The only female doctor working in a football club in Brazil (english subs)

The only female doctor working in a football club in Brazil (english subs)

I talk to you in a minute, because now we have a special report about you, madam … Let’s see. This physician, Nathália Figueiredo, is also an athlete, guys. She practices many sports, and if I talk about all of them here, we’ll not have enough time… And, indeed, it would be sufficient, for her to be here, just because of this characteristic but, Dr. Nathália is pioneering a new world for women, entering a universe that was exclusive of men! Do you know why? Because she is the physician of a male football team. In a world dominated by men, she’s a rarity. We realize that she is here, because of her capacity and that’s how she stands out. Nathália is the only woman working as a doctor in a football club in Brazil. Her career in sports medicine began in the Sport Club Internacional, in 2010. When there, she became news. “This is Nathália, the sports medicine resident working at SC Internacional.” She has been in EC Vitória for a year now, and she’s called the player’s “godmother”. “She is very good, affectionate with us and treat us nicely.” I think this is a natural aspect of women. I think every woman, in general, is more affectionate than men. And I think, maybe, they’re not used to this and… therefore, feel this difference from other doctors… male doctors, who are not as tender. The routine in “The Lion’s Den” (club’s stadium and office) is hard with more than 200 athletes of which Nathália has to take care. Most of the work, really, takes place in the medical office. It’s the place where I can do my best to evaluate them, by having a proper bed to exam, not being in the field… It’s where I can use techniques to examine some clinical diseases, being able to do “the extra field work” because “athletes ‘do not live only on lesions, but with’ lots of flu, and sinusitis, and so forth…” But you have to keep an eye on the field, too! If someone is injured, as happened to this boy there… It was a direct trauma, wasn’t it? – He came with the sole of the foot?
– Yes. When she’s not working, she becomes an athlete… And of various sports, doesn’t it? There are so many sports that I can’t even count on the fingers of my hands. – You’re not able to?
– No! Stand up paddle, Fencing, Squash, Muay Thai, Bowling, Bodyboarding, Swimming, Rappelling, Fitness… Phew!! Count in Canoeing!! I believe, when you enter the athlete’s world, you have much better conditions to understand what they go through… To understand how injuries happen. So, besides liking, it also has a professional side. In practicing sports, I also work. … And, finally, cycling, which is her favorite. She rides at least three times a week, at night. She participates to bike crews such as “Meninas do Pedal” (Pedal Girls), in Salvador city, that we have shown here in a previous “Bahia Sport”. As, usually, I have time at night to go for longer rides this is the time that I take to exercise and enjoy this beautiful look, this wonderful seaside of Salvador. This is “Super Nath”! as affectionately called by friends. “Multi athlete”, and breaking barriers in the world of sports. Oh Boy! I’d like to know if you have time for anything else in your life, besides work and those sports you practice. You should have to, right?! We have other things to do: have to keep studying, take care of the family, have to pay attention to the boyfriend. – There has to be more time!
– You have to know how to split time, right, Nathália? Just wake up and start early! Tell me something, how did you decide to enter this world? Do you suffer any prejudice? Well then… in my workplace, it doesn’t happen. I am well respected among athletes and professionals who work with me. Nevertheless, we hear some things “off the field” that disappoint us. We realize that some people are still not ready to accept a woman working with football players. We hear a joke here, a joke there, that sometimes hurts, because it puts into question our capacity. But then… What do we do? Pretend we didn’t hear, go ahead and “life keeps moving”… And let’s be happy! ‘Cause it’s your job, right? – Responding with her own proficiency!
– Certainly! Competency is what matters to show, now! Nathália, tell me something. You work at the “base division” (underage category) in EC Vitória, right? Do the boys pretend to be sick, just to be seen by the good-looking doctor? [laughs] I think, in the beginning, they were a bit surprised. When they went there, and “Wow, there is a woman as a doctor!” But now they have realized there is a professional there. Wanting to take care of them, to help bring up the best in them, and so, now, they are fine with that. Good thing…

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