The Story Of Atari’s Pac-Man Day With Release Date Confirmed!

The Story Of Atari’s Pac-Man Day With Release Date Confirmed!

The release dates of our favorite games are
unforgettable. And the bigger the game, the bigger the event! But did you know that the release date of
the first mega blockbuster game is lost? Well, I’ve found it and in this episode I’ll
prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt! The hype for a new and upcoming piece of software
or hardware can start to take on a life of its own. And after its release, if it’s groundbreaking
enough, that date can become etched in the gaming history books as the start of a new
era. And if not, then the date is at least remembered
by archivists and can be used for future reference. It wasn’t always that way though. In the dark ages before the internet, game
release dates were not always known. Games just appeared on the shelves with very
little notice, and once the game was out, what day it was released on didn’t really
matter. If you had the game, there was nothing else
to worry about. And unless the game was a multi-million seller,
it was likely to be forgotten when the next big thing came around anyway. Today, every game has a street date, It’s
commonplace now. You can reference it on company websites,
Wikipedia and even the online store of your machine will tell you how long it’s been since
the game was first put on sale. The further you go back in time though, even
extremely popular games were not announced for a release on a single day and that information
has had to be pieced back together later. And it got me wondering, what about Pacman
for the Atari 2600? Go search online and you’ll see it doesn’t
have a clear release date. But why? It was the biggest release of its time and
the hype around it was as intense as any game today. The original arcade Pacman, produced by Namco,
and distributed by Midway in the US was a smash hit. Over 350,000 machines were produced, some
of which are STILL in operation today. It brought in over one billion dollars in
quarters, and another billion dollars in machine sales in the first year and a half on the
market. It was the first video game to have an animated
show, breakfast cereal, a line of toys and a hit single, called “Pac Man Fever” which
peaked at #9 on the billboard hot 100 in 1982. Pacman was a true phenomenon and whether you
played games or not, it was a household word then and now. The Atari version sold over 7 million copies,
and became the best selling Atari 2600 game of all time. But this version of pacman often gets derided
as being ugly, clunky and unplayable, with none of the charm that the original arcade
version had. All you have to do is go to the Internet for
5 minutes and you’ll find someone saying Atari’s Pacman was awful. “pac man by Atari is a falafel of fail,
deep fried in dog Doo Doo and washed down with a mothball milkshake” You’ll also find people blaming Pacman on
bringing down the whole industry. As if one game could really do such a thing…. “you see…. before Nintendo and the official
Nintendo seal of quality anyone could make a game and no matter how bad it was you couldn’t
stop it. Atari’s pacman caused the industry to “crash”,
only ROB the robot could save it.” But none of those people were alive in 1982! Maybe even 1992! So what do they know?????? I actually had the game when it was brand
new. Yes… people knew it didn’t look the same
as the arcade version, no one was expecting that it could. But it was PACMAN at home! Unlimited games, no lines and no saving up
quarters. The hype was real and I for one, couldn’t
wait to get it. But this is not a video on the merits or faults
of Pac-Man, I’m here to prove when the game was released. But before I can do that lets take a look
at what media had to say back then and now about when this game was released, sort through
it and prove when Atari 2600 PacMan first went on sale. In those days there weren’t even many gaming
publications around to announce when games were coming. There was Electronic games, which premiered
in October 1981 and Atari Age, whose debut issue was marked as May/June 1982. Besides catalogs, there just wasn’t much else
to go by. Magazines and catalogs also have huge lead
times of several months, sometimes before the games were even finished. So to put a singular date in print didn’t
happen as there wasn’t any way to guarantee that what was printed wouldn’t change somewhere
down the line. In the early days of gaming, the system that
is in place now, didn’t exist. Now, nearly every game comes with a preorder,
a bundle , a trade in offer and sometimes a midnight launch, delivery to your door or
a day one download, often preloaded so you can play right at 12:01AM. But in the good old days, it just wasn’t that
way. You might have known what games were coming
later this year, but thats about it. Things as we know them really started up in
the 90s. One of the first big games with a launch date
that was announced well in advance so everyone knew when it was for Sonic The Hedgehog 2
when SEGA announced November 24th 1992 as Sonic 2’s Day. You’d be surprised, but, another game, one
that most would say defined a generation, Super Mario Bros. has no singular day that
anyone can point to as the release! In a 2012 article published by Gamasutra,
Frank Cifaldi states that after much research, the official American release date of Super
Mario Bros. is not known. Earliest evidence points to a simple ad listing
the game as already on sale but theres no evidence if November 17th, 1985 was the first
day or not. It just can’t be proven. Later games Like Super Mario Bros 3, have
had their release dates confirmed but these have been backtracked to that day long after
the game was released. As a side note, this contrasts fully with
Japan where game release dates are well documented and have been since the beginning. The release dates for every game were always
announced clearly in advertising. But one difference between Super Mario Bros
and Pacman was that at Super Mario Bros was unknown prior to release, whereas Pacman was
the biggest game of all time up to that point. Surely the first day the game was on sale
had to be mentioned somewhere? The Status Quo about the Pacman release date
is to say the least, a mess. Some sites say the game was released in 1981
like Moby Games and the Pac-Man Wiki. While IGN, the wonderful source of news that
they are, has it listed as September 9th 1981. Others like Wikipedia list March 1982. Some like Digital Press say April 1982 while
Atari age, truly the king of Atari sites has it listed as “Not Available!” Hey, in this case they are actually right
because it doesn’t look like anyone knows what the date is! How did this even happen where you can’t
even say which YEAR it came out??? Another reason for this discrepancy stems
from the copyright date of game. Both on screen and printed on the label and
in the manual it clearly says 1981. It could be that the game was finished and
copyrighted but not made available until after the new year. So let’s figure out whats going on here. There will be a lot of false positives to
sort through here, but we have to cover each lead extensively, in order to fully disprove
them and then bring evidence in to prove date, but only after disproving everything else. So. Was it 81 or 82? The website shows a completed
ROM dated September 1981. The pac man page on that site tries to figure
out the discrepancy as well, more about why, then, when, but comes to the determination
that due to the long lead time for manufacturing cartridges, that it couldn’t possibly be released
in time for the 81 Christmas shopping season and was held over until April 1982. Is this right though? There are no sources that point to PacMan
selling at Xmas Time in the 1981, this ad is actually from 1982. It looks like many sites just looked at the
games label and called it a day. What about March or April of 1982? Lets keep narrowing it down. In the forums of Atari Age there is a discussion
about there being two release dates for Pacman, in March and April 1982. With a “National Pac-Man Day” being held
on April 3rd. One Atari Age user, Random Terrain, also maintains
a website chronicling Atari releases and he says theres both a March and April release. The site’s owner Duane Alan Hahn, says that
he bought his Atari VCS on March 27th, 1982 and that while Pac Man was available already,
he couldn’t get a copy until April. His site also shows a flyer saying PacMan
was available March/April! What was National PacMan day? When we come back, a look at the first video
game launch party, and the smoking gun that proves which day Atari’s Pacman was let out
into the world. Break. While I don’t doubt Duane’s story, that
Pacman was available in March, it would never hold up under any scrutiny. There’s no proof here to show that people
had the game in March. It could just be gossip. But according to him, PacMan was in his home
by the first week of April. Which is when Atari held National Pacman Day. What was National PacMan day? Several sources keep talking about it, and
some websites like. 8-bit central, run by a great guy named Pete,
shows some print ads and news clippings celebrating the national release day of PacMan on Saturday
April 3rd, 1982. Atari actually ran 5 days of print ads just
to count down the days. It says right here: On April 3rd, 1982, Atari
will officially introduce the only home version of PacMan. National PacMan day was actually quite a big
event. With activities, prizes and a chance to meet
Pacman in over 20 cities across America. Including Tampa, New Orleans, Pittsburgh,
Minneapolis and the pre-game events at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Some news papers even covered the events and
ran stories about National Pacman Day, later in the week. But there is still a source here who is very
well regarded in the Atari community that says March. Some catalogs say March, and many websites
say March too! In fact, more websites say March than April. If this National Pac Man day was such a big
deal, why do so many sources still say March? Sure April 3rd is early in the month and its
possible that things take longer than planned so, it could have been scheduled for March
then just pushed a bit later. But clearly an event of this scale, with multiple
days of national ads and live events at locations in over 20 American cities HAD to be planned
well in advance. Were there any news stories about Pacman being
out in March? There is one that I have found, and its from
a very unlikely place. It’s Saturday Night LIVE!! The March 20th episode of Saturday Night live
Starring Robert Urich with musical guest Mink Deville, had a very special and direct reference
to Atari’s Pacman. In the SNL Newsbreak segment, anchor Brian
Doyle-Murray makes some jokes about Pac Man trying to cash in on new markets. Some Like 6 pac man and puke man are still
funny, but others like Little Orphan PAC-Mannie… well…Ehhh…. But in this episode he states “This Week
[PacMan] hit the home video game market. That means that PacMan was released some time
between March 14th and 20th. So while theres still National Pacman Day
on April 3rd, it was already out, which proves the Random Terrain site correct! The game was available in March. Now which day of the week? I asked Howard Scott Warshaw. He didn’t make Pacman, that was Tod Frye. But Howard was responsible for Yars’ Revenge,
Raiders of The Lost Ark and ET. He is also very open and friendly with Atari
fans. So I asked him what he knew. Specifically if Atari games were released
on a certain day of the week, He said no. No downloads either haha He’s certainly
right about that! So, if the most knowledgeable and accessible
Atari employee from that time says no system was in place, then it’s time to really dig
deep. A national search of old newspapers from January
1st to, March 15th, 1982 shows several ads for Atari’s Pacman listed as “coming soon.” Some take reservations and give dates like
March 22, or April 1st. They admit in the ads that there are just
their expectations and not hard dates. There were also articles about the pre- release
hype. And also what’s quite possibly the first review
of the game. Naturally it says the game isn’t any good. But I couldn’t find any newspaper story or
advertisement from January 1st to March 15th 1982 mentions pac man as available for sale. The latest date that any newspaper mentions
Pac Man in any way was on March 12th. After this, ads asking for preorders stopped
and on March 13th, 14th and 15th, there was radio silence. No news whatsoever about Pac Man at all. Searching from March 16th to March 20th There
are several ads that proudly declare that pac man has arrived. Brian Doyle-Murray wasn’t lying! The earliest one comes from The Madison Capital
Times on March 16th, 1982 where a store named Copps ran an ad on page 18 proclaiming “at
last!! Its Pac-Man! In stock NOW! There are a few things to take in mind here. There was an intense demand for this game,
demonstrated by all these ads for preorders and just the general excitement for Pac man
at the time. Did the store wait until they had the game
in stock and then run the ad? Or did they know ahead of time and then print
the ad? If a store was to receive a shipment on the
14th, its possible, but not likely, that they could have had an ad put in the paper by the
16th, maybe its the earliest they could. But could a game as in demand as Pacman stay
in stock beyond one or two days before selling out?? If this store would have publicized the biggest
game of all time up to that point as finally available and it wasn’t, either because
it’s sold out, or just not ready yet, it would have made a lot of people mad, maybe there
would have even been a riot and people burn the store down??? Who knows! But this only proves that they had the game
on the 16th, not that it went on sale on that day. So we are still left with a 3 day window. Sorry it took so long, but its time to finally
present the smoking gun. 2 days later on March 18th in the same newspaper
The Madison Capital Times, page 1 reports about the sale of Pac Man cartridges at Copps
dept stores. Pac Man gobbled up by video buffs
The ad for the Pac-Man home video cartridge game said It was “at last” in stock here,
but “hurry, quantities are limited.” Madison area residents, hot on the trail of
the popular but elusive Atari Item, did just that —hurried to Copps department stores
in droves. Each of the three local Copps stores received
96 of the cartridges this week. They went on sale Tuesday morning, heralded
by ads in the local newspapers. Two stores sold out by Tuesday evening and
the third store sold out early Wednesday, spokesmen said.”The response was unreal,”
reported Steve Martin, general merchandise manager of the Aberg Avenue store. “This is a real craze. We sold them for $34.88, but I think we could
have sold them for $64.88.” “Unbelievable,” exclaimed Herb Jordan, operations
manager at the Whitney Way store. “We wanted to keep a demonstrator, but someone
insisted so violently we even had to let the sample go.” “We had a bunch of people ready to break down
the doors Tuesday morning,” related Joe Stencil, general merchandise manager of the Monona
store on the Beltline. The managers said they had ordered more of
the cartridges, as have other local stores, but they don’t know when they will be getting
another shipment. And there you have it. Solid irrefutable proof that Atari Pac Man,
the best selling Atari game of all time was officially released on March 16th 1982. Two and a half weeks later It would be celebrated
as a national holiday. So now that we know the full story let’s
go out there and correct the record so the world will finally know the one true date. Be sure to tell them I sent you, with some
help from Brian Doyle-Murray. We knew it all the time. Have a nice day!! Atari games are full of weird tricks and bugs
and here’s one I’ve never seen anyone talk about. If you go through a tunnel and hold select,
PAC man will turn brown when he comes out on the other side. You can’t control him anymore but it’s the
only way to get him on the screen in attract mode.

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  86. by movies i mean home releases like dvds or vhss

  87. I still have my arbys pac man glass!

  88. Who gives a shit about when exactly it went on sale?

  89. 7800 champ series!!

  90. @10:21 "Mr. Hooper" playing Pac-Man!😊…died soon after this😞-hopefully not connected.

  91. SOOO, accounting for inflation, this game cost almost $90.00 back best friend sure was spoiled!! lol

  92. Why is this in Phelous' "internet horror" playlist?

  93. Super Mario Bros. DOES have an official US Release Date: October 1985.

  94. And as for Super Mario Bros. 3? It had 2 US release dates: November 16,1989 and February 13,1990. The International Launch was February 13,1990.

  95. Pac Man 2600 was published on Black Friday 1981. But it didn't hit the public conscious until Spring 1982. The reason why before 1991, games release dates are so sketchy, is because they didn't reach the mainstream and public mindset until a few months after release. The Reason why people think Mario 3 came out in February 1990 is because its original US launch of November 16,1989 was overshadowed by its International Launch, as it became the very fist video game to be released Internationally in the remaining regions simultaneously. People forgot that America got SMB 3. one year after Japan, that The Wizard was released to Promote the new game and that Throughout 1989, SMB 3. was playable as a Trial Version in Retailers all across America.

    BTW, Pac Man was terrible and shoddy. You forgot to mention buyer's remorse which set in later with that clunky port.

  96. Dude, you have too much time on your hands.

  97. I remember hearing it was hectic when Dragon Quest 3 came out.

  98. I played this as a kid, and for years, I thought it WAS pacman, never played the Arcade one till like early 90's and it was like a new experience.

    I live in a rural town, 'nuff said.

  99. My mom was a kid in 1982 and had a 2600 and pacman for 2600

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