ThoMats #9 | Tennis Challenge w/ Alex Zverev | Müller vs. Hummels

ThoMats #9 | Tennis Challenge w/ Alex Zverev | Müller vs. Hummels

Oh yeah, I need that! At the body! More like that! No! Come on! No way! Now he’s going to start getting tired. Incredible. Man. Yes! No, no, no! Very good. Well, you’re a little bit late, Mats. Yeah, you know me. So where have you brought me to? – Welcome. – No idea, Thomas. – Welcome. – Welcome to you too! I’ve come up with something brilliant again. As you can see on the sign there, we’re going to be collecting squirrels today. – Oh, very nice. Yep that’s a very famous sport in Germany, so let’s go in! The receptionist is already waiting for us. I really hope that we’re not going to be collecting squirrels today. Let’s wait and see. Listen Mats, I’ve invited a special guest today. This is Alex. – Ah, hello. – Hi. Good afternoon, hi. You’ve booked an hour with us? – You certainly get a nice reception here. – Yeah Mats, don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the asparagus, I know you. Firstly, we have to get down to business. So, you’ve booked a training session with me? – Do you have any free time at all today – Yeah, we still have some space. On court six I think. – Ooh, perfect! That’s my favourite one. You guys can get changed and I’ll see you there in a moment. See you in a bit. Ciao. So Mats, today has nothing to do with squirrels or asparagus. – You put me on the wrong track! – As you can see, today is about playing tennis.
You rascal. You rascal! And I have to say, I’m so excited. need to decide what outfit I’m going to wear. – I’m here on the left, yeah? – Yes, you’re there on the left. This looks like a winning outfit over here. Ah, you mean that. No, I hung up the plus-sized clothes over there especially for you. Yep, we also have a Bayern shirt over there too. I think we’ll give that to Alex. A pair of socks too, you’ve really thought of everything, Thomas. Look, you can have my sweatbands. I think you’ll sweat a lot more than me. Yep. – Cool, all goodl – Shall we get changed then? – Yes! Is this the right court? – Yep, this is it. – I’m not sure, that could be any old chair umpire. that could be any old chair umpire. – The umpire is already ready. We have a very renowned umpire. He is a receptionist, an umpire and a teacher. – And he likes to moan at the players. – I’m everything today, hello. – Servus. – It’s a pleasure. – Hi Alex, how are you. – Again, right? – We’ve brought a little present for the host. – Thanks. Obviously now I’m hoping that you’ll turn a blind eye to a few things… No, I was about to say that I won’t be doing that. – Ah okay, fair enough. – Even though it’s a nice present. – It’s from both of us. – Thank you. – So Mats, I’m ready to start. – Shall we begin? – Let’s go. – Shall I serve? A five-minute warm-up first. Don’t you want to warm up? I don’t know how often you guys play. Well, if you say so, then it’s probably best. He always so keen to throw a spanner in the works. Right, okay. Let’s do some laps. Just like in football. Looking good, guys. Very good. You’re doing a great job. I don’t warm up much better myself. Hi guys, here’s the challenge: Alex will hit balls at us for 60 seconds and we basically have to volley them back. Every volley we successfully return is worth one point. Whoever has the most points wins the challenge and I can promise you that Mats is the massive favourite. However, I won’t let that faze me. He’s trying to get in here, but many people have tried before him… and succeeded. Ready and go! One… Two… Three… Four… Four… Yes! Four… Oof, it’s getting quick. Ah! Six. Eight. 20 seconds left. There’s a hole in the racket. Oh yeah, I need that. – At the body. – More like that. Nope. 5 seconds. Time up! That counts still, but that one doesn’t. So Mats… – Mull, thanks. – No problem. – I get the easier job now. – Yep. Starting now! – Ah, get over! Tough break. Oh nice. Oh. 20 seconds down. That was world-class, Mull. That one was… My God, you slowpoke. Now he’s going to start getting tired, ladies and gentlemen. 30 seconds gone. My God, these are such basic errors. No! This is the smallest racket on the tour! Yes, nicely done. 15 left. 8 more seconds. Mull, it’s looking good for you sadly. Maybe we need a couple more body shots. That’s it! And done! – At least four of them I kept hitting here. – You got tired at the end. The first round goes to me. Now I’m intrigued to see whether or not Mats Hummels can deliver a response. Not a problem. He’s useless. So guys, you can see behind us, ‘The Beast’ is warming up. The next challenge is the ultimate test for us. It’s about serves. Here’s how it works: Alex will serve ten times to each of us and we will try to return as many as possible. Every ball that lands in is worth a point. The loser of rock, paper, scissors starts. The loser has to start. – Yes. – Ye… Ohh. I’ll sit up here in the umpire’s chair and see if the returns land in. Let me just hit one or two, my shoulder isn’t warmed up yet. – Yep, no problem. – Look out. – Wow. – His shoulder isn’t warmed up… You saw that, his shoulder isn’t warmed up. Has to be a goal. It’s been a pleasure! Was that in? I have no idea, but it looked it. Yeah, it was in. I’ll give you that. Unbelievable! You’re getting closer. I don’t have a solid enough wrist. We never actually said which court and that ball was clearly in. I read that too well, I was stood right behind it. – None out of four, right? – Yes. None out of five. None out of six. That’s it. Yes… Oh! We could have counted that one. Yes, certainly. None out of seven. The way I’m positioning myself, honestly… – How many is that? – None out of seven. – Three more. – Yep, three. – These are rockets. – I need to move closer. Two more- – That was out. – What? No! I got it back! – It went out. – It was in! No! – Oh Mull, you bottled that one. – I know because he didn’t hit it as hard. He noticed how far behind the baseline you were so he took a bit of pace off it. I’m going to move closer again. Yes? Yes! – There you go. – That was in. – That was in, yes. – That’s one in. – He took the pace off a bit. – Exactly. – That wasn’t the best there. – So. – I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. – Feel free to keep the pace fast for Mats. – Ready? – I’m here. Ready? I’ll let you know. – Out! – Out? It was long. That was definitely in. – I almost got it. – So that’s one. – Yes. That one was in too. That’s two. Ah, I had that one. That was in. – Oh, sorry. Sorry! – That was out. Mats is unnerving me, he’s too big. Take your time, take your time. Take a breath. – That was in! – Yep, I can confirm that. – Are you sure? – Yes. I’m started to get annoyed now. Boah. – That was very nice. – Yes, it was. – I’m almost inclined to give you half a point for that. – That hurts. Yes. Yes! – Like that! – That’s one. Bravo! No! I’m with you, bro. I’m with you. No! No! Very nice, you gave him a chance. Come on! You’re kidding me! Mats, you deserve that. I’ve gotta say, hats off. So here it is: Hats off! So guys, you saw it yourselves: Alex’s shoulder is warmed up. The balls were just flying right by us. For the big finale, we’re going to bring the quality down a notch. Mats and I will play against each other in a tie-break. So just first to seven and of course swapping serve, just like in normal tennis. – And we have an umpire too. – I’m the umpire. I’m everything today. – Yes. – Yes. – Coach. – Yes, that was important. – Treasurer. – Yes. – True or false? Who’s calling it?
– Okay, okay. – True. – True. – You can’t both say true. – Then I’ll say false. – Okay. – Yes. So, it’s false. Mats has serve. Mats has serve, okay. I start with just one, right? Yes. Was that a serve or a throw-in? Quiet you. It just has to go in to start with. Just get the ball rolling. Here’s the lob. – Like that! – One-zero, Hummels. One-zero. He throws in for a one-zero lead. How did you even manage to return my passing shot? I have incredible reflexes. Out. – Was that long? – Yes, it was. – Very nice, that saves me. – Have it! – One-all. – Yes. – Was that in? – Yeah, the smallest racket on the tour strikes again. Do you want to use mine? Take a look at that! – Two-one, Müller. – These short serves are ridiculous. Oh yes. Two-all. But what was that return? That was a joke. Oh no. Yes! – Three-two, Hummels. – That has to go over. Left-handed, very nice. Yes! Ugh, long again. Three-all. Whenever my first shot is good, I’m guaranteed the point. You just saw the proof. – Yes. – My God, take a step back, man! – Four-three. – You dingbat! This is old-man’s tennis from the two of us, though I think they’d be better than us. Five-three, Hummels. Yes! – Five-four, Hummels. – Why did I do that? Get over! Oh no! Yes! I thought the lob was good enough. I thought I had it. Six-four, Hummels. Six-four! Oh yes, another great attacking shot. – Out. Out. – Out. – No! Six-five, Hummels. Everything on my forehand is pffft. – Yes! – No! Six-all. – Oh, I had that. – Yes, he looks up to his box. Oh no. Seven-six, Müller. How has he ended up a with a match point? I’m a tricky customer, and I’m tricky on the tennis court too. Game, set, match, Müller. – Was it in? – Yes Thats almost me. I can’t get my head around what’s happened. Sorry, I sincerely apologise. But I had a feeling. This is worse than table tennis. – Thank you, umpire. – It was a lot of fun. – Congrats. – Mats, sorry mate. – It was fun, apart from the nerves. – Sorry. I’m normally good at handling nerves. It’s not down to that. It’s very tough playing against an opponent like me. Imagine a 2 km/h serve coming your way. What more can I say? I’m stunned. My dear fans, thank you!
I’m done. A selfie with all the good tennis players, wait. And now a selfie with Thomas. I look like such a tourist at the back here. You really do look like a tourist. I thought it was alright, you saw that I don’t play very often. Thank you. That’s my racket anyway. – Wow, a beautiful autograph. – Yes. Okay, then I’ll do a nice one too. – I thought our outfits were really on point today. – Thanks. Yeah.

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