanksgiving Eve so it is great great
you know mediocre pull away weekend of football where all the team starts
separating and we start seeing who are the winners and who the real losers are
I mean we don’t have to look far to you know what that’s Cleveland Giants well
so we’re looking at this just not looking too good right now and everybody
that’s hurt every team that has somebody that’s hurt which is a catholique yeah
Green Bay is not looking good I’m glad that they you know won last week but
we’ll see this is gonna be some tests don’t know yeah so it should be pretty
good but yeah it’s gonna be fun and then we’ve got the big big Thanksgiving
spectacular like all weekend is football we’ve got what
Thursday we got what four games now fort gain so do you remember when he just
used to be – yes and then it came to three three crawled in there when the
NFL Network came in was it when Fox came in
nothing was an NFL Network now there’s four it’s crazy that is crazy man and
then whatever Menace with just like half and half you know next pretty soon we’ll
be getting it and then we got college games all day on Friday and Saturday and
that’s this kind of the done for college football and then Sunday well the rest
of the season hey you know looking forward into
December we start getting into our Saturday NFL games I love Saturday NFL
tonight yeah yeah yeah it’d be interesting to be cool and always just
like every Sunday Monday or Thursday what is a Thursday Saturday Sunday
Monday and then Saturday Sunday Monday and then it’s just that yeah that’s it
we have to wait another six or seven months yeah all over again
gonna be long but we’ll get it done already
so if that’s it that’s it folks we thank you for stopping by we think if I watch
and be sure you watch all our other shows and our other stuff we got some
other stuff in the works and we putting some stuff out and have a great week
we’ll talk to you soon visit our website

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