Tips To Lower Your Scores | My Golf Background

Tips To Lower Your Scores | My Golf Background

wintery wet rainy conditions what is up
you all hope y’all having a great day and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving
I did very thankful for the time I got spend with the family we’re out here at
Nashville golf today we’re gonna be playing the front nine and answering
some questions that y’all been posting in the comments want to cover why I do
certain things in my pre shot routine what my handicap is certain decisions
made on the golf course so we’re gonna try to cover several of those throughout
this nine holes we’re gonna be playing the front nine at Nashville golf from
the blue tees which is roughly seventy one hundred yards for the full 18
number-one par-4 410 yards for iron I haven’t kept a handicap in many years
the last time I did was quite a few years back the reason for that is I was
playing in professional events where you don’t need a handicap it was a plus six
the last time that I kept record now currently I would probably say I’m more
like a plus four plus five not quite playing to the same level I
was playing when I was full-time competition did shape right here 155 to
a back middle pen I’m gonna hit a little three quarter nine here and it’s starting to rain as you can
tell hit that one well should have a good
look at birdie when you get in these wintery wet rainy conditions I always
typically take more Club swing easier try to focus on making good clean
contact that’s what we did there a little long but about 20 feet left for
birdie this shot into the green here on one is
one of the most difficult approach Hut’s in golf
very tight landing area there’s ferret landed its where it ended up a little more break in that putt and I
thought tap this in for par alrighty as before here on line number 2 par 4
straightaway 405 yards you can see the pin off there in the distance to get
highlight of fly I’ve got 120 yards left to a back middle
pin I’m gonna try to flight this low I’ve got pitching wedge wanna focus on
good contact alright didn’t really flight that load
kind of got up here a bit little short right found the rough here on the second
shot on number two chipping back up the hill see if we can’t get this up and
down oh I thought we had our first pin
slammer right there Oh tap this in that’s a part here on to even par
through 2 let’s talk a bit about that chip real quick I normally don’t chip
with a 60-degree unless I have to shift right there with a sand wedge we want to
get that ball rolling like a putt as soon as possible so we did right there
also chip with a gap wedge pitching wedge and even up to a 9-iron just
depending on how much green I have to work with
number three par-5 614 yards is a castle right there off in the distance that’s
going to be our aiming point so I grew up playing baseball didn’t
really get into golf until later on into high school played some in high school
then went to Tennessee the University of Tennessee graduated from there didn’t
play golf at all pause in college picked up the game again after I graduated and
that’s really when I started taking the game seriously just missing the fairway
here right side long ways home going to be laying up kind of aiming middle right
side of the fairway little further right now with a light
foot should be all right 150 yards left 8-iron in hand back into the wind so
gonna hit this probably about 3/4 I was playing a long ways not as short
really felt like I hit down pretty good right there
I was just playing a long ways gonna need to account for that wind a bit more
it is breezy chilly raining so balls not flying a long ways today there’s where
we ended up right there straight up the hill are three even par through three
holes par par par on to number four par four four hundred and twenty five yards
our aiming point is going to be that little cart path there off in the
distance green kind of sits off back in there a little dogleg right decent Drive right there 140 yards left
to a back ripe and location walking on behind the green to give you a little
bit of vantage point for the approach shot there 1 2 also talked a little bit
about how I got started after college after I graduated wanted to give it kind
of a year to see how good I could get with the game of golf it was probably
about a 10 or 12 handicap at the beginning of that year I just pretty
much all day every day waited tables at night ended up getting to a plus 6 by
the end of that year I was focused mostly on short game and that’s where I
saw the biggest improvement at the end of that year really started thinking
about competition kind of the possibilities there this putts gonna
have a lot of break from left to right need to get the speed right tap this in for par here on for number
five par four goes back up the hill to the left dogleg laughs green sets back
in there 380 yards I didn’t come here to layup should be alright right there sure game
was definitely where I saw the most improvement during that year I would
spend four hours inside of 40 yards for every hour that I would spend on the
range working on the full swing and up those four hours I would spend roughly
two hours putting and over half of that time putting inside of sixty did shape
right here 40 yards left probably a little more aggressive there but you
don’t want to be long here still gives us an uphill looking bird let’s go tweeter hero 5 1-under through
5 on to number 6 par 3 down the hill 153 yards probably plays
roughly 12 13 yards down the hill pitching wedge in hand I didn’t misjudge the wind there just a
bit gonna have a lengthy one for birdie it’s on the front edge kind of front
right corner see if we can’t roll the rock all right here on six number seven
par-5 591 yards Green sits kind of off back in there are aiming point off the
tees kind of that corner right there should be good right there
as I continue to improve that year after college started thinking about playing
in competition started signing up for some events and those results varied
immensely I’d go out and have a good 9 I had rounds of 30 144 or I would go shoot
67 82 or and I would just have some big numbers there was no consistency there
but there were signs of playing really good golf through the years of playing
on the mini tours I ended up winning a few times and saw a little bit of
success from time to time however never really broke through to what was then
the now the corn ferry tour or the PGA Tour never quite got to that
level played with a lot of guys who are on tour now the game continued to
improve however wasn’t really able to stay out there full-time financially
that’s kind of when I got into the social media really enjoyed posting
videos and sharing the game of golf through social media content really
thankful to be able to do this now and hope y’all are enjoying following along
the dream is to get back out there competition one day to try to get on
tour good shape right here 80 yards left got
a sandwich here you might be wondering why I chose
sandwich there I could have probably gotten a lob wedge all the way there it
was a little into the wind but I wanted to take off the spin and wanted to fight
it lower control that distance a bit better hitting a lob wedge way up in the
air not controlling the spin even if it gets there it’s probably spinning back a
lot so next time you’re in one of those situations maybe take an extra Club
swing smooth flight it down control that spend you need to give that one a bit more
pace and as a par here on seven one under
through seven couple holes left I wanted to talk about my pre shot routine and
kind of why I do that pullback right before I hit the ball that helps me stay
in rhythm and it is part of my pre shot routine I don’t like to get stagnant
over the ball so I don’t like to stay still
over the ball right before I hit it I want to keep moving helps me stay in
better rhythm helps my tempo of the full swing that is a reason for that
I would highly recommend you know testing it out let me know your thoughts
on that I want to stay off let Akande react to the shot don’t want to get
stagnant over the ball number eight par-3 190 yards straight up the hill now all looks pretty good right there
we’ll see where it ended up if you don’t currently have a pre-shot routine I
would highly recommend working on one write it down on a piece of paper get
very specific and do the same thing every single time that way when you get
into you know nerves and tough situations you can rely and lean on that
pre shot routine for a little comfort there are here on eight
number nine par four three hundred and ninety yards straight down the hill hope
you’ve enjoyed this video today this course vlog of you know giving some tips
telling a little bit about my story answering some questions that have kind
of consistently been popping up if you did let me know down in the comments and
also any other questions you have drop them down below as well good shape right
there 140 yards left down the hill that is how we won to end today good tee
shot good approach see if we can trolled us and you’re probably also wondering
why I hit a sand wedge there and why it got all the way there when you’re on a
severe downslope like that your d lofting the club so that actually turned
into like a gap wedge maybe even a weak pitching wedge there so that’s why I got
that distance out of it also when you’re on a downhill or uphill
lie tilt your shoulders with the lay of the land that way you’re not fighting
against the slope it just makes for a lot cleaner contact and better results
all right there’s where it landed right there
there’s where it ended up roughly 20 feet left for birdie par here on the
last it is getting dark very quick the rain is coming in finished at 1-under so
pumped that we were able to get this round in hope you’ll enjoy coming along
drop a like down below if you did and until next time we’ll see who we see
yeah let’s go

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