ThoMats #4 | Basketball Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels

ThoMats #4 | Basketball Challenge | Müller vs. Hummels

Size 16s! I’m loving this! Ohhh, right on the buzzer! Hey, good to see you. Mats! What’s all this about then? I haven’t got a clue what’s going on. Obviously I have tried to pick something out where I cannot be beaten. If I were to play against Demond Greene, I definitely wouldn’t lose. But I have brought him along as a shooting coach. Size 11s! When he stands on your foot on the pitch, you know about it. 46! Has number 5 already been taken? No, 5 is available! Guess that means I’m in the team! Do you want it hanging it up in the arena so that no-one else can take it or something? You never know when you might need someone to swop in from the sidelines at the last second. So, time to get changed. Make sure you keep the camera on Müller! Fine by me, I’ve already been working out for summer! What I’m going to do now is warm the boys up with some ball handling and leg work. Ready? Then take two balls each. Mixing things up is what I do. So, now we’re warmed up, it’s time for the challenge! Here are the rules. Ready, set, go! I’m liking these. I’m liking these. I’m loving this! Unbelievable! Always under pressure. Two! Yes. Great shot! I’m not liking these. Good job. Nice! Oh, eight seconds left. How long now? 3,2,… Get in! Ohhh, right on the buzzer! That could be crucial. We’ll have to have another look at that. You guys didn’t see it, but I was phenomenal in the practice run! Go! Son of a… Keep shooting like that. Looking good! Oooooh! One! Four! Six! Eight! You need all three to win! Yes! Told you. Wasn’t happening. Nope, not today! Some bad luck and then at the end it was clear I need to hit the gym. Does that look like the face of a winner to you? No, ladies and gentlemen, it does not! It’s a clear win for me at basketball. I’m out. You can do this crap without me! What did you make of that as a pro? Would either of us make the team for the playoffs? Yeah, you were great and I’m way off the pace. Mats, you obviously have the nose for it! I think you’ll find my nose is superior! True. He is just better at basketball! I have already said to Thomas, we’ll put some practice time in and then next time he’ll definitely beat you. We can do revenge. I can live with that. Yeah, but then we should do low-post. I’m more suited to that. Shimmy, shimmy, left, right, and then bam. Then you’ll see.
Everyone so knows what you’re on about… If you’re in-the-know, then you know! All this shooting from distance malarkey… What’s missing from modern basketball is players getting into the zone more. It’s not all about the three-pointers. Mark my words! Right, I’m now off to the arena to practise for the next five hours. As you can imagine, Müller is obviously vastly superior in a 1v1 physical battle… I’d be in over my head.

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  1. ミュラーへたくそ

  2. His jump shot broke

  3. Draymond Greene 😂😂

  4. へたくそすぎかて

  5. So ist es Thomas, zu viele jump shots und zu wenig post game heutzutage. Du sprichst mir aus der Seele!

  6. フメルスうまいねぇ

  7. Hummels throws better than lonzo ball

  8. Mats is such a pro hooper

  9. Muller is very cute

  10. Müller lookin like Joakim Noah out there lol

  11. We crucchi com'è stato il mondiale?

  12. Muller should just stick with soccer😂

  13. Hummels du bist super

  14. Pqp, entendi td , daora !!

  15. Laughed the whole time.😂

  16. Muller need a long day on the beach

  17. Hummels has some good mechanics bruh

  18. Müller hatte kein idee wie basketball spielen lol

  19. Müller beim Basketball, zu genial 😀

  20. Mrs muleru i humelsu pricajte srpski picke

  21. Müller’s form 🤢

  22. The #5 dude actually got a good release that shet should be in 2k just got here when i was watching a nba highlight

  23. Hummels rocking them Hardens!

  24. Hummels to NBA bring it on

  25. Hummels debería dedicarse al basket se le da bien los tiros de 3 pts

  26. Ponte a jugar baloncesto mejor pinche hummels porque no pudiste con mi CHCUKY 🇲🇽


  28. Muller has the ugliest jumpshot in history.

  29. Muller face like andrew garfield

  30. Sie verstehen sich ziemlich gut

  31. Müller richtiger bauer der nix nicht mal fussball spielen kann er mit sein Zahnstocher beine

  32. hummels. great shooter

  33. Hummels atlétic natural, muller is bad…..

  34. Muller amele yanigi olmus amk

  35. フメルスうめーな

  36. 이래서 🇩🇪 은 🇰🇷 에 졌다.

  37. Muller need a proper lesson

  38. Concordo com tudo que voce disse müller

  39. Muller doesn't go to the beach, he has a good degree on her arms

  40. muller should go to holiday

  41. 축구연습이나 해라 한국따위에게 발리지말고 ㅜㅜ

  42. Müller ist beste

  43. Shaquille Muller

  44. Müller’s frog shot is top tier

  45. Hummel has good shooting form

  46. Müller is actually hilarious

  47. مولر العشق

  48. مولر مايعرف سله


  50. Foul Line 1 Points
    Das ist Bayern Niveau

  51. Müller’s form more broken than Bayern’s defense

  52. Jumpshot Hummels is better Ben Simmons

  53. Hummels kommen wir nach Dortmund bitte

  54. 🇩🇪 7-1 🇧🇷

  55. Muller shoot like kenneth faried

  56. Nachrichten im Fernsehen: Thomas und Mats Hummels haben einen Basketballkurs gelandet 🙂

  57. Tylko tomas muller

  58. Hummels jumpshot is lowkey wet

  59. ミュラーさん😂

  60. this is why muller plays football

  61. Hummels shot form better than Lonzo ball 😂😂

  62. Hummels is still better than lonzo

  63. Hummels shooting form is dirty

  64. Buenos tiros hicieron

  65. 0:52 He trained a lot of fightning technices especially that kick that he gave to Tagliafico in the Champion league

  66. Hummels's got better shooting than Ben Simmons

  67. Müller 1m👍 Mats 2+💪

  68. Mit solchen Oberarmen bei Thomas habe ich nicht gerechnet. Respekt.

  69. Hummels got the James Harden Shoes

  70. Thomas supa figur owa bleib liaba beim fuaßboi

  71. Exzellenter thomats

  72. Müller shoots hoops like his football skills, without style;

  73. wer findet, das BVB und FCB sich einigen und bei einem möglichen Hummels wechsel zum BVB dieses Format trotzdem weiterführen liken

  74. It hurts a bit watching this (and other @ Chaallenges), given the fact that Mats has returned to Dortmund.

  75. To kanei h germania kai ego sta z

  76. Müller hat TOTAL Recht das das Spiel im lowpost fehlt und immer nur 3er Würfe gebracht werden…einfach langweilig

  77. Hummels ist ein schones Basketbal spieler aber Muller ist 💩

  78. Und jetzt ist Hummels weg…

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