– All right guys. First of December 2018 is the end of my second week of training here at Tiger Muay Thai on Fighter Street along this amazing street with all these Muay Thai training centres, gyms, supplement stores, protein shake huts and so forth. Anyway, so what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you a quick walking tour of this place that we’ve been training at for a couple of weeks now. I’ve been at this place
a few times in the past, but I’ll actually walk you through, so if you follow me, this is what it looks like. And by the way, we’ve been doing the week
to week packages here, so the first week we did
only the Muay Thai package, and then the second week we did the all inclusive fitness package. I don’t have the prices
off the top of my head, but I’ll throw the prices up for you. Or you can just check their website. So come along. Welcome to Tiger Muay Thai! By the way, just had a haircut, and the hair in my face. – [Robyn] That’s cool! – Oh yeah, I should
actually start by saying that this is the (laughs) Of course you’re going to
focus on that, aren’t you? (Robyn laughs) So that’s the gear shop. Now, I’ve never actually
been in there before. – [Robyn] Let’s go in! – All right, let’s go in. (Robyn laughs) – [Robyn] You don’t sound very enthused. (Robyn laughs) – I’m not, actually. – [Robyn] Even when it’s air conned?
– This could be very expensive in here. But let’s see what they’ve got. (customers chattering) Brazilian Ju Jitsu. That’s the Gi. (customers chattering) Gloves. Anyway. It’s a gear shop. It’s a gear shop, so you can buy all of their
gear with their name on it. So yeah. There’s no more really explaining to this. Just come and check it out for yourself. (bag rustling) 2,100 Baht. So that’s over 80, 90 Australian dollars. We’re doing a little
video of Tiger Muay Thai. – [Woman] Oh! – Yeah, yeah. (customers chattering) All right, let’s go. All right. Back out into the heat. (birds chirping) – So that was the gear shop. Now, this is the same path that we take every time we do a training session. This is Tiger Grill. So it’s part of Tiger Muay Thai, and it’s actually a tradition of ours, Robs and I, to actually come to Tiger Grill after a training session. Beginner, intermediate training session, coming here for protein shakes and protein balls. These guys are the best. Protein chocolate balls right there. That’s what I like to order when I’m here. And their menus are pretty amazing. It’s expensive, but if you’re only here for two or three or four weeks, and you have a job back home, it doesn’t matter. But if you’re actually
here for three months and you’re trying to save every dollar, maybe come here once or
twice or three times. But the menus are really good, I’ll show you real quick. Anyway. It’s just a menu with
everything marked out. Colour is protein carb fat, all the macros are
marked out on the menus. They got protein shakes here, I think. Right here. And over there, they’ve got a buffet area. So if you come over here. I don’t know if there’s any food. Ah, they got food here. Anyways, I think you need a food voucher to actually have access
to this buffet area. Otherwise, this is it, guys. This is Tiger Grill. So yeah. Great food, great smoothies. Great, great, great. Love it very much. We used to come here a lot, and now we just go and eat off the street, because it’s a little bit cheaper. This is it, guys. Check it out. Tiger Grill. Amazing, amazing people. Amazing people right there. These guys here. Wave to my camera. Wave! There we go. There we go. All right. So, on your left is where they do the intermediate Muay Thai class. And they usually do this class eight to 10 in the morning. That’s the first class, and then the second one is three til five. So right now it’s about 3.30, four o’ clock in the afternoon. So they’re doing the afternoon class here. (chattering) Okay guys. This place is so big. They even have a map. A directory, just to find
your way around this place. (people chattering) And then, in this
section here on your left is the advanced class. All three, they start; beginner, intermediate and advanced, all at the same time. Eight ’til 10 in the morning, and three ’til five in the evening, in the afternoon. (instructor shouting in Thai) So, that’s the advanced class. Literally, the last time
was here in February, they never had this set up. But this is a little bit of a tree of the trainers here. See what trainers that teach beginner, intermediate, dans, fighters. So, that’s the guy that we’ve been doing our private sessions with here at Tiger Muay Thai. And he’s the three times national Muay Thai champion. – [Robyn] We’re going
to go watch on Monday. – And we’re watching him tonight, tomorrow night, sorry, Monday night, isn’t it? – [Robyn] Yeah. – And that’ll be a separate video, so stick around for that. And then over here (cock crows)
is the beginner section. (instructor shouting) So, all of the videos
that you’ve seen me shoot I know some of you guys watch on YouTube and Amazon Prime, they’re mainly shot in here, in the beginner section. So, if you come to Tiger, and you’ve never done Muay Thai before, you’ll usually be training in there, which is really fun, because the trainers are amazing and it’s just a whole lot of fun. You just meet people
from all round the world. Like Yugoslavia, Ukraine,
Russia, China, Japan. Like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, so all over the place. It’s an amazing class. Even if you’re intermediate, and you’ve done Muay Thai in the past, just come and check it out and have some fun. And then when they kick
you over to intermediate, then the guys get more serious over there. And this guy
– [Robyn] Said you talk too much! – And this guy here, this guy here is one of the best trainers. – My name is Auron Thai. Tiger Muay Thai. Argh! – Oi! Anyway. Fun dude. So that’s Auron, he plays the drums here. (drumming and singing) Okay, come over here. (whistle blows) And then, in this section here it’s usually for the pro fighters. They usually train in this corner. (feet squeaking on rubber mats) They’re not training today. It’s day off. I think. – [Robyn] Well, it’s Saturday. It’s Saturday? – Yeah, I think they
– So – were training this morning though. – [Robyn] Here’s a bar. This cool bar, where you can get some
refreshments and stuff. – So, anyway. So that whole section is
all the Muay Thai area. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, pro. And then behind me, the fitness classes where they have the
strength and conditioning. They have the crossfit, the ambush, all that kind of stuff. And today, like on Saturday, they don’t have any fitness
classes as far as I’m aware. Check the timetable, could be wrong. It’s basically Muay Thai on Saturday only. This is the area where they
have all the fitness classes, so, strength and conditioning. They have yoga here as well. So usually they have yoga at night. I think there’s a third
yoga class as well. Just a quick pan, Robs,
of all the equipment. (chattering) You’ve got some bikes. (feet squeaking on mats) And just quickly, this is another area, another floor area where they have their fitness classes. Straight through there,
they’ve got the accommodation. I think that’s camp one. So if you decide, you can actually stay here at Tiger Muay Thai. There’s a package. In fact, I did a little clip yesterday. I might even slot that into this video, where Stephen takes us
into his accommodation. He’s staying in that room over there. So he’ll take you inside there, in terms of what it’s like inside, how much it’s costing
and things like that. But through there is the
accommodation camp one. That’s it, guys, this is pretty much it. Every day, guys come and train. They do either Muay Thai focused training, or they do more strength and conditioning
focused training. The guys stay here, and there’s all accommodation over here on my right hand side. And then, literally, you wake up, you leave your dorm room and then you’re straight
on the floor training. (instructors shouting) If you haven’t seen some of
the previous videos already, check them out. I have shot some of the
actual classes here, full of people. Now it’s Saturday, there’s no classes today, which is great, because we can run the camera through and you can actually hear what I’m saying. So check out previous videos on ambush, and crossfit and all that. And beginner, intermediate Muay Thai. Some of the pro fighters, I’ve done videos on those guys too. Lastly, last thing I want to show you is, if you follow me. Upstairs there, we’ve got the gym area that you can’t see from here, but if we walk up, I’ll show you. (footsteps) And then the last two things to close off this video is the gym’s here. I’m not going to give you a tour, it’s pretty straightforward. I’ll open the door, have a quick look. That’s the gym facility here. Muay Thai package, all the
all inclusive fitness package, that’s part of the whole
package by default. Last thing I’ll mention, this is the BJJ MMA area. I’ll show you real quick. (instructor talking) This is what it looks like. If you come this way. There’s all the mats. So this is for MMA and BJJ classes. And they have the cage at the back there, as you can see. As you can see, it directly backs onto the gym behind you. There you go. That’s it. So follow me outside. At least it’s a Saturday today, they’re not running any
specific fitness classes today. It’s all basically Muay Thai stuff. That’s pretty much it, guys. That’s pretty much it. We’ve spent pretty much two weeks here, had the best time of our lives, meeting new people, as you
saw in the previous videos. It’s a really fun place. By the way, they’re not
paying me to make this video. I’m just doing it because people want to know what I’ve
been doing for two weeks. I’ve been hanging out here. Actually, Robs and I were
meant to get a flight to Burma last Monday. Skipped the flight, decided to do more training here instead, and we haven’t finished. Anyway, that’s it. If you have any questions, maybe ask me, I’ll do my best to answer them. I don’t work for Tiger Muay Thai, but just send them an email and they’ll be able to help you out. But if you want to know more about my experience here, definitely let me know, comments and whatever else. Send me a direct message on Instagram, be more than happy to help you out. Otherwise, Robs, before you go, I’ll take this – [Robs] Okay. – [Brad] Do you have anything
you want to add, Robs? – Actually, as we’re passing the gym here, that dude in there, the guy who runs the gym has chucked me out three times. – [Brad] You’ve been kicked
out of the gym all right. (Brad laughs) – So, just know that
you have to wear shoes, you can’t wear slops like
everywhere else in the area. You have to wear trainers to go in there. – [Brad] Should be wearing trainers, Robs. – Well? – [Brad] You should be
wearing trainers in the gym! – Muay Thai you don’t even wear trainers. – [Brad] Yeah, you don’t wear trainers.
– Just whip your slops off, and then you fight.
– Yeah. Okay. – Look. – [Brad] Well, there are rules here, Robs. Yeah, go on. – And the rule isn’t on there. I went in there last night, I had shoes, I went up to him and I was like: “Look, I have shoes! I’m all accredited!” And he’s like: “Where’s your towel?” I was like: “I don’t have a towel.” There’s nothing about a towel on there. – [Brad] Okay. You can’t go in unless
you’re properly equipped. – [Brad] Yeah. – Yeah. – [Brad] Anything else you want to add about Tiger Muay Thai? Your experience here, Robs? Your personal experience? – It’s an awesome place.
– Yeah. – It’s a really fun way of getting fit. That’s what I like about it. – [Brad] It’s very social. – Back home, you’re going to the gym, and it’s nauseous
– Boring as! – It’s, yeah.
– Boring – It is.
– Yeah. – It’s the same thing, all the time. But here, it’s dynamic. You have so much to choose from. You do the parts which
just includes everything, or you just do Muay Thai.
– It’s amazing. Yeah. – So many options. So you’re never bored. You’re always challenging your body, always challenging your fitness. And also, there are so many
different types of places. not just Tiger, but we’ve been to quite
a few facilities now to try different types of training. So yeah, there’s a lot of choice. And it’s fun.
– And and as a result, you’ve got
– And there’s like minded people. You’re surrounded by like minded people who love fitness. They love health, they love food. – [Brad] From all around the world. – From all around the world. – [Brad] Yeah. – All these different nationalities. It’s very cool. – [Brad] Awesome, Robs.
– Cool. – [Brad] Thank you. Thanks so much. – Thank you! – [Brad] Okay, bye guys. (slow music)

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