The Mega Coaches motor to 4 points in the Junior Tag League! (#njpst)

The Mega Coaches motor to 4 points in the Junior Tag League! (#njpst)

I didn’t have it tonight. I couldn’t lead Uemura.
I feel bad about it. I’m truly sorry. Uemura’s trying his best.
He really is. He might not see it the way I do. Uemura’s got his own mind. Well, it’s been only 2 nights.
There’s still more to go. Absolutely, we will make some results.
And… I want Uemura to gain something,
on this path to becoming a junior. I want to support him.
And I want him to break through. But Uemura did great today. Uemura… Next time. Thank you. I sucked. This time… I can’t do this alone. I need to rely on Tiger’s true ability. I have to rely on his power.
I can’t contribute enough. But… We still haven’t clicked, completely. But… I want to fix that,
and move on towards victory. I’m in no way Liger’s replacement. I am Yuya Uemura.
I can’t be Liger. I won’t try to be. During this league,
I want to make my name known. I don’t know how much further it is,
but I will beat one of my mentors. Thank you. They pushed us to the edge. Uemura… He gave me a run for my money. That German Suplex nearly took me out.
I was barely conscious. I went completely limp.
I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was getting pulled apart. In that moment, everything seemed inside out. But I pulled it off,
thanks to the little extra I had. That little extra I’ve got
is what saved my skin. If I didn’t have that much,
who knows where I’d be? Well, Uemura is indeed strong. So is Tiger Mask, of course. Tiger Mask is leading him well.
They’re a good team. お疲れさま 今日は君が
勝利を取った これで俺たちは並んだ 2人の頭脳派の監督が手を組めば
そりゃ最高のタッグチームになるわけだ 監督田口&監督ロッキー
俺たち2人で歴史を作るのさ 歴史を振り返れば 他にも名監督で思い浮かぶのは
トミー・ラソーダ… Coach Hara. 原な それから映画
マイティ・ダックのゴードン でも俺たちは
彼ら以上のものを持ってる 俺たち2人なら
優勝間違いない SHO&YOH
大事な弟たちだが… 誰も俺たちには敵わない
誰も 俺たちには数え切れないほどの戦略がある
誰が相手でもな SHO&YOHを創ったのは俺だ
お前達を破壊することだってできる 今のはちょっと
キツすぎる言い方だったな 田口 昨日はご馳走様でした 今日は君が勝ったから…
もちろん今日も君の奢りで Thanks for treating! 今日の主役は君だ!
だから君の奢りな Thank’s for treating.
Thank you. じゃあバーで待ってるよ 飲みながら 何で? 私が払う?

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  1. 上半身と下半身が…

  2. Yuya Uemura needs to be watched more. He's becoming powerful the more he experiences, and soon, he'll morph into one of the best in New Japan.

    TAGUCHI & Romero = 2:0:4

  3. 最後の奴はちょっとアメプロ(WWEとかimpactとか)意識しているのかなぁ?

  4. ライガー止めるならグレートサスケ・スペルデルフィン・ウルティモドラゴン・エルサムライが新日本プロレスに入って欲しいです

  5. "I am Yuya Uemura. I can't be Liger."
    That my friend is how a superstar is born.

  6. 監督節戻ってきた(笑)

  7. 上村は絶対いい選手になる‼️

  8. 会話噛みあってないのにコントは一丁出来上がりだなww

  9. ロッキー対3Kが楽しみだ

  10. 今のオスプレイを倒すには田口監督しかいない!
    東京ドームは田口監督vsオスプレイのIWGP Jr.戦期待してる

  11. タイガーの潔いコメント本当に爽やか。男らしくていいなあ。こういう男になりたいよ。

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