This is how the FC Bayern Stars learn German – Part 3 | Inside FC Bayern

This is how the FC Bayern Stars learn German – Part 3 | Inside FC Bayern

German lessons at Säbener Straße. A compulsory subject for foreign players. A class that so many German school children would love: German lessons with Bayern players. Fun, creative, entertaining, innovative and sometimes easy! Thank you! It’s going well. I hear so much German here so you learn a lot. Today on “Learning German” at FC Bayern: Javi Martinez admits his love for German music. Here, listen! I love it, bro. Come on, take my hand. Corentin Tolisso is not just excelling on the pitch but also in the classroom. Thiago learns about adjectives at the Pinakothek art museum. Breathtaking. And Kingsley Coman gives his first interview in German. I like Kaiserschmarrn (a pancake dessert). But food generally in the south of Germany is good. Two or three hours of lessons a week are squeezed into the players’ packed schedules. Corentin Tolisso only joined Bayern last summer. Bayern is the Frenchman’s first club abroad, and it isn’t just on the pitch where the 24-year-old has shown terrific development over the last seven months. Phenomenal, it really is. He’s one of the best students I’ve ever had. I’d say he’s got a talent for languages. He’s just a clever lad, really clever. The others are, too, but he just has the feel for it. Today we’re going to do a communication exercise to practise modal verbs. We learnt about them last time. Which modal verbs do you know? Without looking. Which we do have in German? ‘Müssen’ (must)… ‘Sollen’ (should) Sollen… ‘Können’ (be able)… Können… Yes, yes… I don’t know. Don’t worry. ‘Dürfen’ (be allowed). And? ‘Wollen’ (want). I want to. Yes, good! The next step is now applying what we’ve learnt so far, even if it’s wrong. That’s the next step. And he’s more than on track. He’s 50 percent of the way there, which is really good! You have to use these modal verbs. I am cold… I turn on the heating? Can I? Super, spot on. Can I turn on the heating? Coco, are you cold? Here? No. I am… I am good. I am warm! Warm! First Tolisso interview in German by the end of the season! That’s an everyday matter for Javi Martinez. The Spaniard doesn’t just speak German well but is interested in the language too. He often listens to German songs on the radio and plays a few for Max. We also have lessons with Netflix or German songs. And, erm, translate? ‘Übersetzen’ (translate). Translate. We translate the lyrics with subtitles. It’s a good part of learning. It isn’t planned but when it fits we do it. Sometimes they come to me and say: ‘We want to translate this song together. I want to know what he’s singing’. Javi does that all the time. He always sings things so badly that I never know which song he’s on about. Sometimes it’s better just to play them. Here, listen! I love it, bro. Come on, take my hand. Good, right? Max, that’s good, that’s good. That’s good. Thiago Alcantara is meeting Max today at the Pinakothek modern art museum. It’s because Thiago is interested in it and he asked me if we could go one time, and I always say, ‘Yes, I love art.’ And what we see in the video from the museum is just a small part of museum education. Art gives you a wide range of possibilities. Thiago has been at Bayern longer than Max. He moved to Munich from Barcelona in 2013 and began learning German without Max. Look! ‘Herzlich Willkommen’ (welcome). ‘Herzlich Willkommen’ – the first words, the first two words I learnt in Munich. That you learnt? Learnt and heard. Nice. I was surprised by his level when I started with him. He’s a really lovely person. Really great to get along with. That clearly comes from a certain period. Look, you can see when he died. Can you read that from here? Yeah. He was born in Munich in 1880. Ah okay. From year to year. I think you want me to read the last… Yes please. Look, can you read when he died? Yes, he died in 1960 in Verdun. Yes, 1960. Verdun. What is Verdun? It’s French. It’s a French city. But he only lived a short time. Yes not very long. 36. Should we take a look at some designs? Cello is a good designer. Yes. Lessons are also a chance for the lads to come out in a relatively safe, and safe in terms of language, environment. Especially when they’re new because they know their teacher is going with them, speaks their language, speaks German and is a form of translator. Many of them see it as that first exploration. Going into a museum or a café or just sauntering around Munich. It’s something new for the players from southern Europe. The adoration of footballers there is more passionate. The fans in Munich have a respectful approach towards professional footballers. They respect their private lives. For the most part, the lads can move around relatively freely, which gives them an unbelievable quality of life. And at the end of the museum visit, there’s a special bet being made. If you win the Champions League, we’ll buy a model like this and drive together to Barcelona. To Barcelona? Me up front, you behind. If that happens and we win the Champions League, you can sit there and I… And you push. I push to Barcelona. But not to Barcelona, but in Munich. From Munich to… No, no, no in Munich with the trophy! There are no exams in German lessons with Max, but there is one big test for Bayern players: That first interview in German. A way of determining where the players and Max stand. And Kingsley Coman is about to face that test. The Frenchman has been learning German with Max since summer 2015. Now he has his big interview with FC Bayern TV Live. That makes it all a little easier. You have to imagine the situation. You’re under pressure because you know thousands of people will be watching you speak a foreign language in front of a camera. Some people can’t understand how that feels. And when that comes across as a bit stilted or perhaps unsure or like now with King. People who don’t know him won’t have noticed but I saw he was nervous and that changes your style when you speak. But he had nothing learnt by heart. How do you get along with Coco Tolisso? We get on very well. We’d already played together with the U21s and now in the senior team. It was all good and it’s good to play with him here. That’s it, Kingsley, your first German interview. How was it for you? It was okay, but I’m happy. It’s over, finished, never again! Learning German at Säbener Straße – more than just learning but settling in at Bayern. NOOO! Ooh! Unbelievable! Good, right? Max, it’s good, it’s good. That’s good.

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