The Gentlemen’s Guide to Peeing on the Golf Course

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Peeing on the Golf Course

Oh Excuse me I didn’t see you there. You know golf is a game of etiquette. But no one ever talks about how to properly
take relief on the golf course. And you’re out there, having a good time with
your buddies Drinking some swing juice You’re going to have to go. This is “The Gentleman’s Guide to Peeing on
the Golf Course.” Come pee with me. Trees are great. They provide shade, oxygen…hell paper. They also provide great cover on the course. You didn’t even know I was peeing. #[email protected]&%*!. I am so pissed off! I looked pretty mad back there, huh? Acting. You think I get mad over an errant tee shot. I hit those all the time. Throwing your club into the woods gives you
a great excuse to answer nature’s call the way David Henry Thoreau intended it. Surrounded by trees The wonders of nature. Forget about an outhouse or a Porta John This is the way man is supposed to relieve
himself. Cleaning your golf club is extremely important. But not as important as draining your bladder. Use this golf towel for what it was intended. To prevent people from catching a glimpse
of your Dustin Johnson. I’m peeing right now. These ball washers are ridiculous. I mean look at this thing. You know what you’re not looking at? Me peeing in a trash can in broad daylight. Guys I gotta take this it’s the office. I’m sorry. Yeah go ahead. No, Larry. I know we talked about this. Well, Larry, what are we even paying the guy
for, alright? I mean this is ridiculous. This is the third time this week. There’s nobody on the phone. It’s the fake business call. It’s the perfect diversion to get your Tiger
into the Woods. Larry, yeah? No, sure. I get it, Larry. But you know we talked about this. I don’t even have a job. Now this one is actually a terrible idea and
I don’t recommend it unless you’re playing a solo round. It’s actually got zero utility. But it just feels so gosh darned fantastic. I call this the “Celine Pee-On.” Near far, pee wherever you are. This has been a “Genletman’s Guide to Peeing
on the Golf Course.” I hope you found it educational. I know I sure did. Join us next time when we have a few tips
for the ladies.

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  1. Uh was that really your junk?

  2. Not cool. Even suggesting pissing in the cup is dangerous. The water, if it is water, is already questionable enough. And to think, "oh, no one will actually piss in the cup." Naive, sirs.

  3. This is fucking hilarious

  4. Finally someone uses 'Dustin Johnson' as a penis euphemism!

  5. What about buying and using a uroclub?

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